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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 308


Lin Feng was fixedly staring at his interlocutor. Lin Feng's eyes were filled with displeasure.

That man had killed an evil ectoplasm with a spear, motivated the crowd to fight against the king, but he was already there and not fighting, besides, he was even preventing him from leaving.

Lin Feng glanced around him and his heart twitched for a second. At that moment, there wasn't only the spear cultivator standing around Lin Feng but seven others as well. They were all wearing black clothes and all had spears in their hands. Even though they weren't releasing any Qi, their silence and coldness were piercing to the bones, which made Lin Feng sense that these eight people were all extremely strong cultivators.

’’Let him go.’’ At that moment, a faint yet firm discernible voice spread through the air. Immediately after, the one who were blocking Lin Feng's way looked at Lin Feng in a respectful way and opened the way, letting Lin Feng leave.

Lin Feng stared straight into the first person's eyes, then he looked towards Celestial River. On the city gate, there was a person wearing a black chang pao, his body and face was completely covered. He looked mystical and mysterious.

At that moment, the person who spoke was calmly leaning against the city wall and lowered his head, almost looking like he was closing his eyes, as if what was happening at that moment had nothing to do with him.

By carefully observing that man in a black chang pao, Lin Feng realized that the situation was much more complex than he initially believed.

Maybe that king class was an insect to him. Everyone had come for the cauldron, but there was a venomous snake staring at everyone like they were prey.

Of course, he was also looking for the heavenly dragon cauldron.

Lin Feng continued walking on the periphery, but didn't hurry to leave. He was standing on the yellow sand, watching the people fighting.

At that moment, they only saw the king class' body fly though the air and rush towards a small group. Immediately, the small group of cultivators died after having their Qi and blood absorbed.

’’We must kill him. If he regains his body, it will be very dangerous, whereas right now we are dealing with his spirit and nothing more. I am sure that if we attack him together, we will definitely kill him.’’ Shouted the middle-aged man of the Cosmic Pavilion when he noticed that the crowd was becoming distracted and easy targets. However, when he finished talking, he saw a pair of piercingly-cold eyes looking at him. They were piercing him to the bones, making his heartbeat accelerate.

’’Die!’’ Shouted the King Class Evil Ectoplasm furiously. An endless number of chains started moving towards him, making his heart pound brutally. He jumped and a brutal fist moved towards the chain. The pure Qi of the fist attack emitted rumbling noises in the atmosphere.

However, at that moment, many chains silently appeared behind him. In a flash, he turned his head around and his facial expression drastically changed. He couldn't avoid them anymore, it was too late. These chains were controlled by the king's soul. They were moving closer and closer to him, when suddenly, both his hands were tied up by the chains.

’’I don't want to die, attack him together!’’ The middle-aged man furiously shouted, but at that moment, the crowd was dumbstruck. They only saw an evil smile appear on the king's face, before he then threw himself forwards like a predator.

’’You've become my dinner!’’ The King Class Evil Ectoplasm evilly said. He landed on the middle-aged man's body and sucked out his pure Qi and blood.

’’Thousand Illusion Disintegration!’’ The middle-aged man furiously shouted . A deadly strength invaded the atmosphere. The King Class Evil Ectoplasm suddenly looked surprised and was blown backwards.


A multitude of chains were broken. At the same time, the middle-aged man's body also disappeared like dust in the wind.

The king was startled. His Qi was fluctuating, which meant that he had been injured. Thousand Illusion Disintegration! What a bastard!


The king groaned and continued to move while sucking out the Qi and blood from the people he encountered. At that moment, there weren't that many strong cultivators left. In a flash, there were only a few dozen people left. Besides, the king's Qi was getting more and more powerful.

’’Run away! Run Away!’’ The crowd only had one thought, everyone started trying to escape in every direction. They didn't want the heavenly dragon cauldron anymore.

At that moment, a few silhouettes were running towards Lin Feng.

However, the cultivator who blocked Lin Feng's escape a moment ago, the one with the spear, was still standing there, as motionless as a mountain, as steady as a rock. He looked cold and detached, and his eyes looked sharp.

’’Open the way!’’ Shouted a man while running away like a madman. The spear in the cultivators hand shook and in a flash, some black pure Qi appeared and transformed into a long dragon which immediately shot towards the man who was trying to run away. In an instant, that cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer had died.

’’How strong. That spear is monstrously powerful. He is at least as strong as Mister Chi.’’ Thought Lin Feng, whose heart stopped for a second. These eight people were all at least at the fourth Xuan Qi layer, they were incredibly powerful.

