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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 307


When the twelve members of the Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms saw the silhouette slowly form itself above the ground, they respectfully said: ’’We welcome a King Class Evil Ectoplasm!’’

’’A King Class Evil Ectoplasm is here, how is that possible?!’’ Thought the middle-aged man while frowning. The people of the Tian Sha Sect were extremely strict. Besides, the Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms were all above the Xuan Qi layer, they were extremely strong.

The Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms were just stationed in Xue Yue. Even though they weren't as strong as the other Evil Ectoplasms in Black Feather, they were still all at, or above, the second Xuan Qi layer. As far as the King Class was concerned, in Black Feather, in order to be an authentic king class, a cultivator had to be at the Tian Qi layer.

At that moment, the Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms were kneeling down in front of their king. As expected, the corpse which had appeared was at the Tian Qi layer. He had monstrous power and could even destroy the whole country.

’’The people of the Tian Sha Sect are so quick!’’ The middle-aged man said while narrowing his eyes. He was blankly staring at the corpse which had appeared, he was no longer feeling at ease.

Besides, at that moment, the evil Qi finished transforming into a silhouette. Surprisingly, that silhouette was crawling on the ground. The person raised their head and immediately stood up, tall and erect.

But that body looked like a gray illusion. Besides, it had two black holes instead of eyes. It looked terrifying.

’’They are still convinced that we, people of the Tian Sha Sect, accepted the meeting here because we were scared, haha!’’ Laughed a deep and evil voice, it was coming from the gray silhouette. It looked like an illusion, but his voice sounded very clear and distinct, clearly affecting the other cultivators.

’’We've come here to kill.’’ Said the King Class Evil Ectoplasm. The twelve other evil ectoplasms all stood up and an endless amount of chains started to fill the atmosphere. In a flash, many people who didn't have the time to dodge were tied up in chains. All these people immediately got pulled towards the king.

An evil smile appeared on the king's mouth. His silhouette flickered and he immediately rushed forward.


A bloodcurdling scream spread through the atmosphere. The King Class Ectoplasms had jumped on that person and sucked all of his pure Qi as well as his blood from his body, until there was nothing left at all. In a flash, that person had turned into a pile of skin and bones. Besides, The image of the king was becoming more lifelike.

’’Ahhh, ahhhhh......’’

Horrible shrieks were spreading through the atmosphere, all the people, who were tied up in chains, had their blood and pure Qi sucked from them. Besides, the king's illusion was getting even more real. Some evil Qi spread in the atmosphere.

’’He is reincarnating into a new body.’’ The middle-aged man's pupils shrank. He had suddenly understood. No wonder the king had made it to Celestial River so quickly.

’’Stop him. We can't afford to let him regain his body. Right now, he's just a spirit, he's not very strong but if we give him the opportunity to absorb more blood and pure Qi, then he will regain a real body, become a real king class and have the strength at the Tian Qi layer. If that happens, everybody here will die.’’ said the leader of the Cosmic Pavilion, which made people's heart start pounding. If he regained a real body, he would be at the Tian Qi layer?

If that happened, they would all definitely die. There wouldn't be a single one left.

When Lin Feng heard that, he secretly smiled coldly. That guy had just told the entire crowd to screw off and now that the king class was regaining a real body, he had suddenly drastically changed. He wanted everybody to stay and help stop the king. Why wasn't he going himself?

’’Back!’’ Said Lin Feng. He immediately moved back. If the King Class Evil Ectoplasm had a chance of regaining his strength, Lin Feng preferred leaving. Losing his life because of the heavenly dragon cauldron was really not worth it.

The twelve evil ectoplasms were attacking at the same time. It seemed like their chains were endless, and that their power was inexhaustible. People were unceasingly being tied up in chains, then dragged towards the king and then had their pure Qi and blood were sucked from their body.

’’Don't think that you can run away! If the king regains a real body as well as his strength of the Tian Qi layer, do you think that you will be able to run away? Now, the only solution is to kill the twelve remaining from The Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms and then immobilize the king. This is the only way for us not to die and even get the heavenly dragon cauldron.’’ Shouted the middle aged man from the Cosmic Pavilion loudly. His voice was violently resonating in people's minds. It also seemed like he was, at that moment, realizing that the crowd was adopting a wait-and-see attitude. If he didn't attack first, there would probably be nobody who would dare to take the initiative.

