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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 272


The old man smiled and looked at Lin Feng: ’’It seems like you came prepared, but did you already know that I had these things?’’

’’Old man, I didn't know, but a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer selling pill ingredients here is always something easily noticeable.’’ said Lin Feng with a warm smile.

The old man smiled and shook his head: ’’Don't call me old man, you can call me Mister Huo. That girl behind you is just as enigmatic.’’

’’Mister Huo...’’ said Lin Feng getting more intimate with the old man. He then continued: ’’Mister Huo, I just told you what I needed and I need huge quantities. Do you know where I can find such large quantities?’’

’’If small quantities are enough for you, I can help you but if you need hundreds of thousands, I have no solution for you.’’

The old man was shaking his head. Hundreds of thousands, that was a huge quantity. Who was able to to pick that many plants?

’’But you asked me where you could find them, there is a place but you cannot go there.’’

’’Cannot go there?’’ Lin Feng was stupefied and asked: ’’If I ask you to help me, will it still be difficult?’’

The old man frowned and looked at Lin Feng: ’’Hundreds of thousands is a colossal quantity. I'm not sure I can get that much. Besides, if you need hundreds of thousands of each of the herbs and plant, even though they are not valuable, it is still a tremendous amount.’’

’’Do you know of Spirit Blood Pills?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’Huh?’’ the old man was stupefied. A strong Qi emerged from his body, that abrupt rise of Qi made Lin Feng feel an incredible heat as if he was going to burn alive. The old man probably was an expert at using fire. People who were experts at using fire had high proficiency in concocting pills and fabricating weapons. Of course, the soul also had to be extremely strong.

’’What do you know about Spirit Blood Pills?’’ asked the old man.

’’I know about them. Spirit Blood Pills can alter the blood vessels and the soul making a cultivator's blood vessels and Soul become extremely strong. They are extremely beneficial for cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, it's a Xuan level pill of medium quality.’’ said Lin Feng slowly. The classification of pills was similar to that of weapons which also depended on the different cultivation levels. After ordinary weapons, there were spiritual weapons and then mystical weapons.

Besides, there were ordinary pills which were suitable for cultivators of Qi layer but who were of almost no use for cultivators of the Ling Qi layer. Only Ling level pills had effect on cultivators of the Ling Qi layer but were of almost no use to cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer required spiritual weapons as well as Xuan level pills. The Spirit Blood Pill was a Xuan level pill of average quality which was extremely beneficial to cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, even if they had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer.

Weapons and pills were also classified according to their quality, high, average and low quality. Using Xuan level pills of average quality on a cultivator who was under the fourth Xuan Qi layer would have been a waste. Even though the pills were still beneficial to them, their bodies weren't able to entirely assimilate them. Then, if used on a cultivator above the sixth Ling Qi layer, these pills had almost no effect. Therefore, they were adequate for cultivators between the fourth and the sixth Qi layer.

How could the old man not be surprised when he heard that Lin Feng wanted some Xuan level pills of average quality?

’’Can you concoct them?’’ asked Mister Huo while staring at Lin Feng. At that moment, Mister Huo didn't look sluggish anymore, he looked captivated.

’’How could I concoct that kind of high-quality pills?’’ said Lin Feng while shaking which made the old man frown. But Lin Feng continued: ’’But accidentally, I obtained the recipe of the Spirit Blood Pills.’’

’’The recipe?’’ the old man was surprised and started breathing faster. There were three difficult things about pills, being able to or finding someone to concoct the pills, finding the material to concoct the pills and then obtaining the recipe. Besides, the recipe was the most important thing, without it, it was impossible to concoct the pills.

Of course, many people thought that the one who concocted the pills was the most important because it was very difficult to find good ones. But without the recipe, how could anyone concoct the pills? However, with the recipe, even without someone to concoct the pill, at least, the recipe was already extremely valuable.

’’Indeed. The recipe, Mister Huo. I just talked about a few pills, I need to make at least twenty thousand of each. What materials do I need? Master Huo probably knows better than me. If you can help me, I will offer you the recipe of the Spirit Blood Pill.’’

Lin Feng had said twenty thousand which represented a huge quantity. It was the first time that Mister Huo heard a person say that they needed twenty thousand pills.

’’Then don't worry, I understand.’’ said Mister Huo while staring at Lin Feng.

