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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 353


When the elder of the Yu Clan heard Qiong Bi Luo , he looked at him and smiled in a deep and profound way.

’’You said that you wanted to cripple his cultivation yourself, I agreed but now, you have lost.’’

’’Huh?’’ Qiong Bi Luo frowned and looked surprised, he remained silent for a moment and then added: ’’Yes, I did lose, therefore, I want to give him to you.’’

’’Want? You lost, who cares about you want? I don't need you to 'give' me anything, when you finish your fight, I will attack, but not before that.’’ Said the elder in cold and indifferent way while shaking his head, which made the crowd sigh.

How lamentable, the crowd had thought that Qiong Bi Luo was the best student of the academy and Lin Feng the second best student, but the reality was much different, they were dumbstruck. The person they considered as the best student couldn't even be compared with Lin Feng. Lin Feng had easily defeated Qiong Bi Luo.

Then, because Qiong Bi Luo was defeated, he wanted to 'give' Lin Feng to the Yu Clan but the people of the Yu Clan refused.

The elder's smile could also be perceived as a threat.

Qiong Bi Luo looked at the elder's cold eyes and immediately turned around again. He looked at Lin Feng and said: ’’This time, I lost, Lin Feng, you are the best student in the Celestial Academy, that honour is now yours. Let's shake hands and make peace, alright?’’

When Lin Feng heard Qiong Bi Luo, he was stupefied, Lin Feng found all of this very amusing. Qiong Bi Luo had thought that he would easily defeat Lin Feng and wanted to cripple his cultivation to prove how strong he was, since he had lost, he wanted to shake hands and make peace? Was such a thing even possible?

’’Didn't you want to cripple my cultivation?’’ Said Lin Feng with a cold smile, making Qiong Bi Luo narrow his eyes. He turned around again, looked at the elder and said: ’’What do you want me to do?’’

’’Join my clan, the Yu Clan.’’ Said the elder sounding cold and indifferent.

’’Alright, but there is one condition.’’ Replied Qiong Bi Luo who had no other choice.

’’A condition? Then forget about it, the Yu Clan doesn't lack people wanting to join.’’ Replied the elder while smiling coldly which astonished Qiong Bi Luo. He then said in a weak voice: ’’Alright, I will leave everything behind me and become a member of the Yu Clan.’’

’’I'm not talking about being a member, I'm talking about becoming a servant. From today, you will do everything that the Yu Clan requests of you.’’ Said the elder with an ice-cold smile. A member? Ridiculous, even though his natural abilities were not bad, with his temperament he was doomed to make enemies, why would they want him if they couldn't dispose of him?

When Qiong Bi Luo heard the word ’’servant’’, he pulled a long face. The Yu Clan wanted him to become their servant, how abominable!

The crowd was also astonished. The elder of the Yu Clan wanted one their fellow students, of the Celestial Academy, to become a mere servant. Making him no better than a slave, wasn't that a humiliation for the Celestial Academy?

’’I will give you ten seconds to think it over.’’ Said the elder of the Yu Clan coldly which made Qiong Bi Luo's heart violently twitch. He, Qiong Bi Luo, was going to become a servant?

His face turned deathly pale, Qiong Bi Luo looked at Lin Feng again while gnashing his teeth and biting his lip, blood even streaked from his lip.

’’I........ Agree.’’ Replied Qiong Bi Luo. He finally replied, Qiong Bi Luo had actually accepted to become a servant of the Yu Clan.

’’Pheeew..........’’ The crowd down on the ground was sighing. Hatred invaded their eyes, Qiong Bi Luo was really audacious, he surprisingly became one of the Yu Clan's servants, who would want that kind of genius? He was scum, a worthless human being.

The crowd felt like they had all just lost face. A genius of their academy, the one they even considered as the best student of the entire academy, was going to become the Yu Clan's servant, what a joke! When they remembered how arrogant he used to be and how they worshiped him, they felt disgust from the bottom of their hearts, Qiong Bi Luo was far from ever being as great as Lin Feng.

’’Very good, so you are now the Yu Clan's servant.’’ Said the elder while smiling, he then said indifferently: ’’Come and stand behind me.’’

Qiong Bi Luo lowered his head and moved behind the elder, while glancing at Lin Feng. He looked extremely glum. Everything that was happening was because of Lin Feng, if Lin Feng wasn't there, Qiong Bi Luo would still be the best student of the Celestial Academy and everybody would adore him. How could things end this way? Everything had gone wrong because of Lin Feng.

At that moment, Qiong Bi Luo had already forgotten that he was the one who had been provoking Lin Feng all the time, he wanted to defeat Lin Feng and cripple his cultivation to prove his strength to everyone.

