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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 346


’’No, it's impossible, it can't have anything to do with Lin Feng.’’ People in the crowd quickly refuted their idea that it could have anything to do with Lin Feng. The owner of the Lovesick Forest was an extraordinary person while Lin Feng just a Marquis of Yangzhou City, it wouldn't be anything to do with him.

Perhaps that the owner of the Lovesick Forest decided to attack Yu Qiu because she couldn't bear seeing how arrogant and aggressive he was,after all. Everybody had compassion when seeing the weak being bullied, so maybe the owner had compassion for Lin Feng, that would be perfectly normal.

Many people looked to Yu Qiu in the distance, he looked dispirited and his hair was extremely messy. They all felt compassion and pity for him, the prestigious third elder of the Yu Clan, who was a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer had ended up in such a tragic situation, from that moment on, he was a worthless existence.

Not only had he lost his prestige in the Yu Clan but he wouldn't even be able to keep his social status with such a low strength. Besides, Yu Tian Xing was dead, the Yu Clan would definitely blame Yu Qiu for that. This was the end, Yu Qiu was done, there was no hope left for him anymore.

That was life, no matter how strong someone was, there was always someone stronger.

Therefore, in the world of cultivation, people had to unceasingly become stronger in order to control their own destiny rather than leaving their lives in the hands of others. Those who had the most strength could control the people, like gods.

Yu Qiu was aware that he had no future left. He was looking at Lin Feng who was stood in the sky. His heart was feeling extremely painful. Why? He hadn't been able to kill Lin Feng yet he made the owner of the Lovesick Forest furious and they crippled his cultivation.

He hated Lin Feng from the bottom of his heart but his heart was also filled with regret. If he hadn't gone to the Lovesick Forest to kill Lin Feng, none of this would have happened.

He also hated the person who had informed him that Yu Tian Xing was in danger. Yu Qiu even had doubts about the information, he wondered if it was a trap or not. At the moment he arrived, he was just in time to see Lin Feng who was clearly moving to kill Yu Tian Xing. There were also other prestigious people present as witnesses. Yu Qiu felt that he had fallen into a whirlpool of conspiracies and his judgement day had come.

Until that moment, Yu Qiu still didn't even know the person who delivered the information to him.

His eyes were sparkling, he glanced around at the crowd and finally focused on someone in particular: Duan Wu Ya, the second prince.

It seemed like Duan Xin Ye and Duan Wu Ya were Lin Feng's good friends, why had Lin Feng come to the Lovesick Forest?

Yu Qiu suspected Duan Wu Ya to be the origin of everything that happened.

Yu Qiu was suddenly struck with a feeling of foreboding. Duan Wu Ya's moved and he looked at Yu Qiu in the distance with disdain, he then said while smiling indifferently: ’’You have already been expelled by the owner of the Lovesick Forest, Uncle Yu, how come you haven't left yet?’’

When Yu Qiu saw Duan Wu Ya's smile, he was astonished it was him, it was definitely him!

Yu Qiu's mouth twitched, his eyes looked like two endless wells of hatred.

When Duan Wu Ya saw Yu Qiu's eyes filled with hatred, but he just continued to smile and said: ’’Uncle Yu, some people should give face to other people when the time comes. If they do, things can carry on as always, if they don't and instead they cater their pride and arrogance, things can get messy.’’

When Yu Qiu heard Duan Wu Ya's words, he was certain. It was Duan Wu Ya, the person who gave the information and lured him here was Duan Wu Ya.

Duan Wu Ya really seemed to be the one at the origin of these events. It seemed like Duan Wu Ya was insinuating that Yu Qiu had made him lose face, therefore, he had to pay the price.

However, how could Duan Wu Ya anticipate that the owner of the Lovesick would attack Yu Qiu? The owner would never listen to Duan Wu Ya's orders.

’’You're so treacherous!’’ Said Yu Qiu with an evil tone which surprised Duan Wu Ya.

Duan Wu Ya then said indifferently: ’’Third Yu Elder, I've always given you face and treated you with the utmost respect and you dare to humiliate me, what is this supposed to mean?’’

’’You're so shameless Duan Wu Ya! How majestic and prestigious is it to be born as the second prince! I wouldn't have thought that you would betray me like a shameless traitor! You're just a tiny insignificant person!’’ Yu Qiu's was spitting venomous words while fixedly staring at Duan Wu Ya. However, at that moment, a whistling sound spread through the air, stupefying everybody. It was at that instant everyone noticed a spear pierce through Yu Qiu's throat and his eyes filled with agony. That spear had just taken Yu Qiu's life.

