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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 317


The crowd gasped with astonishment while looking at that silhouette on the stage.

Indeed, if that person was really Lin Feng, Wen Ren Yan should have known that the person who wanted to protect him, had no chance of even receiving a single blow. However, Wen Ren Yan hadn't warned him at all. He remained silent. How virtuous and kind was that!

By acting this way in front of such a large crowd, everybody could see that he was not only a bad person, but his behaviour could even be described as detestable.

Duan Lie and Wen Ren Yan's lies were collapsing.

An ugly expression appeared on the face of the person who had just had an altercation with Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with indignation and anger. Wen Ren Yan was really shameless! He had unscrupulously let him fight against Lin Feng.

’’Lin Feng, this has nothing to do with me, it's a misunderstanding.’’ Said the person who had just attacked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced at that person indifferently and smiled coldly.

’’Nothing to do with you? How amusing! If I had been weaker than you, wouldn't I have died because of your misunderstanding?’’ Joked Lin Feng. Then, he said coldly: ’’When you take action, you have to consider the consequences.’’

When Lin Feng finished talking, sword Qi immediately shot into his interlocutor's throat. The crowd was astonished.

He died! Lin Feng had killed him without showing even a shred of mercy.

That person's eyes, even though he had just died, were still wide open as if he would never have peace even in death.

Lin Feng's eyes looked to the side. He looked perfectly calm and serene. Had it been a misunderstanding? In that cruel and merciless world, could there be so many misunderstandings? In that world, if a person was weak, a misunderstanding could lead to death. No matter if there was a misunderstanding or not, the other person wouldn't care. Besides, he was planning to murder someone to flatter Wen Ren Yan.

When killing these types of people, Lin Feng didn't need to show mercy.

Lin Feng turned to Wen Ren Yan and mockingly smiled.

’’Most gifted disciple of the Yun Hai Sect?’’ Said Lin Feng, even though he wasn't talking extremely loud, people could clearly hear what he was saying.

When Wen Ren Yan heard Lin Feng, he suddenly looked troubled. A moment before, Duan Lie had said that Wen Ren Yan was the most gifted disciple of the Yun Hai Sect and that it was already unofficially planned to make him the new patriarch. After that, Wen Ren Yan had confirmed that Duan Lie's words were ’’true’’. However, at that moment, Lin Feng, who was also a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, was in front of him.

Who was the most gifted disciple of the Yun Hai Sect?

’’You are the most gifted disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, I am also a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, could you teach me some things? What do you think?’’ Said Lin Feng when he saw that Wen Ren Yan remained silent. Lin Feng sounded cold and detached. Lin Feng's words were making Wen Ren Yan even more annoyed.

Besides, the crowd at the bottom of the stage, people all had strange facial expressions. Was Wen Ren Yan really the most gifted disciple of the Yun Hai Sect? At that moment, Lin Feng was challenging him to a battle!

’’Lin Feng, let's forget about our past conflicts for the time being and settle this matter later. Today is the day of my wedding, could you please just leave?’’ Said Wen Ren Yan in a low voice yet sounding cold. Lin Feng had appeared and was ruining everything, besides he was making him endlessly lose face.

’’Leave?’’ Said Lin Feng sounding amused. He then continued: ’’You are the most gifted disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, you were going to become the Patriarch, you are extremely kind and have high natural talent. You are perfect. I, Lin Feng, am a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect. I used to be and still am a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect. I am not like you, Wen Ren Yan, back in the past, when Duan Tian Lang attacked the Yun Hai Sect, who was the first one to betray the Yun Hai Sect?’’

Wen Ren Yan remained silent, his facial expression looked glum.

’’Wen Ren Yan, you betrayed your own teacher without a second thought. You are a traitor but today, you say, in front of everybody, that you were the most outstanding disciple of the Yun Hai Sect and that you are perfect. Are you not doing this because you think that, because the Yun Hai Sect has been annihilated, nobody will be able to expose all of your lies?’’

’’That's enough!’’ Shouted Wen Ren Yan furiously. ’’Lin Feng, you are really shameless to dare spout these provocations!’’

’’Shut the hell up!’’ Said Lin Feng when he heard that Wen Ren Yan actually dared shout furiously at him. He then took a step forwards and released a deadly Qi which made Wen Ren Yan's face turn deathly pale. He was rushing backwards as fast as he could. His facial expression was hideous.

’’A piece of trash pretending to be a genius... and besides that, he dares to provoke me... Wen Ren Yan, do you still have any face?’’

Lin Feng stopped smiling and said: ’’Wen Ren Yan, you are a shameless traitor and on top of that, you dare talk to me in such an insolent way.’’

’’That's enough!’’ Said Duan Lie while standing up. He then looked at Lin Feng in a cold and detached way and said: ’’Lin Feng, get lost!’’

’’You shut the f*k up!’’ Shouted Lin Feng furiously.

Get lost? How ridiculous!

