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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 282


’’You want the beast essence fire?’’ Lin Feng said a bit surprised. He then coldly continued: ’’I obtained the essence fire when I killed Bing Yuan. If you want it, I can give it to you in exchange for something else. If you have something of worth, you can obtain it.’’

’’Are you trying to negotiate with me?’’ Tu Jiu said while smiling evilly.

’’In Celestial River, almost nobody can disobey me. All the people of the Ling Qi layer who dare contradict me die. I advise you to think it over. What do you prefer, your life or the essence fire?’’

When the people in the crowd heard that, they shook their heads. How brutally aggressive! That guy was at the peak of the Ling Qi layer, he was invincible below the Xuan Qi Layer. Besides, he had incredible power in Celestial River so people who dared to offend him were not high in number.

Lin Feng surprisingly dared to provoke Tu Jiu. If he didn't accept to hand over the essence fire, he would unfortunately lose his life.

’’Do you want to die, or do you want to hand over the essence fire?’’ Tu Jiu said, giving Lin Feng a choice.

Lin Feng was calmly standing there. He coldly glanced at Tu Jiu and said: ’’All those who say that they will kill me usually end up getting killed by me, for example Bing Yuan. So now, what do you prefer? Getting out of my sight, or dying here?’’

’’Leave or die?’’ Everybody was stupefied. Not only had Lin Feng not replied to Tu Jiu but he was also giving his own options. He even looked calm and frivolous.

Lin Feng was threatening Tu Jiu in Celestial River. Did Tu Jiu want to leave or did he want to die? That was audacious enough.

’’You are going to die!’’ said Lan Jiao, who was standing behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng was insane.. Bing Yuan was very strong and was a disciple of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, but Tu Jiu was much stronger. He was at the very summit of the Ling Qi layer. His strength was monstrously close to breaking through to the Xuan Qi Layer. Not only was Lin Feng not acting docile, but he was also threatening Tu Jiu, did he want to die?

As expected, when Tu Jiu heard Lin Feng, an evil smile appeared on his face. He then evilly said: ’’You are the first cultivator of the Ling Qi layer who dares to threaten me in Celestial River.’’

’’Therefore, your death will be brutal and painful.’’ Tu Jiu said while gesticulating, his smile looking ice-cold and cruel.

’’Arrrghhh!’’ Roared Tu Jiu, sounding like a ferocious beast. Immediately after, his body transformed into a black shadow and vanished.

His right hand had transformed into a claw and he started to balance on a single foot. Tu Jiu's claws started moving towards Lin Feng, emitting a white light which filled the atmosphere. That horrible beast like claw was going to skewer Lin Feng.

This claw was extremely fast as it rushed towards Lin Feng. It could easily skewer people's flesh and muscles. Coming into contact with it would leave deep wounds on one's body.

Lin Feng was going to die for having offended Tu Jiu, that was inevitable.

The crowd was silent.

Lin Feng noticed that this swift and fierce claw was moving towards him. He was a bit surprised, he had the feeling that, what he was facing at that moment was a ferocious beast, an eagle type beast.

Surplus souls appeared in the atmosphere, they all had looked like smaller versions of Lin Feng's soul and they copied his movements. At the same time, these dark souls all slowly raised their finger and thrust towards the claw as a power emerged from these souls. Lin Feng was not dodging, on the contrary, he was attacking with a single finger.

’’Cliiiing!’’ A subtle metallic sound spread in the atmosphere. When the claw collided with Lin Feng's attack, they were both forced back a few steps.

Tu Jiu's hand was still in the form of eagle claw, but in the middle of his palm, there was a red drop of blood. A moment before, Lin Feng's finger had been perfectly accurate. Besides, it had also managed to pierce through as if it had been a sword.

Lin Feng had a mark on his hand. Even though Tu Jiu's claw had not touched him, the power of the claw had left a mark on his hand. Besides, his fingers were feeling numb as well. Tu Jiu's claw was extremely sharp and he was much stronger than Lin Feng assumed.

’’You're good, but as before you will die.’’ Tu Jiu said with an evil smile. Something strange was happening, a light flashed around his body and at that moment, it seemed like he turned into a hideous eagle with extremely sharp claws. The sight was shocking to watch.

’’Eee, eeeee...’’ Tu Jiu was emitting some piercing cries. He started moving through the air, many shadow appearing, they all belonged to Tu Jiu. An incredible white light invaded the atmosphere. It seemed like multiple of Tu Jiu shadows were moving towards Lin Feng with their claws, aiming to kill. The entire atmosphere was filled with his shadows. It was difficult to distinguish if they were real or fake.

The white light flashed in front of Lin Feng's eyes, he slightly inclined his body to one side and the white light hurtled by him at incredible speed, not hurting him at all.

But immediately after, the endless and evil white light grew even brighter as the attacks continued. Lin Feng's silhouette slightly flickered. Each of his steps were perfect, soft and agile. That way, he was able to avoid the attacks which were supposed to be deadly.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked elegant, agile and skillful. He was in the middle of an endless flurry of claw strikes, shuttling back and forth. He was dodging these strikes with extreme skill.

’’Ahhhh!’’ A sharp sound spread in the atmosphere. The myriad of white lights merged together and transformed into a pair of gigantic claws. It really seemed like it belonged to a gigantic and monstrously strong ferocious beast. It seemed like these gigantic claws were over a metre in size. Lin Feng was directly under one of these claws and had nowhere to go, he could not escape.

’’It's almost the end. Lin Feng is going to die.’’ People in the crowd were looking at Tu Jiu. He really looked like an evil beast. Lin Feng was a prisoner under these claws. He was going to be ripped into pieces.

