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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 330


’’I lost.’’ Said Du Bi while looking at Qiong Bi Luo, who looked extremely proud and arrogant. Du Bi's voice was low. He had been defeated and it had been a crushing defeat.

Qiong Bi Luo's Blue Void Underworld and Blue Void spirit were monstrously strong. He could firmly seal parts of the atmosphere. His Blue Void Raindrops could form into a cage of raindrops. Besides, once there was a prisoner inside that cage, it could transform the raindrops into razor shape blades that attacked the prisoner. If Du Bi had been a little bit weaker, he would have died.

’’From now on, the best disciple of the Celestial Academy is you, Qiong Bi Luo.’’ Said Gu Bi sorrowfully. He had always been first in the ranking of the Celestial Academy. Besides, he was also one of the first students to break through the Ling Qi layer and enter the Xuan Qi layer. He used to think that if he couldn't do something, other people would be even less capable.

However, Qiong Bi Luo had also always been a genius and had always been a close second. Qiong Bi Luo had always been introverted, discreetly practicing cultivation, but after he had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, he had become a completely different person. He had become extremely arrogant, and right after breaking through to the Xuan Qi layer, he had immediately challenged Du Bi to a battle.

Du Bi had just thought that Qiong Bi Luo had grown arrogant with success but reality had been different from expectation, Qiong Bi Luo had defeated Du Bi very easily. He hadn't even taken the battle seriously.

People had the same thoughts as Du Bi. Du Bi couldn't compete with Qiong Bi Luo. If Qiong Bi Luo wasn't the best student of the academy, who else could it be?

’’Wen Ao Xue, Du Gu Shang, Lin Feng, where are they?’’ Said Qiong Bi Luo coldly and arrogantly while glancing at the crowd on the ground. If these people had come, Qiong Bi Luo wouldn't have minded fighting against them, that was a way for him to show people how strong he was.

However, nobody replied. Du Gu Shang couldn't even withstand one of Lin Feng's attacks, how could he have the courage to come and fight? Wen Ao Xue just hadn't bothered to go.

Concerning Lin Feng, he was still in his cultivation room.

’’They're just a bunch of nobodies. As expected, apart from Du Bi, the others cannot even compete with me anymore. They are all tiny little insects, they are worthless’’

When Qiong Bi Luo finished insulting the other strong disciples, he started walking away. After a short moment, his silhouette disappeared from the crowds field of vision.

While looking at the vanishing silhouette, people's eyes were twinkling. The Imperial City was really lively and animated. Even though Qiong Bi Luo had just broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, with his amazingly strong spirit, he could definitely rival the eight high officials.

Finally, there was someone who was as monstrous as the eight high officials in the Celestial Academy.

While looking at the disappearing silhouette, Du Bi's eyes were filled with disappointment. They were both of the Xuan Qi layer, besides, he had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer before Qiong Bi Luo, but there was still a big gap between them, Qiong Bi Luo was monstrously strong.

Qiong Bi Luo's spirit gave him a huge advantage in battle, it was clear with only a glance. Du Bi's blade spirit was also extremely strong but Qiong Bi Luo's spirit had confined him so easily that he hadn't even had the opportunity to bring his blade spirit into play.

At that moment, a rumbling noise emerged in the atmosphere and broke the silence. People could only see a room of the cultivation tower open itself. Immediately after, a handsome young man appeared.

He was wearing a long white chang pao, his hair was fluttering in the wind. The expression in his eyes looked profound, deep and proud.

’’Lin Feng!’’

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng had come out of the cultivation room. Precisely at the moment that Qiong Bi Luo left!

’’Did he do that on purpose?’’ Thought the crowd. Qiong Bi Luo had challenged Lin Feng and the others, it was unlikely that Lin Feng hadn't heard the news, but he didn't appear. Could it be that he had waited for Qiong Bi Luo to leave and then came out, as if he wanted to avoid Qiong Bi Luo.

But the crowd could understand why Lin Feng would want to avoid Qiong Bi Luo. Lin Feng only had the strength of the Ling Qi layer, fighting against a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer would have been the same as committing suicide. Qiong Bi Luo was monstrously strong and that was a fact.

Lin Feng could already put pressure on Du Bi which was already impressive!

When Lin Feng came out of his cultivation room, he had also noticed the crowd who was looking at him. He couldn't help but be surprised. However, he ignored the crowd and started leaving.

’’Wait, wait!’’ At that moment, a voice emerged in the atmosphere which made Lin Feng stop.

’’What do you think, are blade and sword spirits strong or not?’’ Asked Du Bi. His spirit was a blade spirit and Lin Feng was a sword cultivator, to a certain extent, they belonged to the same category of cultivator.

