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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 279


’’Why do you think that I necessarily have a hidden reason for coming to visit you?’’

When Lan Jiao heard Lin Feng, her eyes turned wet and she had a pitiful expression. She took a tiny step forward. Only a few inches were separating her and Lin Feng.

’’Besides, when did I say that I was scared of what you would do? If you like my body, you can have it.’’

Her voice, which was gradually becoming softer and softer, she sounded shy yet was filled with endless temptation.

Lin Feng was observing Lan Jiao, she lowered her head and looked extremely shy, her cheeks turned entirely red.

Her dress slowly slid along her shoulders. Her snowy-white breasts were becoming more and more revealed. Lin Feng was absolutely captivated by the view. He was staring at her dress which was sliding down her shoulders. Only a tiny bit more and he would discover what was under her dress.

’’Do you want to see?’’ Asked Lan Jiao sounding extremely seductive, Lin Feng's heart was like a horse galloping at full speed. He then said: ’’I do..........’’

When Lin Feng said that, Lan Jiao's dress had finally started to fall. It slowly slid down her body until it softly landed on the floor. Her plentiful bosom was revealed before Lin Feng's eyes. They were soft and snowy-white, they almost looked unreal. Lin Feng wanted to stretch out his hand and gently caress her voluptuous bosom. That thought gave birth to endless desires in his heart.

Lin Feng's heart, at that moment, was burning evilly. A small flame of desire had turned into to an inferno.

’’Do you want me, Master Lin?’’

Her voice was filled with endless seduction and it triggered an explosion in Lin Feng's heart. His heart was filled with a scorching desire. He was unable to free himself from the endless desire, after all, he was still a young man. Apart from Duan Xin Ye, he had never seen the naked body of another woman. He had also never had so much temptation before him, he had the impression that he was going insane.

At that moment, Lin Feng's face was entirely red, he slowly raised his hands and moved them towards her plentiful bosom.

’’I can't.’’ Thought Lin Feng alarmed. His hands were hovering in the air, he was sobering up.

’’There's something wrong, this is not right. She was wearing something under her dress, why would she suddenly be naked right now?’’ Lin Feng could think a little bit more clearly at that moment. He realized that the situation wasn't real.

He slightly closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He used earth fusion and started to perceive everything around him.

Lin Feng opened his eyes. It seemed like his illusion was slowly dissipating like the moon reflected on a lake. At that moment, Lan Jiao was standing there and smiling. She was still wearing her dress, even though she was wearing very revealing clothing, she still wasn't naked.

A moment ago, Lin Feng had a hallucination.

’’What's going on?’’

Lin Feng's pupils shrank. Everything that had just happened was an illusion, but Lin Feng had the impression that it was absolutely real.

’’Mister Lin, what are you thinking about?’’

Lan Jiao was staring at Lin Feng, she smiled, but her smile was hiding something deeper.

Lin Feng was stupefied, he was speechless. He couldn't tell Lan Jiao that, a moment before, he was thinking about caressing her body but it had just been an illusion.

’’A moment ago, I saw an illusion.’’ Said Lin Feng when he saw that Lan Jiao was smiling. He couldn't be fooled.

Lin Feng, in the six previous months, had been learning how to condense pure Qi, how to concoct pills. He had also learnt about the Surplus Souls technique. He had been drowning himself in the memories of the strong cultivator. He hadn't practiced cultivation to improve his level of strength but his power had already reached the peak of the eighth Ling Qi layer. Besides, he could use the earth fusion and had an iron willpower but he had still been imprisoned in an illusion.

Obviously, Lan Jiao had been the one who had used the illusion against him, making his heart abandon itself to desire. That arousing illusion had managed to make him confused.

Lan Jiao was extremely strong. She wasn't a simple auctioneer at the Dream Pavilion, it couldn't be that simple. With such strong people, how terrifying was the Dream Pavilion!

’’Miss Lan, even though it was just an illusion, everything I saw was real, it was really your body that I saw. Could it be that you are actually scared of what I might do, which is why you used an illusion?’’ Said Lin Feng surprisingly admitting what he had seen.