Lan Jiao's mouth was wide open, her face was deathly pale. Lin Feng was really going to die.

Lin Feng's silhouette was completely enveloped by the claws. He was looking at Tu Jiu, who looked like an evil eagle, and coldly smiled.

An incredible purple energy burst forth. It looked like a huge purple lake. Then, countless purple tentacles appeared and rushed through the air towards the claws. Entangling them and restricted them. Immediately after, the claws were completely drowned in the purple spirit.

At that moment, the claws were still descending towards Lin Feng, however, Lin Feng's purple lake was blocking the trajectory of the claws. The claws had been completely covered by the purple lake.

’’Ahhhhhhh......’’ A horrible shriek filled the air. The claws disappeared. Tu Jiu raised his hand, his cruel-looking face was deathly pale. At that moment, there was flesh bubbling and melting on his hand. His skin had been peeled off and his flesh had started to melt. The bones and muscles on his hand were now visible. It looked extremely painful.

A moment before, the purple lake had melted part of his hand.

At that moment, behind Lin Feng's back, there was the purple lake which was now emitting some bubbling sounds. Besides, there was a purple tentacle weaving through the air like a snake. People were shivering at the sight.

Tu Jiu was at the peak of the Ling Qi layer? No cultivator of the Ling Qi layer could defeat him?

’’How amazing!’’ Thought the people in the crowd at that moment when they saw Lin Feng. That purple lake was monstrously strong. The evil eagle's claws had melted and Tu Jiu had been injured.

Lan Jiao was also looking at Lin Feng. She was blinking her beautiful eyes. Could it be that she had been too worried about Lin Feng?

’’I want you to die!’’ Shouted Tu Jiu sounding glum while staring at Lin Feng.

’’I gave you two choices, to get the hell out of my sight or to die, you didn't leave so you will die.’’ Lin Feng said sounding ice-cold, his face filled with killing intent. At that moment, he was calm, his heart was filled with pride and determination.

’’I will die?’’ Tu Jiu said while smiling coldly. ’’I know everything there is to know about the Ling Qi layer, I seldom have opponents. Apart from relying on my spirit and my claws, I can also rely on something much stronger, I am able to use pure Qi. I am a hair away from the Xuan Qi layer and can condense pure Qi. We will see how you intend to block my next attack.

An incredible light started to gather around Tu Jiu's body. A ball of light appearing in his hand, it looked like it was a ball of pure lightening, some thunderous booms spread in the atmosphere. The ball was filled with deadly Qi.

’’There isn't only pure deadly Qi there is also some pure lightning Qi.’’

When the crowd saw that move, they were stupefied. Tu Jiu was using his best move against Lin Feng. No cultivator of the Ling Qi layer could resist an attack from pure Qi.

Lin Feng was very strong and had high talent, but under the power of a pure Qi attack, which was generally used by cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, he would be exterminated.

What a pity! He was such a genius and he was going to die so tragically.

But Lin Feng was, as before, not worried. He was calm and was looking at Tu Jiu, he then slowly said: ’’You're always the one who attacks everyone first, shouldn't we take turns? Now, it should be my turn.’’

’’Huh?’’ The crowd was stupefied. Take turns? The opponent already had a ball of pure lightning Qi in his hand but Lin Feng wanted to take turns?

Immediately after, they saw Lin Feng had started walking. In a flash, an incredible battle energy spread across the sky and consumed the atmosphere. It was burning and whirling around Lin Feng's body

In the battle energy, there was something sharp. It was sword energy.

Lin Feng slowly raised his hand. A whistling sound emerged in the atmosphere. An insanely strong white hurricane of energy appeared. That white hurricane progressively transformed into an extremely sharp sword. It was filled with brutally strong and piercing Qi.

The light emitted by that sword was dazzling to the eyes making everyone who saw it close their eyes for a moment.

’’A sword made of pure Qi!’’ The crowd was astonished. Their hearts were pounding. That white sword was illuminating the entire area and it was made out of condensed pure Qi.

Tu Jiu had created a ball of lightning using pure Qi and Lin Feng created a sword.

Attacks using pure Qi were mysterious and hard to grasp, but Lin Feng had never given up and practiced with tenacity until he could master condensing of pure Qi to a perfect state. He had managed to reach perfection and was thus able to create a sword from condensed pure Qi.

’’What a terrifying guy!’’ The crowd was dumbstruck. Both of the fighters were using pure Qi to fight. One was a ball of terrifying lightning while the other was a dazzling sword.

Who was going to win that battle?!

’’Our world is extremely vast, who can say that they are invincible? Especially when you are so young and have only broken through to the Ling Qi layer. Not only are you shameless but you are also ignorant. Being such a fool... So pitiful, so sad.’’

Lin Feng was staring at Tu Jiu and continued, sounding cold and detached: ’’The pure Qi that you're using to create your lightning is condensed from the Qi of the natural world, however, the pure Qi of my sword, I condensed it myself. I've been slowly condensing it step by step until I could slowly forge a sword of pure Qi. I will show you how pitiful you are for thinking that no cultivator of the Ling Qi layer was worth your time.’’

Lin Feng's words pierced through Tu Jiu's arrogance and raised doubts in his heart. He was starting to doubt his own abilities.

Besides, Lin Feng's battle energy had invaded the atmosphere as well, it was in a constant battle with the energy in the atmosphere, his sword seemed like it would cut down anything in it's way.

Lin Feng took a step and suddenly disappeared. Immediately after, a sword made of pure Qi appeared before Tu Jiu and descended from the sky, cutting through anything in its path!


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