Behind, two people, who were trying to escape, were also approaching the cultivator with the spear. He looked puzzled and then his body slowly became rigid.

These two people were from the Cosmic Pavilion, Lin Feng knew the girl. On that day, when the Aunt Yun had tried to get the ancient cauldron from Lin Feng, that person was there as well, it was Lan Jiao!

Many people of the Cosmic Pavilion had come thinking that they would definitely get the ancient cauldron. Nonetheless, almost all of them had died in Celestial River.

’’Those who want to escape, die!’’ Said the cultivator with the spear sounding cold an detached. He took a huge step forwards. His spear was unceasingly gathering deadly energy. A terrifying pure black Qi emerged in the atmosphere.

He was about to throw his spear.

’’Stop!’’ said a voice coming from the sky, which surprised the man with the spear. Immediately after, a silhouette fell from the sky, landing by Lan Jiao's side. That person was precisely Lin Feng.

The man with the spear was surprised, and had an extremely cold expression on his face.

’’You cannot kill her.’’ Lin Feng said, sounding indifferent. The man silently put down his spear and immediately turned to Aunt Yun who was also running away. The man was surprisingly listening to Lin Feng and letting Lan Jiao live.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Before that, Lan Jiao had tried to warn him a few times. Lin Feng appreciated the help she gave him in the past. If he could save her, he wouldn't hesitate.

’’Save me.’’ Said Aunt Yun when she saw the cultivator with the spear was moving towards her. She was looking at Lin Feng with hope in her eyes.

Lin Feng, looking cold and detached, looked at Aunt Yun and said expressionlessly: ’’Last time, you wanted to kill me, and now you want me to save you?’’

Aunt Yun's heart was pounding. Her heart was filled with regret. In her thoughts, there was only one thought: ’’One careless move and the whole game is lost.’’

She perfectly knew what kind of temperament Lin Feng had. He was stubborn and determined. Why had she tried to steal the cauldron from Lin Feng? She should have thought about the results. She initially just didn't care about gaining Lin Feng's wrath. All she thought was that she could rely on her strength to obtain the cauldron, and that she could kill Lin Feng at any time.

However, in life, everything can quickly change. She hadn't managed to kill Lin Feng when she had had the opportunity and at this moment, because of that, she would lose her own life.

She was going to die because of one wrong move.

The long spear was releasing an incredible deadly energy. Aunt Yun's face was filled with regret and hatred. She closed her eyes and did not feel like resisting. Even if she could resist for a short period of time, the result would be the same. Her death was already sealed. She could get killed here or by the King Class Evil Ectoplasm. She had no way out. Besides, getting killed by a spear was much better than dying after having Qi and blood sucked from the body.

’’Aunt Yun!’’ Shouted Lan Jiao while her eyes were filling with tears. Lin Feng was preventing her from moving to help. She couldn't move from that spot.

Suddenly an unfathomable voice emerged in the air. Lin Feng dragged Lan Jiao backwards. At that moment, he saw many people getting killed either by the King Class Evil Ectoplasm or by the spears from the cultivators blocking peoples retreat.

At that moment, apart from Lin Feng, his friends and the eight cultivators with spears, everyone had died. Of course, there was also the mysterious person leaning against the city wall.

’’Little brat, you are really audacious.’’ The King Class Evil Ectoplasm said while evilly staring at Lin Feng, which made a cold light flash through Lin Feng's eyes.

’’Haven't you noticed that they are waiting for you?’’ Lin Feng said while pointing at the eight cultivators in black clothes. Lin Feng sounded cold and detached. He hadn't left because he had realized that these eight people as well as the person leaning against the city wall had come to kill the King Class Evil Ectoplasm. They had prepared everything earlier. Perhaps it was all part of their plan.

The King Class Evil Ectoplasm wasn't stupid. He had also noticed these things. He then evilly stared at the eight cultivators with the spears and said coldly: ’’You are quite strong but a moment ago, I killed some people who were much stronger than you. How come you think that you can be so audacious?’’

’’Because of me!’’ Said a deep voice interrupting. The mysterious person leaning against the city wall slowly started moving towards them. He still hadn't raised his head and was still looking at the ground. In a flash, he had crossed a hundred meters and arrived in front of the King Class Evil Ectoplasm.

’’This is Xue Yue. Since the evil cultivators of the Tian Sha Sect have come here, there is no need for you to leave anymore.’’ Said a cold voice coming from one cultivator in a black chang pao. Immediately after that person raised his head, a bright and resplendent light emerged and flashed, it was dazzling to the eyes!


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