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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 292


A strange light flashed in these four women's eyes. Their sleeves fluttered in the wind while they all started to punch towards Lin Feng. Punches were moving towards Lin Feng from all four sides.

These women had all broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, even though they had just broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, their opponent was only a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer. Aunt Yun had assigned four people to kill Lin Feng because she wanted to make sure that Lin Feng would die. She didn't want to waste time and let more troubles arise.

A soft and pliable pure Qi was whistling in the atmosphere and moving straight towards Lin Feng. An ordinary cultivator of the Ling Qi layer wouldn't be able to withstand a single attack such as this.

’’Sssss....’’ Lin Feng's purple spirit transformed into a gigantic purple dragon. It was a dozen meters high. It curled up around Lin Feng's body and moved Lin Feng onto its head. In a flash, Lin Feng appeared a dozen meters high in the air looking down on everybody.

’’What a monstrous spirit!’’ When the crowd saw that gigantic purple dragon, they were astonished. However, they didn't know what kind of spirit it was exactly that Lin Feng had, but it looked extremely strong.

At that moment, Lin Feng's eyes were slightly closed. He was, as before, releasing a terrifyingly powerful Qi. His surplus souls were floating above his dragon spirit.

’’Die!’’ Shouted the four women on the ground. They jumped up in the air and threw themselves towards Lin Feng.

’’Release!’’ Said Lin Feng in a low voice. A terrifying Qi invaded the entire atmosphere. The purple dragon started shaking violently and it raised its head high into the air.

’’Sssss......’’ The dragon was unleashing a dragon chant. Its two eyes, which looked enormous, became even scarier. At the same time, its body became even bigger, it became monstrously gigantic. That small dragon that was like a snake now transformed and looked like a terrifying purple dragon.

’’Sssssssss....’’ the dragon howled in fury. Its head rushed towards the four women with its huge mouth wide open. It wanted to swallow them.

’’Animal!’’ Furiously shouted Aunt Yun while looking at Lin Feng. She left Meng Qing and Mister Huo and attempted to rush over to Lin Feng.

She had thought that these four women, with their strength, would need only a few seconds to kill Lin Feng but she hadn't thought that Lin Feng had other plans. Lin Feng was full of mysteries and surprises.

’’Stay here!’’ Said Mister Huo furiously. If she wanted to fight, they had to fight, and if she wanted to leave, she thought that she could leave as she pleased. Mister Huo, old as he was, couldn't tolerate that. That was a huge humiliation.

A fire light streaked through the sky towards Aunt Yun like a fireball. Aunt Yun was startled for a few seconds. She couldn't deal with Lin Feng, she abruptly turned around and saw the fireball move towards her at full speed.


The fireballs exploded in the atmosphere. Immediately after, the atmosphere became extremely cold. Meng Qing had arrived as well. Crackling and explosion sounds were uninterruptedly spreading through the air. In a flash, it seemed like the atmosphere had gone from intense heat to freezing coldness. The fireballs were surrounded by ice. Ice and fire, when working together, increased in strength.

Lin Feng was on the other side in the air, at that moment, he was on the enormous tail of the dragon. Besides, the gigantic purple dragon opened its colossal mouth and immediately swallowed one of the four women and she was instantly eaten alive.

One cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer had just died!

At that moment, the dragon didn't look like a spirit anymore. It looked like a real terrifying dragon, as if it was alive.

How could a spirit be alive?

The crowd was astonished. The spirit was something innate and was a part of the soul. It played an important role in the path of cultivation. It could be used to enhance techniques or enlightenment during battles. When the cultivation level increased, the spirit became stronger as well. However, they believed the spirit was just a support for the cultivator and did not have life. They had never seen Lin Feng's spirit before and it seemed like it had a life of its own.

At that moment, Lin Feng was on the tail of the dragon and had his eyes closed.

Besides, the pupils of the dragon were filled with endless coldness.

’’If you want to kill me, just try it!’’ People's hearts were pounding. They had the impression that their heads were exploding in shock. That voice had come from the mouth of the dragon. However, it was Lin Feng's voice.

’’It's Lin Feng! That purple dragon is Lin Feng!’’ The crowd was dumbstruck. They looked at these gigantic eyes, which looked expressionless and incredibly cold. These eyes were those of a human.

Lin Feng could control his spirit and bring it to life.

’’Pfewww....’’ People in the crowd took a deep breath. How scary! Lin Feng had absolute control over his spirit.

People in the crowd were not the one ones who were astonished, those few extremely strong cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were all astonished. Lin Feng's abilities were very mysterious.

