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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 289


That evil skill enabled the cultivator to swallow blood, flesh and pure Qi. Once all these things had been extracted from the cultivator, they turned into a pile of skin and bones.

Besides, Mo Cang Lan had immediately swallowed everything without hesitation. How evil was that!

Even though cultivators were usually ready to do most things to become stronger, they still set themselves some limits, otherwise, what would be the difference between humans and beasts?

Many people couldn't stand thinking about such an evil skill. Of course, there were also many people who were gasping in amazement at the evil skill. If they ever had the opportunity to obtain it, they would be delighted to learn and practice it. This was the world of cultivation, only strength mattered and it came with a price.

Mo Cang Lan evilly glanced at Lin Feng and said while laughing: ’’Don't worry, I'll swallow the old man and then it'll be your turn.’’

When he finished talking, he looked at Mister Huo.

Mister Huo remained vigilant. Mo Cang Lan's evil skill was way too deviant, Mister Huo had to be very careful.

’’Lin Feng, get a bit farther away from here!’’ Said Mister Huo as his body was suddenly surrounded by small balls of fire. They were burning with an intense heat as they rotated around his body. At that moment, he didn't look crooked and sluggish, he looked like a god of fire. These bright and resplendent fire balls contained traces of pure Qi.

’’Alright.’’ Said Lin Feng while nodding. He moved back. Lin Feng could defeat cultivators of the first or second Xuan Qi layer but the third Xuan Qi layer was already too much for him. He wasn't strong enough, therefore he was happy that Mister Huo was there to fight for him.

’’Hmph. Third Xuan Qi layer, that'll be a delicious meal.’’ Said Mo Cang Lan while smiling evilly. Two vines emerged from his body and moved towards Mister Huo to constrict his body. However, at that moment, two fireballs appeared in Mister Huo's hands. He raised both of his hands and these two fireballs transformed into two dragons which immediately bombarded the atmosphere moving straight towards these vines. Surprisingly, the vines started burning when coming into contact with the fire dragons.

On the other side, Bing He Teng was attacking as well. Snowflakes were fluttering in the wind, ice and frost were gradually covering the ground. It was his World of Ice and Snow skill which really caused the atmosphere to turn into a world of ice and snow.

However, that terrifying coldness didn't affect Meng Qing at all, she did not feel cold. Actually, that attack had the opposite effect and even gave Meng Qing a pleasant and refreshing feeling. That pure and holy girl looked like a celestial being.

Meng Qing was an expert when it came to ice. How could ice and snow energy affect her? It only made her stronger.

’’Frozen Earth!’’ Said Bing He Teng in a low voice. Immediately, a layer white ice and frost covered the ground. It was becoming thicker and thicker. The entire atmosphere had turned into a frozen world.

’’How cold.’’

The crowd was shaking. People of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village were experts at using ice and snow based skills, obviously, it wasn't just a rumor, that Frozen World skill was monstrously powerful.

Meng Qing's silhouette flickered. She elegantly jumped into the air. Immediately after, an explosion sound resonated in the atmosphere. The ice where she was just standing had exploded. Many icicles shot up from the ground at that moment. Everybody was narrowing their eyes.

Bing He Teng had made icicles to burst from the ground. He had used the ice from ground under Meng Qing's feet to carry out a surprise attack, what a sly method!

’’Celestial Ice!’’ Said Bing He Teng while shaking both his hands. Ice and snow were blotting out the sky. It seemed like everything had become ice and snow.

’’Endless Frost!’’ said Meng Qing. A layer of ice Qi immediately appeared in the air. In a flash, both her and Bing He Teng's bodies were covered with frost. The atmosphere was filled with an endless coldness which made everybody shake.

Lin Feng was looking at the two battles which contained four cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer who were fighting with each other.

Mister Huo and Mo Cang Lan had both broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer. Besides, they both had lots of experience, considering their respective ages, they were both seniors in the world of cultivation. Mister Huo's two fireballs were fluttering in the wind in a rhythm with his heart beats, Mo Cang Lan's vines were unable to approach Mister Huo's fireballs. It would be very difficult for Mo Cang Lan to defeat Mister Huo.

Besides, even though Meng Qing didn't have the same experience as her opponent, Lin Feng wasn't worried about her. Her body filled with a powerful ice Qi, how could she be scared of ice and frost? Besides, she was extremely strong. Lin Feng didn't clearly understand how strong she was because each time he saw her fight, it seemed like she was stronger than the previous time.

It seemed like the people of the Condor Castle Organization and the Ice and Snow Mountain Village would all be very busy fighting on that day.

The crowd also had the impression that things were changing too fast, the features of the terrain were constantly undergoing drastic changes. Besides, each time they thought that Lin Feng was going to get killed, it wasn't happening at all.

