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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 345


’’Who?!’’ Shouted Yu Qiu furiously.

The colourful ribbons surrounded from all four directions and pointed towards him like arrows. They were even sharper than arrows and were forcing him into a retreat. If he wanted to dodge, he could only fly up into the sky.

Nobody replied to Yu Qiu, there were only these four ribbons which gave off a dazzling light which were attacking him.

Yu Qiu moved higher into the sky in order to avoid the deadly ribbons.


Cracking sounds emerged, these four ribbons surprisingly crashed into each other without hesitation, but the crowd was astonished, these ribbons cracked and transformed into even more ribbons, they weren't chaotic at all, they then immediately moved through the air towards Yu Qiu. The entire atmosphere was suddenly filled with ribbons, it was a particularly beautiful sight to behold.


Yu Qiu was burning with wrath. Someone had surprisingly dared to interrupt him and attack him while he was trying to kill Lin Feng!

At that moment, Yu Qiu couldn't see who was attacking him and he couldn't use his sound waves aimlessly without a target.

’’Get the hell out here!’’ Shouted Yu Qiu extremely aggressively. His pure Qi turned into a sharp weapon which moved straight towards these lights surrounding him. Sound waves were unceasingly spreading through the atmosphere but the colourful ribbons were becoming more and more beautiful. Ten ribbons transformed into a hundred and filled the entire sky with light. They were all incredibly colourful like flowers in blossom whose petals were enveloping Yu Qiu's body.

’’What a monstrous control ability!’’ Thought people in the crowd whose hearts were twitching. They couldn't see who was attacking Yu Qiu but that enemy was extremely powerful, Yu Qiu couldn't even fight back against so many colourful ribbons.

Under Yu Qiu's feet, there was an elegant pure Qi which propelled him into the air at an incredible speed, almost in the blink of an eye.

However, even though Yu Qiu was extremely quick, it seemed like these colourful lights were even quicker than him. In a flash, he was quickly surrounded by ribbons.

The crowd on the ground was astonished. They couldn't see Yu Qiu any longer. The ribbons caught up with him and entirely wrapped around his body. The crowd couldn't see what was happening inside the colourful ribbons.

Yu Qiu's face turned deathly pale when he saw all the colours surround his body. He knew that he had no chance to run away. His transformed pure Qi into a sharp weapon which immediately moved towards the ribbons, he hoped to cut through them and open the way.

’’Crrrr.....’’ Yu Qiu's pure Qi did cut some of the ribbons, but immediately after, the ribbons merged together and completely enveloped Yu Qiu's body. A colourful sphere of ribbons was seen floating in the air, Yu Qiu's body was inside that sphere.

At the same time, that sphere was descending, precisely where the ribbons surrounded Yu Qiu.

The crowd was staring at that colourful sphere and saw unceasing flashing lights. Besides, someone was still moving inside. It was obviously Yu Qiu struggling inside the sphere.

’’Who is behind that powerful attack?’’

The crowd was stupefied. In a flash, that person had managed to force Yu Qiu into becoming a prisoner of that sphere, what a terrifying power!

At that moment, at the location where each ribbon emerged, silhouettes appeared, the silhouettes moved towards the sphere, which made the crowd frown.

There were four colourful ribbons, each with a different person holding a different ribbon. Their faces were all covered with fine gauzes and their hair was fluttering through the air. Surprisingly, they were all women.

They were all pulling on the long colourful ribbons to approach the sphere, the way they were moving through the air made them look like celestial beings, many people thought that it looked very dream like.

While the crowd was absent-minded as if in a dream, the four silhouettes had already arrived at the sphere, they then put their beautiful slender and white hands onto the surface. Instantly, a horrible shriek pierced through the atmosphere, Yu Qiu was obviously the source of that shriek.

Yu Qiu was the prisoner of that sphere and had to endure four extremely powerful attacks at the same time.

Nobody knew who the four women were but Yu Qiu had offended them and they had attacked him without the slightest degree of mercy.

Besides, the other people who were present in the Lovesick Forest looked puzzled. They were wondering whether these women were sent by the owner of the forest, maybe they were attacking Yu Qiu because of his furious shouts using sound waves had broken the calm and tranquillity of the forest.