’’HA HA HA HA HAAAA’’ Mo Cang Lan's face was filled with evil intentions. What a great method! He definitely wanted that ability as well.

Lin Feng was a priceless treasure to him.

At that moment, the three women of the Xuan Qi layer managed to free themselves from the attacks of the purple dragon and landed onto the ground. They were breathing quickly and felt cold in their hearts.

What a terrifying young man!

They were not the only ones who thought that Lin Feng was terrifying, everybody thought the same.

So that's how it was, he had killed the two vice-leaders of the Condor Castle Organization without using his full strength. No wonder he didn't fear them and was determined to stay in Celestial River.

However, Lin Feng hadn't expected so many people would keep attacking him one after the other when he was dealing with Condor Castle. First, it was the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, then the Dream Pavilion, they all wanted to kill him.

Fortunately, Mister Huo was there to help!

The purple dragon was fixedly staring at the people down on the ground. When Lin Feng was at the Golden Zi Mountain in Mo Yue, the cultivators of the Zi Government used a purple energy. They could control their spirits and increase the strength of their spirit.

This is what Lin Feng was using, he had obtained the memories of the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer and spent six months practicing in secret. He had learnt the how to use surplus souls and could now already make a hundred surplus souls appear, which all contained the power of his soul. He was combining that power with the power of his spirit, thus, when using these surplus souls and injecting them into his spirit, he could bring his spirit into reality and it would become monstrously strong.

If he had only relied on the strength of a single soul and tried to control his spirit, his dragon would have been strong but it wouldn't have been enough to defeat these four women of the Xuan Qi layer. Therefore, he had used all of his surplus souls to inject them into his spirit and increase its strength. His snake thus had even more power as well.

That splendid method was called the Ode to the Spirit.

’’Die!’’ shouted Lin Feng coldly. Immediately after, the dragon rushed through the atmosphere with a whistling sound.

The purple lake from before had been entirely swallowed by Lin Feng's snake spirit and that purple lake turned out to be the blood of a Zun level dragon. Besides, there were the remnants of its willpower and determination in that blood.

The gigantic dragon moved, it seemed like the entire world was under the pressure of that terrifying creature. Fear invaded the heart of these three female cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer.

That gigantic snake definitely had the strength of a Xuan level beast. Besides, it was also extremely brutal, violent, and agile.

Concerning the women, they were experts at creating illusions. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be very useful against Lin Feng's spirit.

’’****!’’ Cursed the three women furiously. Their silhouettes flickered and many illusions appeared floating above the ground. The crowd was dazzled and felt they were hallucinating after seeing so many illusions.

’’Fools!’’ Shouted Lin Feng's furious voice and his eyes were as cold as before. He was determined and tenacious, there wasn't the least bit of hesitation in his actions.

Illusions? They probably didn't know that at this moment, Lin Feng's purple dragon spirit was filled with the power of several surplus souls. Lin Feng's eyes were closed and he was in fusion with the earth. He could see through the illusions clearly in his mind, therefore so could all of his surplus souls.

’’Ahhhhh.....’’ Two piercingly sharp shrieks emerged. A huge quantity of illusions vanished. Two female cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer had just disappeared after being swallowed by the purple dragon.

The arrogant female cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer who was standing in front of the dragon seemed absolutely tiny and insignificant, at least in comparison with the dragon.

There was only one left, from the four female cultivators of the first Xuan Qi layer, only one was left.

She was standing there looking at that gigantic creature and shaking. She had just seen her three sisters being swallowed by the spirit. How could she not be terrified? Her determination and willpower had already been crushed.

The monstrous and gigantic spirit was coldly staring at her. She was getting more and more frightened with each second.

Finally, she decided to give up and turned around to run. She didn't want to fight anymore. She wanted to escape. A cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer wasn't fighting anymore, she wanted to flee.

Unfortunately, she didn't have the possibility of escaping.

The gigantic dragon started moving as if in a frenzy. In a flash, he swallowed her body which immediately disappeared. With that, the four female cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer had all died!


A violent and heavy wave of energy spread through the air. Aunt Yun moved away from Mister Huo and Meng Qing. When she saw that the fourth female cultivators had disappeared, a horrible and evil expression appeared on her face.

’’You killed them all!’’ Her face was distorted with murderous intentions. She didn't look calm and indifferent anymore.

’’Not only did I kill them but I will also kill everyone else from the Dream Pavilion!’’ Said the purple dragon sounding ice-cold. ’’When you came to kill me, you should have prepared for death!’’


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