The scariest part was that the people of the Condor Castle Organization were even working together against Lin Feng but Lin Feng was, as always, able to shock everyone.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the people who had come along with Bing He Teng. On his face appeared a cold and evil smile.

Amongst these people, none of them were at the Xuan Qi layer.

When these people saw that Lin Feng was looking at them, their facial expressions became rigid. Immediately after, a cold energy enveloped their bodies.

’’Lin Feng wants to kill them.’’

The hearts of these people on white horses started to pound. Lin Feng was able to defeat a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, fighting him was way too dangerous for them.

Lin Feng started moving and slowly walked towards them. All these people's bodies went stiff with fear.

’’What are you planning on doing?’’ Said a member of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village towards Lin Feng. Immediately after, fear appeared on his face.

’’What am I doing?’’ A mocking expression appeared on his face. All these people had travelled over such a huge distance for the sole purpose of killing him, and now, they were asking him what he was planning on doing?

These people wanted to kill him, of course that Lin Feng planned to kill them in return.

Nobody spoke anymore nonsense. Behind Lin Feng's body appeared a vast and roaring purple lake which hovered in the air.

’’It doesn't look good!’’

When the people of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village saw the purple spirit emerge, their facial expressions changed drastically. Lin Feng's spirit was enough to constrict a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, so it was obviously strong enough to use against them.

They turned their horses around and they wanted to leave. They didn't intend to fight back at all.

Lin Feng smiled coldly, his spirit launched itself through the air. Countless small purple snakes emerged and attacked at the speed of light. In a flash, the small snakes had constricted their bodies and immediately after the purple lake swallowed them. They were all drowning into the immense purple lake.


Horrible shrieks spread through the atmosphere. These members of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village were drowning in the lake and their bodies were melting as if the lake was acid. They were desperately and hopelessly shouting in agony as their skin and flesh was melting.

Did they want to die?

They had come with the great elder of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, Bing He Teng, how majestic! However, something they had never imagined, even in their dreams, was that a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer would become their worst nightmare in Celestial River.

’’Will you dare?’’

At that moment, Bing He Teng's voice was ice-cold as he watched the scene unfold. He had brought all the outstanding disciples with him, he had brought them to acquire experience and Lin Feng was going to kill them all.

Bing He Teng left Meng Qing behind and threw himself towards Lin Feng at full speed while releasing a vast amount of ice Qi.

However, Meng Qing wouldn't let him touch Lin Feng.

Both her hands shook, her soul was palpitating from nervousness. Meng Qing's body released a gigantic amount of ice Qi. The crowd could even see her nervous expression.

’’Frozen Heart!’’ Said Meng Qing. The strength of her ice Qi bombarded the atmosphere. Bing He Teng started shaking violently. He abruptly turned around, however, at that moment, he groaned in agony. His black hair was covered with frost.

’’You want to kill me but you thought that I wouldn't dare to offend you? What world would that even be possible!’’ said Lin Feng coldly as his purple spirit moved back inside his body. However, all the members of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village had disappeared from sight and there was no traces of them to be found.

Bing He Teng's face turned deathly pale. His face was filled with murderous intent. However, at that moment, he was fighting against Meng Qing. Immediately after, his killing intent became even more intense. Meng Qing, as before, was preventing him from approaching Lin Feng.

Her eyes were filled with calm and serenity. Her heart seemed like it was made of ice.

’’The members of the Ice and Snow Village Mountain have been massacred for offending Lin Feng!’’ Thought the crowd.

At the beginning, they had come for the sole purpose of killing Lin Feng, but in the end, they were the ones who had been killed.

After that, Bing He Teng tried to kill Lin Feng, but at that moment, he was injured by Meng Qing. Besides, all his most outstanding disciples had been killed.

The Ice and Snow Mountain Village wasn't the only group which had been punished for offending Lin Feng, the Condor Castle Organization had suffered as well.

The two vice-leaders of the Condor Castle Organization were both at the Xuan Qi layer. The first one had entered the restaurant and was killed. He hadn't even seen how he died.

Then, the bald leader had been defeated by Lin Feng and was killed under tragic circumstances, becoming a cultivation resource for Mo Cang Lan's demonic body.

At that moment, the members of the Condor Castle Organization were terrified. Maybe tomorrow, their group would only be a memory in Celestial River.

Everything was happening because they tried to kill Lin Feng, a young man at the Ling Qi layer. Those who offended him ended up dead.

He was an amazing genius. He had even almost cut off one of Leng Yue's arms, the best disciple of the Hao Yue Sect, for using a blade in front of him. He had destroyed the Blademaster's confidence in his own ability to use blades. Lin Feng was like an evil deity.


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