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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 325


’’Heaven and Earth are cruel to treat its creatures like stray dogs!’’

In that and cold and cruel world, cultivation was based on one heartless principle, one had to constantly become stronger. That was the only way to way to handle the heartlessness of heaven and earth. Giving up and dying because of the cruel rules of the world was easy.

When Liu Cang Lan finished talking, he stood up, he immediately walked towards the exit.

’’Follow me, we're going back to Duan Ren City.’’

Po Jun and Han Man glanced at Lin Feng, nodded and immediately left, following Liu Cang Lan.

Lin Feng was still sitting and remained silent. No matter what reason had just pushed Liu Cang Lan to leave, he had just come to drink a few glasses of alcohol with Lin Feng and chat, nothing more.

However, were the meaning of his words as simple as that?

Lin Feng raised his glass, downed it and put it back on the table. He was sitting at that table in the restaurant, alone and thinking about the meaning of those words.

Liu Cang Lan had rushed from Duan Ren City over to the Imperial City because he wanted to tell that to Lin Feng, ’’Heaven and Earth are cruel to treat the creatures like stray dogs!’’

Did it contain a hidden message?

After what seemed to be a long period of time, Lin Feng stood up and immediately left.

But Lin Feng wasn't in a hurry to leave, he had only taken a few steps and he stopped again. He gazed into the distance and said indifferently: ’’I've been here for such a long time, I should probably leave now.’’

The atmosphere was calm, it was slightly raining and there was a slight chill in the air.

In the distance where Lin Feng was looking, there was a silhouette. That person was looking at Lin Feng. How powerful! He hadn't shown any signs of his presence but Lin Feng knew he was there.

’’Who are you?’’

Lin Feng looked in the distance in a detached way, his eyes looked cold.

’’Lin Feng, you are only the officer of the Chi Xie troops and you dared to kill Duan Lie. This is an unforgivable crime. Today, you must come with me.’’ Said the person sounding cold and detached which made Lin Feng narrow his eyes. A cold light filled that person's eyes.

’’Show yourselves. Since you have all come, what's the point in hiding?’’ Said Lin Feng indifferently. Immediately, in the distant darkness, some silhouettes appeared and all started to fill the rooftops one after the other. They were looking at Lin Feng with cold glares. They all had fierce glares, none of them seemed to be weak.

Then they all jumped though the air until they arrived near Lin Feng, and then surrounded him.

’’You still haven't told me. Who are you?’’ Asked Lin Feng.

At the start, he thought that these people's target was Liu Cang Lan, but Liu Cang Lan had already left and nobody stopped him. However, now people were blocking Lin Feng. Besides, it had to do with the Duan Lie issue.

’’No need to ask us who we are. You just need to know that we are in charge of enforcing the laws of the Imperial City.’’ Said the original person who spoke. His voice was filled with coldness. ’’Lin Feng, no need to resist, you will have no chance of resisting us, if you try to resist, you will die.’’

’’Resist? Die?’’ Lin Feng was a bit surprised and he was releasing some cold energy. However, at that moment, the sound of galloping horses could be heard. It seemed like some a large group of people were rushing over to that location.

A short moment later, they could distinctly hear the rumbling sounds caused by horses. The person who seemed to be the leader of the people on horses was a cultivator who looked extremely strong and cruel.

Lin Feng knew that person, it was the officer of the Imperial Guards, Yu Ji, who was also one of Duan Wu Ya's friends.

The imperial guards encircled them which stupefied those who were encircling Lin Feng. They were staring at Yu Ji and said: ’’Yu Ji, what are you doing?’’

’’Huo Qing, I should be the one asking you that question, I, Yu Ji, am the Officer of the Imperial Guards and the Imperial City is a territory under my control, but now you are here, what is that supposed to mean?’’

Yu Ji sounded cold and detached, yet serious, which made Huo Qing stupefied. He then smiled coldly and said: ’’The Imperial City is under your control? Lin Feng killed a noble of the Imperial Family and he is still free to walk around. What do you think that you, the Imperial Guards, are doing?’’

’’I will handle that when the time comes, however, since when are you allowed to exceed your status and meddle in other people's affairs, including my own?’’ said Yu Ji as cold and detached as before.

Huo Qing's eyes twinkled and he glanced at the Imperial Guards. They were extremely strong these days. If Huo Qing decided to attack, they would suffer serious losses.

Besides, everybody knew that the Imperial City Guards were now part of Duan Wu Ya's faction, who would dare to not give him face?

’’Lin Feng will come with us today!’’

However, at that moment, another cold and detached voice emerged in the atmosphere. In the distance, two silhouettes appeared on a building, along with others hiding in the shadows. They all looked ice-cold. These two people were releasing a monstrously strong Qi which made people shiver.

’’Xuan Qi layer! That Qi has the strength of the Xuan Qi layer.

Besides, the other one who hadn't spoken had only one arm.

’’How young!’’ Lin Feng glanced at the person's missing arm, which made his heartbeat accelerate. It was said that the prodigious student of the Celestial Academy, who had broken through the Xuan Qi layer a short time before, was called Du Bi and only had one arm, his left arm.

’’Lin Feng killed a noble and thinks that he is better than everyone. We will take Lin Feng with us.’’ Said the cultivator of the Xuan Qi Layer that had spoken. His Qi was abnormally monstrous.

It seemed like these people had come well-prepared and determined to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had said that he could rely on his own strength to ensure his safety, if he left with them, would his statement still be valid?

’’They must be from a dark league, right?’’ Said Yu Ji sounding ice-cold. Dark leagues were influential and were also a way to increase connections.

The dark leagues all represent small spheres of influence. They were divided according to the numerous high ranking officials of Xue Yue's Imperial City.

Dark leagues were usually created with the sole purpose of hiring assassins. When high-ranking officials had the impression that someone was threatening them and their functions, they sent dark leagues to apply their own justice.

These two people seemed to belong to a dark league.

Du Bi had broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer. He was recognized as a genius of the Celestial Academy. He was obstinate and unruly, there weren't many people who could help him channel his darker emotions.

’’What if I don't agree!’’ Said Yu Ji. Immediately, an incredibly oppressive energy emerged from Du Bi and the other person and invaded the entire atmosphere.

’’You have no choice, Lin Feng must leave with us.’’ Said the cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer in an ice-cold tone while staring at Yu Ji. He didn't even care about making Duan Wu Ya, the second prince, lose face!

It was still raining and Lin Feng was gradually getting soaking wet. Besides in the atmosphere, the oppressive energy was getting denser and denser!


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