Of course, that was just Du Bi's opinion. Even though Lin Feng practiced sword skills, he didn't have a sword spirit.

’’Of course.’’ Replied Lin Feng without even turning his head.

’’Well then, why did Qiong Bi Luo defeat me so easily? I didn't even have the slightest chance.’’ Asked Du Bi towards Lin Feng yet it sounded like he was questioning himself. His faith in blades had been shaken.

’’Strength, no matter the result of a battle, is not only connected to the spirit. If Qiong Bi Luo defeated you, it's not only because of your spirit. Determination and one's skill level is also important to win a battle.’’ Said Lin Feng indifferently.

The spirit was only one of the things that could influence the flow of a battle. It wasn't an absolute indicator of who would win a battle. For example, a cultivator of the first Ling Qi layer would never be able to defeat a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. Even when it came to cultivators of the same level, an extremely strong determination, willpower, courage, focus and level of skill were all factors which could determine the outcome of a battle. Besides, these factors didn't have anything to do with the spirit.

That was Lin Feng's opinion which corresponded to his personality. Even though he only had the strength of the Ling Qi layer, he would still use his sword to fight a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer such as Du Bi. Did it mean that Lin Feng's sword spirit was stronger than Du Bi's blade spirit? Of course not. He had no sword spirit!

’’What you mean is that I, as a person, cannot rival Qiong Bi Luo, and it has nothing to do with our spirits?’’

Du Bi's voice sounded a bit cold and a blade energy started floating around Lin Feng's body. He was asking Lin Feng only because he was doubting himself and his spirit. Besides, he had been defeated by Qiong Bi Luo, but he couldn't tolerate such words coming from Lin Feng's mouth.

’’You asked me and I gave you my answer. I am just telling you from what I have experienced.’’ Said Lin Feng when he noticed Du Bi's anger. Lin Feng didn't refute Du Bi's words and instead his voice started to grow colder.

Du Bi had been defeated by Qiong Bi Luo and was using Lin Feng to vent his anger, could he humiliate and bully him as he wished?

Du Bi had asked Lin Feng a question and Lin Feng didn't even feel like replying but still gave him an honest answer.

’’Hmph. How arrogant! Don't think that because you are a little bit popular, you can let it go to your head. The fact that you can resist one of my blade attacks doesn't mean that you can resist a second one.’’ Said Du Bi in an ice-cold way. He was clearly threatening Lin Feng.

’’Arrogant?’’ Lin Feng was smiling coldly in his heart. On that day, Lin Feng had stopped his blade attack, but could it be that Du Bi thought that Lin Feng could only survive one attack? And on top of that he thought Lin Feng could not attack him in return?

Du Bi sounded arrogant and threatening. He wanted to regain the prestige that he had lost a moment before and was using Lin Feng as a stepping stone. He had just gone through a crushing defeat against Qiong Bi Luo and needed to regain his image.

’’In three days, I, Lin Feng, will be waiting for you here. At that moment, we will see if I can survive a second attack.’’ Said Lin Feng indifferently. Immediately after, he started to leave.

However, when the crowd heard Lin Feng, they were stupefied. Lin Feng was just like Qiong Bi Luo, he was challenging Du Bi.

Du Bi had said that Lin Feng was arrogant and that he wouldn't be able to survive a second blade attack, but now Lin Feng was challenging him.


The Dong Ling district was situated in the most eastern place of the Imperial City. The hill of Dong Ling also had an altitude of a few thousand meters. From there, people could look into the distance.

At that moment, Lin Feng's silhouette appeared on the Dong Ling Hill but he wasn't enjoying the view at all. Instead, he was just standing there, looking up at the sky.

A moment before, Lin Feng could have fought against the injured Du Bi, but he chose to wait. When Lin Feng was still in the cultivation room practicing, he was asking himself what new skill he should learn. He was only an inch away from breaking through to the Xuan Qi layer. What skill should he practice to battle with the Xuan Qi Layer and above?

Lin Feng was confident that breaking through to the Xuan Qi layer wouldn't be an issue. At that moment, his problem was choosing a suitable skill to learn. The cultivator of the Zun Qi layer had given him many extremely strong skills from his memories. There were a lot of Xuan level skills, and even Tian level skills but the problem was, would Lin Feng ever break through to the Tian Qi layer?

There was also no problem in the type of skills he could learn. Lin Feng could learn all types of skills and techniques, his Celestial Spirit granted him the power of advanced comprehension.

He could practice different hand skills to increase his power during unarmed combat.

He was already an expert at using swords and was already stronger than most sword cultivators, should he pick a sword skill?

He could basically practice any sort of skill. That wasn't the problem, the only problem was that he could not decide what type of skill to learn.


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