’’Thousand Fist Shadows!’’ Shouted the man. His body moved swiftly and violently bombarded the atmosphere with his fist, which made the entire atmosphere vibrate. A golden pure Qi transformed into a gigantic hand and rushed through the air towards the evil ectoplasms.

’’BOOM!’’ The pure Qi was striking against the chains, making them vibrate violently and move back. One of the evil ectoplasms, who was too weak, surprisingly couldn't stand the power from the pure Qi and his body was sent flying backwards.

The middle aged man of the Cosmic Pavilion had broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer. He was extremely strong.

The Cosmic Pavilion had also dispatched some strong cultivators for the heavenly dragon cauldron.

’’Die!’’ An incredibly sharp energy emerged. A long spear, which looked like a venomous dragon rushed forwards. It immediately moved towards the evil ectoplasm's chest who had been knocked back. Another one of them had just died!

When the crowd saw that move, the crowd suddenly felt less scared. Indeed, these evil ectoplasms weren't that strong at all. The evil ectoplasms were only in a small group, if the large group of cultivators all attacked together, how could these evil ectoplasms overpower them? As far as the king was concerned, if they prevented him from absorbing more pure Qi and blood, it wouldn't be easy for him to become stronger by himself.

’’Kill them. Then we will be able to take back the heavenly dragon cauldron. These people are only at the Xuan Qi layer like us, why are you scared?’’ Shouted the cultivator who had just thrown the spear. He looked majestic and his voice was filled with power.

’’Yes, kill them! There are only eleven evil ectoplasms left, that's all! The king cannot do anything, let's kill them and take back the heavenly dragon cauldron.’’ Said another powerful voice which made people's hearts beat faster. They were starting to feel a rush of fighting spirit.

’’Kill them! Get the ancient cauldron!’’

’’Kill them, if the king becomes stronger, he will kill us all even though we are so many people!’’

Many people were saying various things as if they were trying to regain their motivation and speaking like the heavenly dragon cauldron was about to be theirs.

’’You all want to die!’’ Said The King Class Evil Ectoplasm, when he saw that these people wanted to kill him, he released some cold and evil Qi. His body shook and he grabbed two evil ectoplasms. Two horrible shrieks spread through the air and in a flash, the two evil ectoplasms fell dead onto the ground.

When the other evil ectoplasms saw that, their eyes narrowed. Expressions of terror appeared on their faces. The King Class Evil Ectoplasm was planning on absorbing their blood and Qi.

’’You, give me your lives.’’ Said the King Class Evil Ectoplasm. His silhouette transformed into a gray light and streaked through the air towards the evil ectoplasms. All of them were already tied by their own chains, and the chains obeyed the King Class.

At that moment, the crowd was attacking and was about to reach them. The King Class Evil Ectoplasm jumped high into the air. It was amazing, in a flash, the king was high in the sky.

In the atmosphere, the evil ectoplasms were tied up by their own chains.

An incredible quantity of pure Qi and blood was flowing along these chains and entering the king's body. The king's body looked even more real. His face looked like he was intoxicated with happiness. He had sucked up the pure Qi and blood of ten cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, he was demonic.

When the crowd saw that evil monster in the air, their hearts were pounding. Was the King Class Evil Ectoplasm really going to obtain a real body?

Would they all die?

’’ARRRGHHHHHHhhh!’’ Shouted the king furiously. The infinity of chains were swinging in the atmosphere. The thirteen evil ectoplasms had all died. Only the king class remained, looking majestic in the sky.

’’You will all die, I will suck up all your blood and Qi!’’ Said the king while looking down at the people on the ground. His mouth looked hideous and evil.

’’How strong, the King Class Evil Ectoplasm will become real!’’

’’When the king appears, we will all die.’’

Everybody was panic-stricken. Lin Feng was quickly moving back. He had anticipated such incidents occurring. Not only had the Cosmic Pavilion appeared but the Tian Sha Sect of the Black Feather Empire. Even the King Class Evil Ectoplasm had appeared. Lin Feng had never heard about these two spheres of influence from these two different empires.

However, at the moment when Lin Feng was leaving, a sharp Qi emerged. Lin Feng turned around and saw a person who was preventing him from leaving.

Lin Feng was also dumbstruck. That person was the strong cultivator who, a moment ago, had killed the evil ectoplasm with his spear, the one who had been trying to convince everybody to fight against the king class.


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