’’How pitiful!’’ Said Lin Feng coldly while looking at Qiong Bi Luo. Even though Qiong Bi Luo had lost, his talent was unquestionable, apart from Lin Feng, Qiong Bi Luo was also a dazzling star of the Celestial Academy , but now, he was reduced to being a servant, that was pitiful.

’’What is pitiful? You, Lin Feng, wouldn't even get the chance to become a Yu Clan servant. You are doomed, Lin Feng, the only possible escape is death and nobody will save you.’’

The elder was staring at Lin Feng with clear killing intent. Lin Feng had to die here.

’’Are you trying to intimidate me?’’ Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. He then said slowly: ’’This... is... the... Celestial...Academy...’’

The elder frowned and immediately adopted a normal facial expression again before saying in a cold way: ’’So what?’’

’’Regardless of how you view the Celestial Academy, you shouldn't cause trouble here, you should know that much better than me.’’

’’No, I don't know what you mean and nothing will stop me from killing you.’’ Said the elder while smiling coldly and indifferently. He then moved forwards and jumped from the white crane. However, at the same time, the sound of a zither spread through the atmosphere, only one sound spread through the air but it immediately caused the elder to stop.

The elder raised his head and looked at the direction that the zither sound was coming from, he suddenly felt relieved.

’’It's the Eternal Misty Rain, I greet senior.’’ Said the elder of the Yu Clan.

The zither sound from the distance startled everybody except for Lin Feng who was well aware of who it came from.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng, the zither sound a moment ago came from him.

’’Get lost!’’ These words echoed through the atmosphere.

That voice didn't sound furious at all, it sounded calm, serene, soft and gentle but the elder's heart twitched. Who would dare to refuse Yan Yu Ping Sheng?

’’I will of course obey senior Yan Yu's order.’’ Said the elder of the Yu Clan sounding calm. Immediately after, he turned around, raised his hand and waved, immediately, all the members of the Yu Clan retreated.

Qiong Bi Luo was astonished. Leave? They would just leave like that? They weren't going to kill Lin Feng?

Eternal Misty Rain, what did that mean? And who was that senior Yan Yu?

Qiong Bi Luo coldly glanced at Lin Feng and saw that he was casually moving past the Yu Clan, which stupefied him. He was acting so calm.

Very quickly, the Yu Clan disappeared without trace.

Lin Feng looked at the people who were leaving as he was leaving the public square.

’’They all left?’’

The crowd looked at the vast and broad sky while remaining silent. The mighty Yu Clan immediately left because of the order that senior Yan Yu gave?

Who was Yan Yu Sheng Ping in reality? It seemed like he was even more majestic and powerful than Long Ding, the members of the Yu Clan didn't even care about Long Ding, but they seemed to be scared of Yan Yu.

Everybody wanted to understand the situation, but one thing that was clear to them was Lin Feng's position as the best student of the Celestial Academy , nobody could deny that.

Lin Feng arrived at the peach orchard, he wasn't moving through the sky anymore, he was walking on the ground. He slowly entered the pavilion and Yan Yu Sheng Ping was still playing the zither there. It seemed like the thing that he dedicated his life to was the zither.

’’Teacher, what is going on?’’ Asked Lin Feng. Even though the Yu Clan was powerful and wanted to kill him, after the words said by Yan Yu Sheng Ping, they immediately left without a word.

’’They are investigating you, they want to know every single detail of your background.’’ Replied Yan Yu Sheng Ping sounding indifferent which surprised Lin Feng a little bit. They wanted to know everything about him? Was there anything interesting even worth knowing?

’’Don't you think the events that happened in the Lovesick Forest seemed a bit strange?’’ Asked Yan Yu Sheng Ping while raising his head to look at Lin Feng, which made Lin Feng suddenly realise something. What surprised Lin Feng even more was that Yan Yu Sheng Ping seemed to have the answers.

’’It is very strange, indeed.’’ Replied Lin Feng while slightly nodding his head. It seemed like Duan Wu Ya had planned everything. Lin Feng killed Yu Tian Xing and Yu Qiu had come to avenge him, but instead he had his cultivation crippled by the people from the Lovesick Forest. Why had the people of the Lovesick Forest come to help him? Lin Feng didn't feel like randomly guessing but Yan Yu Sheng Ping was creating even more questions.

’’Lin Feng, they think that you might have some sort of connection with the Lovesick Forest. As they are unable to find the real truth, they came to the academy in an attempt to find out.’’ Replied Yan Yu Sheng Ping, but Lin Feng shivered. Yan Yu Sheng Ping's voice was soft and calm giving Lin Feng the impression that he was a wise and farsighted man.

Perhaps Lin Feng had a connection with them!

Yan Yu Sheng Ping was actually a very straightforward person.


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