However, the crowd had never come across the owner of the Lovesick Forest. The rumors said that they were always present, however, they were staying in a forbidden location within the forest. It was said that nobody could enter that forbidden place and the owner also never came out.

Yue Tian Chen pulled a long face. How could this be? He was a member of the Yue Clan, he, of course, knew who the owner of the Lovesick Forest was. How could they ruin such a great moment for Yue Tian Chen, he had always really wanted to see Lin Feng die.

Lin Feng was only a half-step away from being killed, but these four women appeared out of nowhere and had immediately attacked Yu Qiu. Yue Tian Chen was wondering if they had done that protect Lin Feng.

What was really happening?

Only Duan Wu Ya knew what was happening. He also understood what all of this meant, she had finally come out and was finally attacking.

Everything was happening just as he had anticipated and planned.

Lin Feng had killed Yu Tian Xing as well as the two strong cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer who belonged to the Yu Clan. Then Yu Qiu wanted to kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng had become the sworn enemy of the Yu Clan so they would not stop until they took his life. It seemed like Lin Feng was definitely going to die, but Duan Wu Ya was perfectly aware of the fact that while she was here, who would dare try to kill Lin Feng?

Eighteen years before, she was just like the prodigious cultivator of the Duan Clan, she was also one of the most dazzling geniuses of Xue Yue. At that moment, the genius of the Duan Clan was already hidden in the depths of the Imperial Palace controlling everything.

However, nobody knew where she was, she had become a legend.

Unfortunately, her husband had been sealed by the Duan Clan, otherwise, the Yu Clan would have been powerless to resist them.

In the atmosphere, a monstrous Qi was emerging. The colourful sphere broke apart and the colourful ribbons broke into small pieces. Yu Qiu once again appeared in the crowds field of vision again.

However, at that moment, Yu Qiu seemed different from a moment before. A moment before, Yu Qiu was extremely aggressive and wanted to kill Lin Feng.

But at that moment, Yu Qiu's body was covered with wounds and his Qi was weak. Besides, the light in his eyes had become pallid which made him look simple-minded. He blankly gazed into the distance yet he still looked like he wasn't resigned to giving up.

He was a fool because he still didn't know why he had provoked the anger of these women. He had to endure four attacks at the same time. He didn't resign to give up because he was the prestigious third elder of the Yu Clan and was a strong cultivator at the fourth Xuan Qi layer, however, his cultivation was crippled by these four powerful women of the Xuan Qi layer.

He didn't even know the reason as to why his cultivation had been crippled..........

At that moment, Yu Qiu just had the feeling that his world had collapsed around him, he seemed like he had abandoned his mind to despair.

Yu Qiu's hands and legs were still tied by the colourful ribbons. At that moment, the four lithe and graceful silhouettes shook their hands and in a flash, Yu Qiu's body was thrown into the horizon. At the same time, the four women said something.

’’From now on, all members of the Yu Clan are banned from entering the Lovesick Forest, if they attempt even half a step into the forest, they will be killed for their offense!’’

While talking, the four silhouettes flickered at the same time, disappeared into the bamboo forest. In a flash, they were gone. In the air, the broken colourful ribbons were still fluttering powerlessly through the wind as if these four silhouettes were simply imagined.

From that day on, the Yu Clan was banned from entering the Lovesick Forest!

Obviously, these words had proved who these four women were. They represented the owner of the Lovesick Forest and were in charge of informing the Yu Clan that they were banned from coming back to the forest.

Not only had Yu Qiu's cultivation been crippled but the entire Yu Clan was banned from entering the Lovesick Forest ever again. If they violated that rule, they would be killed.


Yu Qiu's body violently crashed onto the ground and blood burst into the air. His entire body was a wreck.

Yu Qiu was blankly staring towards the disappearing silhouettes and screamed with both grief and fury: ’’Why???’’

’’Why?’’ Nobody would answer his question. The crowd didn't understand what just happened either. They didn't understand why Yu Qiu was so violently attacked and why the Yu Clan had been banned from entering.

Could it be that because Yu Qiu violated the calm and tranquillity of the forest?

But Lin Feng had killed Yu Tian Xing and nobody did anything.

However, Lin Feng was still indifferently standing in the air. His eyes were closed as if nothing had happened. Many people were startled at this scene, did it have anything to do with Lin Feng?


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