’’You're wrong.’’ Said Lan Jiao while smiling. Her seductive eyes were staring at Lin Feng, she then continued: ’’The things that you saw were indeed true, but I just guided the illusion, if you hadn't thought about it and wanted it to go in that direction, it wouldn't have happened that way. Actually, even though the illusion was not real, the things that you saw were real, so you guessed right concerning that part.’’

That had nothing to do with strength, it was just that Lin Feng had been too careless. He hadn't expected to be the victim of an illusion. He didn't even know precisely when the illusion started. Lan Jiao's illusion looked too real, as if illusion and reality had merged together in Lin Feng's mind.

’’So you have displayed your abilities, now tell me why you came.’’ Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. He had experienced Lan Jiao's power, next time, he wouldn't be fooled and fall into her trap again.

The earth fusion was an incredible dimension, he just had to activate it and he would be able to perceive everything around him distinctly. Just like a moment before, when he had come back to reality, however, it wouldn't be so simple against a stronger cultivator.

’’Mister Lin, since you are so impatient to know, I will tell you immediately.’’ Said Lan Jiao while smiling. She then continued: ’’Mister Lin, I came to ask you to join us.’’

’’Join you? At the Dream Pavilion?’’ Lin Feng was surprised. He hadn't anticipated that she would make such an offer.

’’In a way but not just that, there is more than just the Dream Pavilion.’’ Said Lan Jiao while smiling, Lin Feng's heartbeat accelerated.

More than just the Dream Pavilion? What Lan Jiao was probably trying to tell him was that the Dream Pavilion was a only a front for their strength, nothing more.

’’I'm sorry, I'm not interested.’’ Said Lin Feng immediately refusing her offer. Lan Jiao's smile became rigid for a second.

’’I'm not done talking. Why do you need to refuse so hastily?’’ Said Lan Jiao while smiling again, she then slowly said: ’’Mister Lin, if you join us, you will benefit from an infinite amount of cultivation resources, extremely powerful martial skills and agility techniques. You will be able to enjoy all these benefits as much as you wish. Besides, the illusion that you just saw could also become reality.’’

She was trying to seduce him again, martial skills, agility techniques, cultivation resources... Besides, he would also be able to have her, everything was very tempting.

’’I'm sorry, I'm not interested.’’ Said Lin Feng while smiling yet sounding stricter, leaving no space for doubt, which surprised Lan Jiao.

Not interested? Wasn't he interested in obtaining all the powerful agility techniques and martial skills that he wished? Or wasn't he interested in her?

Could it be that Lin Feng didn't find her attractive? She felt a bit hopeless, she was giving her best to entice Lin Feng but it didn't seem to work at all, she hadn't thought that would be a possibility.

Lin Feng didn't need martial skills and agility techniques, he had the memories from the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer. In these memories, there were many powerful martial skills and agility techniques to the extent that it even had things like the surplus soul technique.

Women, except when it came to seduction, couldn't rival Meng Qing when it came to purity and beauty, even Duan Xin Ye was much better in comparison to Lan Jiao, besides, she was also more elegant.

Joining them also implied less freedom and he would need to complete certain tasks. Obviously, that wasn't something that Lin Feng desired, therefore he wasn't even considering the offer.

’’Mister Lin, do you know who the person was that saved Leng Yue? You shouldn't have provoked them. Your life might be in danger now.’’ Said Lan Jiao sounding like she wasn't about to give up.

’’Are you done talking?’’ Said Lin Feng while staring at Lan Jiao. Because Lin Feng didn't agree even though she was saying such tempting things, she was now trying to scare him.

Lan Jiao was stupefied. Lin Feng continued: ’’If you are done talking, just leave. You are a girl and you are in my room, if people noticed, then there rumours would be spread, maybe you don't care about those rumours but I do care.’’ Said Lin Feng. Lan Jiao was fixedly staring at him. She looked offended.

’’Hmph!’’ Groaned Lan Jiao. She was furiously glaring at Lin Feng. Then, she left Lin Feng's room.


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