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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 302


When Meng Qing felt Lin Feng's lips, her heart started pounding. It seemed like the endless ice had melted thanks to one kiss.

She had never had such a feeling in her life. It felt so warm, so pure. She hoped that she would be able to stay by Lin Feng's side forever, that would bring her true happiness.

Lin Feng's arms were still firmly wrapped around Meng Qing's body. He remained unwilling to let go of her. His heart was filled with an intense fire. His hands were moving across Meng Qing's perfect body.

When Meng Qing sensed Lin Feng's hands, she slightly shivered, immediately after, she stopped Lin Feng's hands from moving.

Their lips separated. Lin Feng's hands were, as before, still on Meng Qing's body. They were soft and limpid as water. Besides, at that moment, Meng Qing's face wasn't filled with coldness anymore but with a tender expression, her face was pink. She looked so sweet.

At the moment when Lin Feng wanted to react, Meng Qing said something: ’’Lin Feng, I want to hear a story!’’

’’A story.’’ A light flashed in Lin Feng's eyes. He looked at that sweet and delicate face, how could he refuse?

’’What kind of story do you want to hear?’’ Asked Lin Feng while looking into her limpid eyes.

’’The fairy fox story.’’ Said Meng Qing in a low voice while putting her head on Lin Feng's shoulder. At that moment, she didn't look cold and detached at all. She was filled with softness.

Lin Feng slightly nodded and his lips started moving as he started his narration. It was a beautiful moment, like a dream.

Lin Feng's story continued for a while. When he finished telling the story, he left Meng Qing's room and closed the door. Immediately after, he disappeared from outside Meng Qing's room.

’’Lin Feng!’’ Whispered Meng Qing when she saw Lin Feng disappear. She then said, in a voice which sounded like it came from another world: ’’Lin Feng, at the moment, I am not good enough to be with you but you should definitely wait for me.’’ When Meng Qing finished talking, she leant against the window, there was only Lin Feng in her thoughts. Lin Feng's words were still resonating in her mind: ’’for me, you are the most important person in my life!’’

Lin Feng could never blame Meng Qing for being so cold. These days, her heart was finally started to melt. In her heart, there was a thread of warmth. Meng Qing was Lin Feng's. She couldn't run away, Lin Feng would never allow her heart to break free.

Lin Feng went to the room dedicated to concocting pills. Mister Huo and Mister Chi were there already.

’’Mister Huo, I want you to help me gather spiritual herbs and then start concocting pills.’’ Said Lin Feng going straight to the point.

Mister Huo was surprised. He asked Lin Feng: ’’What are we concocting and how many?’’

’’Spiritual Sanguine pills, Pure Earth pills, Vitality pills and Red Sun pills, I need thirty thousand of each.’’ Said Lin Feng solemnly, which made the two old men shiver. Thirty thousand of a single pill, what a gigantic amount.

’’Spiritual sanguine pills are Ling level pills of higher quality, the three others are medium quality. These four pills would be useless for cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. For cultivators under the sixth Ling Qi layer, the effects would be incredibly beneficial, especially the spiritual sanguine pills. If a cultivator under the sixth Ling Qi layer used the four pills together, I can guarantee that he would break through to the next Ling Qi layer. Besides, there would be no side effects at all from the instant breakthrough.’’

Mister Huo was looking at Lin Feng and said slowly: ’’Lin Feng, if you gave one pill of each to thirty thousand cultivators under the sixth Ling Qi layer, they would all break through to the next layer. You.......’’

Lin Feng nodded. Mister Huo, of course, knew what Lin Feng intended to do.

’’Mister Huo, I have an army. I want to increase their strength, I want them to break through to a higher layer.’’

’’Increase the strength of each member of an army and increase your total strength!’’

Even if Mister Huo and Mister Chi were much stronger than cultivators of the Ling Qi layer, if faced with thirty thousand soldiers which all broke through to a higher Ling Qi Layer at once, that would be terrifying. Besides, Lin Feng sounded extremely calm when talking about it.

’’Concocting these four pills is not a problem. Besides, we can concoct them all at the same time. Even though there is a high success rate, a hundred and twenty thousand pills require a few days before we can refine them properly.’’ Even with Mister Huo's vast knowledge and abilities, he couldn't concoct Xuan level pills of lower quality with even a hundred percent success rate, always succeeding was improbable. Concocting Ling level pills of higher quality wasn't hard for him though, and then he could concoct and refine an incredible amount of Ling level pills of medium quality with a very high success rate.

’’I can concoct at the same time as him.’’ Said Mister Chi.