’’Mister Huo, if you kill me, you will not obtain the recipe. Besides, you might not necessarily be able to kill me. I am convinced that Mister Huo wouldn't try such a thing anyway.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling. Mister Huo remained silent looking pensive.

’’Alright, deal, but I need a few days.’’

’’Alright, no problem. Three days later, at dinner time, I will be at the Celestial Mountain Restaurant waiting for you, how does that sound?’’

’’Alright, see you in three days.’’ said Mister Huo while rolling up his sleeves. In a flash, the herbs on the ground vanished. He obviously had a Na stone.

Mister Huo turned around and immediately left the Dream Pavilion. It seemed like the old man could handle things for Lin Feng at the speed of light.

When Lin Feng saw Mister Huo leave, he smiled. Lin Feng's plan had worked without any incident. Concerning the recipe of the pill, it wasn't going to be a loss for Lin Feng, it was in the memories which the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer had given to him, he just had to write it down on a piece of paper and hand it over. Lin Feng wasn't going to lose anything in the transaction.

’’Let's go.’’ Lin Feng started walking again going towards the depths of the Dream Pavilion. They weren't the only people in that case, at that moment, they were surrounded by a myriad of people who were walking in the same direction, including the vendors who were packing up their things.

’’The auction sales will start in about half an hour. Do you know if the Moon-Breaking Blade will be sold today or not?’’ Lin Feng respectfully asked someone walking over to their group. That person had seen Lin Feng kill the disciple of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, and then ignore Bing Yuan. They had also heard Lin Feng talk about Xuan level pills with Mister Huo. That timid person couldn't believe his ears. Besides Lin Feng who was also extremely strong, the man wearing a bronze mask, who was following him, was probably just a subordinate.

’’Leave. Forget everything that you have seen and heard today.’’ said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. That person then timidly nodded and said: ’’Understood.’’

After that, that person left feeling aggrieved.

Lin Feng ignored him and moved towards the entrance of the auction. Then, Lin Feng said to the two people at the entrance: ’’I have things to sell at auction, with whom should I talk?’’

’’Come with me.’’ said one person. Lin Feng followed him and entered the auction room. After a short time, they arrived in a room where people were sorting various goods.

When Lin Feng saw all these goods, he was stupefied, there was an incredible quantity of goods that people wanted to sell at auction.

The person who received Lin Feng was a very se*y woman. Her skin was as white as snow, her shoulders were beautiful and well-formed, she had well-developed white breasts. She was extremely attractive.

’’What do you want to sell, Sir?’’

’’A Di level skill of low quality called Swift Leaf as well as ten spiritual weapons of medium quality.’’ said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. The se*y woman was stupefied, The smile on her face suddenly turned into a deep and profound facial expression.

’’Sir, please come with me.’’ said the woman while standing up.

’’You can wait here for a moment.’’ said Lin Feng to Meng Qing and Ba Dao. Immediately after, he entered in a secret room with the woman. In that room, things were in complete disorder, it definitely required some tidying. These goods were the ones which had been selected to be sold at auction.

’’Sir, show me the things which you would like to sell at auction.’’ said the woman who had arrived by an old man's side.

’’’’Alright.’’ The Swift Leaf Book appeared in Lin Feng's hand. At the same time, above the ground, a small light flashed and suddenly, ten spiritual weapons appeared, and a resplendent light emerged.

Lin Feng handed over the Swift Leaf skill to his interlocutor. The woman gave to the old man who looked through it. Immediately after, the old man nodded and said: ’’No problem. It's a medium-quality skill of the Di level. There is no problem with the spiritual weapons either.’’

’’Thank you, senior.’’

The woman smiled and packed the skill and the weapons, she then sealed the box for safekeeping. She then wrote a few notes on the package and handed a small jade card over to Lin Feng.

’’Sir, your things will be sold tomorrow, after the auction, you only need to come back with jade card and we will know what items belonged to you. The fortune won't be small and you will receive all your purity stones without a fee, besides, using that card, you can enter the area reserved to our special clients.’’ said that beautiful woman with an enchanting smile on her face. While talking, the way she was moving her body made her look even more seducing.

’’No fees and sold tomorrow?’’ thought Lin Feng. The normal procedure was supposed to last three days but because Lin Feng's goods were extremely valuable, he had gained some privileges.

Concerning the reward, Lin Feng thought that he had already had plenty of fortune. The memories of the strong cultivator were his most valuable possession.

Lin Feng nodded and left the room.


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