’’A moment ago, were you not making up lies about the groom? Weren't you saying that he used to be the most talented disciple of the Yun Hai Sect? Weren't you saying that he was perfect. Now, what are you afraid of? Why are you so impatient to see me leave?’’

’’What do you want precisely?’’ Asked Duan Lie's whose face was filled with killing intent. Lin Feng was detestable. Duan Lie just wanted to kill Lin Feng on the spot.

It was his daughter's wedding and Lin Feng dared ruin it.

’’What do I want?’’ Said Lin Feng smiling again. He then said indifferently: ’’Duan Lie, even though there has been some tensions between Duan Yu and me in the past, I already slapped her for her mistake, but you didn't send any armed forces to chase me. I, Lin Feng, do not intend at all to provoke you and Duan Yu. Unfortunately, you chose Wen Ren Yan to become your daughter's husband, but today, I have come to settle accounts with him. However, you decide to act, think carefully before you make your choice.’’

The crowd was slightly shaking. Lin Feng was threatening Duan Lie.

They perfectly understood what Lin Feng meant. He had come to settle accounts with Wen Ren Yan, he could ignore Duan Lie but if he decided to get involved, he would need to think carefully about the consequences.

Lin Feng was threatening Duan Lie, an aristocrat related to the Imperial Family.

Duan Lie, of course, perfectly understood that Lin Feng was threatening him. His facial expression was extremely ugly. That bastard! This day was the day of his daughter's wedding, a myriad of wealthy and noble cultivators had gathered there to the extent that some people of the Yue Clan and the Yu Clan had come. In such circumstances, Lin Feng dared threaten him.

Lin Feng was standing tall with his head held high. He was alone on the stage facing a myriad of extremely strong cultivators.

Lin Feng looked insufferably confident. He was acting as if these people were nobodies.

Duan Lie wasn't the only one who looked furious. Each and every single wealthy and noble person was smiling coldly, especially the young men full of youth.

A few students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue had seen Lin Feng kill one of their fellow disciples. He was extremely aggressive and kept humiliating them, which made them all bitterly hate Lin Feng.

Besides, Yue Tian Chen and Yu Tian Xing were also glaring at Lin Feng, their eyes were filled with fury. That guy was monstrously aggressive.

’’Lin Feng, even though you have become a Marquis, here, there are many other people who have a higher social status than you. Duan Lie has the blood of the Imperial Family. Could it be that you think that, because you are a Marquis, you can defy the divine and human laws?’’ said Yu Tian Xing, who couldn't help but open his mouth and make fun of Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with hatred. He hadn't forgotten the previous humiliation, it was haunting him in his worst nightmares.

Lin Feng raised his head and indifferently glanced at Yu Tian Xing. Lin Feng looked calm and serene and suddenly he started smiling as if he wanted to make a joke again.

’’Alright, what about you? What do you plan to do about it?’’ Said Lin Feng indifferently which stupefied Yu Tian Xing. Lin Feng was insufferable, so what? What did Yu Tian Xing want to do to stop him?

Extremely arrogant, pure arrogance!

Lin Feng didn't need to give these people face. All of them were his enemies. They all hated and despised him, so what? Things would go according to Lin Feng's plans.

At the bottom of the stage, the crowd was gasping in astonishment. Their chests were suddenly being invaded with excitement. They were trying to imagine what it was like to be Lin Feng, looking at all of these extremely arrogant wealthy and noble cultivators and humiliating them, talking down to them. They wanted to have the feeling of asking someone ’’what do you plan to do about it?’’.

As expected, when Yu Tian Xing heard Lin Feng, he immediately looked extremely glum and hideous. His lips kept trembling with anger but no words were coming out of his mouth.

That bastard! What an abominable bastard! He didn't know how to answer to Lin Feng. He couldn't compete with Lin Feng so what could he do? He could only remember the hatred he felt for Lin Feng, it was deeply engrave it in his heart.

’’You're just trash, apart from the fact that you belong to a prestigious clan, you are nothing. You are worthless.’’ Said Lin Feng, he didn't seem ready to let Yu Tian Xing off. Lin Feng sounded cold and detached as he was making Yu Tian Xing, whose expression became uglier and uglier.

Lin Feng thought that Yu Tian Xing was worthless and that apart from the influence of his clan, he was just a nobody. That was an absolute humiliation.

All these noble and wealthy cultivators, who belonged to the biggest clans, were fixedly and furiously staring at Lin Feng but Lin Feng didn't care.

Since he had come to that place, he was ready to face all of them.

Lin Feng was mockingly looking at that bunch of arrogant cultivators. He then said a few words, sounding indifferent.

’’If any of you don't agree with me, you can be the first to stand up and try to stop me. The one who wins can keep on living while the loser dies. If you don't have the courage to fight, then stay there while blankly gazing into the distance and don't act recklessly.’’

Lin Feng, alone, was provoking everybody else!


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