Lin Feng smiled to the two old men and said: ’’I'm not worried. Sorry for bothering you again. You can concoct at the same time, I would like to personally start the process though. Using the earth fusion, you two can give me direction.’’

’’Pay attention. Mister Chi and I will concoct the pills. When one of us takes a break, you can practice your skills, we'll guide you.’’ Said Mister Huo.

’’Alright.’’ Said Lin Feng obviously happy about the arrangement. He had two senior alchemists with him, he would probably be able to improve his concocting abilities extremely quickly.

When they finished discussing all these things, they immediately started concocting pills, with absolute determination.


At the Luo Xia Sect, the setting sun was shining upon a palace in the mountains. It seemed like the entire beauty of the Luo Xia Sect resided there. It was absolutely magnificent.

However, at that moment, at the Luo Xia Sect, nobody felt like admiring the beautiful scenery. In a vast palace, the Patriarch of the Luo Xia Sect, Gu Chun Qiu, punched a table on his side which immediately broke into pieces. He was releasing an extremely cold Qi.

They had all died. The powerful cultivators of the Luo Xia Sect had gone to Celestial River and had all been killed. He had lost more than half of the strongest cultivators in the sect. That calamity made his sect become one of the weakest of the large sects. Maybe they would even walk on the same path as the Yun Hai Sect and end up being exterminated.

The funniest part was that the calamity hadn't occurred while trying to steal the heavenly dragon cauldron, all of this had happened because they crossed paths with one person, Lin Feng.

Wu Gang had offended Lin Feng which was why Lin Feng killed all the outstanding elders and disciples of the Luo Xia Sect in Celestial River. There wasn't even one person left standing.

’’Gather all the elders and core disciples of the sect and send them all to Celestial River!’’ Said Gu Chun Qiu coldly which made other people shiver. Gathering all the elders and core disciples of the sect implied that there wouldn't be anyone left to protect the sect.

What did Gu Chun Qiu want to do?

A sudden realization flashed in one of the elders' eyes. It seemed on the outside like Gu Chun Qiu wanted to get his revenge but in fact, there was another purpose, obtain the heavenly dragon cauldron!

These days, many of the elders and disciples of the Luo Xia Sect had been killed by Lin Feng. The sect had almost become barren of talent. If they wanted to rise again, they needed to find something to aid them from outside the sect. The heavenly dragon cauldron was one of the aids they could get from outside. That was a good opportunity for them to regain their lost power.

Therefore, Gu Chun Qiu was sending these people. He obviously wanted to kill Lin Feng, but above all, he wanted the heavenly dragon cauldron.

The setting sun was gradually going down while darkness gradually invaded the atmosphere over the Luo Xia Sect. At that moment, outside of the Luo Xia Sect, there was a cloud of dust. A group of dark silhouettes were rushing at full speed towards Celestial River.

At the city gate of Celestial River, many people were waiting. When they saw the dark silhouettes in the distance come towards them, they were a bit surprised and all got prepared for a potential fight.

Those days, everybody was coming to Celestial River because of the heavenly dragon cauldron. Besides, apart from extraordinarily strong and influential groups, nobody prevented anyone from trying to get the cauldron. Preventing people without backing from entering the city would at least reduce the number of people who were interested in the cauldron. There was more hope that way.

Far in the distance, the dark silhouettes were approaching at full speed. Many people blocked the path and shouted: ’’Stop immediately!’’

However, nobody paid attention to them. The sky was pitch-black, it looked cold, desolate and very sinister.

There was a strange coldness invading people's hearts. It was silent. This crowd of black silhouettes were way too silent. There wasn't a single sound coming from their horses.

People focused their eyes and fixedly stared at the people who were coming. Finally, the darkness gradually became clarity but when the crowd saw these dark silhouettes, their hearts started beating faster.

Coffins! That group of silhouettes were not riding horses and instead it was a group of coffins moving in formation. How dreadful!

’’Stop!’’ Shouted many people but they only saw that each and every single coffin was calmly approaching them. It looked absolutely insane. Immediately after, the crowd was unable to move. In a flash, they all disappeared. They had been taken inside the coffins.


A bloodcurdling scream spread through the atmosphere in the pitch-black night. Some silhouettes were moving out of the coffins. They had human shapes but they looked like zombies.

In a flash, the living cultivators had been devoured by the corpses.

The hearts of the people in the distant crowd started pounding. They wanted to prevent these people from entering the city but they remained in their original positions, they were not moving the slightest iota. Cold sweat was unceasingly flowing down their backs.

How terrifying!

These black coffins, in a flash, were inside the city. When the silhouettes disappeared from sight, the crowd sighed and took a deep breath. They all fell, seated on the ground and took a long time to calm down.

Who were those people?


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