When the crowd saw that, they were all astonished. Yu Qiu had died, killed on the spot in front of everybody.

’’If anyone dares to insult His Majesty, they will die!’’ Said a silhouette dressed in black that suddenly appeared. Immediately after, the silhouette respectfully knelt in front of Duan Wu Ya and said: ’’Yu Qiu continuously insulted Your Highness. I took the initiative without asking for permission, please punish me for this offense.’’

’’How audacious!’’ Shouted Duan Wu Ya furiously. He then said coldly: ’’Even if Yu Qiu behaved in an impetuous way, why did you need to kill him? EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!!’’

’’I decided to act without asking permission from Your Highness so I will bear the full responsibility for my actions. I will bring the body back to the Yu Clan and let them deal with me.’’ Said the person sounding calm and serene. They didn't look bothered, it was as if they were speaking of casual matters.

Duan Wu Ya looked irresolute for an instant and then said: ’’That's the only choice, take the body to the Yu Clan and let them dispose of you as they wish, whatever they decide, you cannot disobey.’’

’’Yes, Your Highness.’’ Replied the person while nodding. They put the spear over their shoulder with Yu Qiu still hanging loosely on end the spear and they carried the body away like that. The crowd's hearts started to pound violently when they saw the body being treated as garbage.

Was he really going to apologize for his offense? Besides, was the person who had Yu Qiu attacked, Duan Wu Ya?

The crowd started looking at Duan Wu Ya and coldness invaded their hearts. Duan Wu Ya, who was so friendly, was showing a new side of his personality. Maybe Duan Wu Ya's goal had really been to allow the prestigious crowd to witness all these events.

It was a message to let them understand that they needed to remain obedient and docile, otherwise they would suffer the same fate as Yu Qiu.

Duan Wu Ya turned around as if nothing had ever happened. He then turned to Lin Feng and looked at him in a strange way. At that moment, Lin Feng was calmly standing in mid air. His Qi was stable as it floated through the air, it showed absolutely no indication that he was badly injured. Besides, even for a person in perfect health, releasing such a stable Qi was also very difficult to achieve.

It seemed like Lin Feng was in a trance, he was surprisingly having a breakthrough!

The crowd also looked at Lin Feng with strange looks. Lin Feng looked like he was completely disconnected from the world, he didn't even know that Yu Qiu had just been killed or seen the four women appear and save him while crippling Yu Qiu's cultivation.

Lin Feng had become lost in his own world.

The world of darkness belonged to Lin Feng. The celestial book was floating in the air, a multitude of colours were flashing around it, it looked resplendent.

At that moment, Lin Feng was entirely focusing on his celestial book. Besides, the third page of the celestial book was unceasingly shaking and it looked like it was forcing the second page to turn to reveal the third page.

That time, the light wasn't dazzling, there wasn't the majesty of a dazzling sword, there was just an immense power which gave the sensation of death.

When the third page was starting to turn, something could be seen on the page. It was a black flame and it looked incredible, as if it belonged to an evil spirit.

On the second page of the celestial book, a black sword appeared and was filled with deadly energy and battle energy.

On the third page, there was a black flame. Besides, that flame wasn't extremely agitated, on the contrary, it was calm and tranquil. It wasn't releasing even a tiny amount of Qi, but that sort of deathly calm would bring on feeling of terror. That sort of flame seemed like it came directly from the underworld. It was terrifying.

’’Grim Fire!’’ Thought Lin Feng. The sword was the sword of a war god, while that fire was so monstrous that ’’Grim Fire’’ is the first words Lin Feng had come up with to describe the phenomenon.

It came from the underworld, it was the grim fire.

’’It seems like my celestial spirit always relies on external stimulus to reveal a new page. Besides, each page seems to introduce a unique and special treasure, which grants me with an extraordinary ability.’’ Thought Lin Feng. At the beginning, his celestial spirit granted him with omniscient perception and the monstrous power of understanding. The second page had granted him with a sword which enabled him to understand the way of the sword with an extremely high mastery. Each time he practiced, his sword knowledge was turning into a deeper understanding.

Besides that time, the third page had opened itself and was showing him the grim fire. Lin Feng was wondering how strong that fire was.

At that moment, the crowd was, as before, staring at Lin Feng and finally, they saw him move. He then immediately opened his eyes and black flames filled his eyes. When the crowd saw, they felt chills down their spines, as if a Qi of death had surrounded them. How cold! They had the impression that their hearts were going to stop at that moment.


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