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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 267


Meng Qing and Lin Feng were locked in an embrace. Meng Qing was shaking from head to toe. She had no strength anymore. She couldn't do anything but follow Lin Feng's movements and lean on his chest.

Meng Qing raised her head and looked at Lin Feng. Their faces were very close. At that moment, something very rare happened, emotion flashed through Meng Qing's eyes and she looked shy. Her pure and holy face suddenly turned red, which made Lin Feng's heartbeat accelerate.

’’Let me go!’’

Surprisingly, Meng Qing was struggling to move away from Lin Feng but he was holding her too tightly. Very quickly, she stopped struggling and lowered her head not daring to look at Lin Feng's scorching hot eyes.

Lin Feng smiled, that girl was cold but she still listened to Lin Feng.

’’I like holding you.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling. Meng Qing slowly turned her head around and raised it while looking at Lin Feng. Her eyes betrayed her at that moment.

Meng Qing then calmed down and laid against Lin Feng's chest again. Lin Feng was hugging her and she was feeling calm and at ease. It was such a perfect moment.

That short moment seemed like an eternity. Lin Feng was tightly holding onto that absolutely gorgeous young woman. His heart was beating quickly. She was enchanting. However, Lin Feng was not thinking of the act between a man and a woman, but was still feeling a strange warmth rising within him.

’’Meng Qing, look at me.’’ After being silent for a while, Lin Feng spoke.

Meng Qing, who was lying on Lin Feng's chest raised her head and looked at Lin Feng. She looked a bit surprise.

’’You truly are beautiful.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling. Meng Qing felt unfamiliar emotions. She looked shy again. Every girl liked it when the person they loved thought they were beautiful.

Meng Qing, even though she was an unusual girl, was, after all, still a girl. She also understood the feelings of love and hatred. Once a girl fell in love with a boy, she wouldn't be that different from the others, everyone became a child when in love.

Lin Feng was lowering his head getting nearer and nearer to Meng Qing's face. Meng Qing looked extremely embarrassed, she was shaking and her heart was pounding. She wanted to escape but at the same time, she didn't want to go anywhere.

Finally, Lin Feng pressed his lips against her lips. Meng Qing was shaking. It was like an electric shock. Her eyes were wide open, her face was rigid, she didn't know what was happening, but it felt right.

They didn't kiss for a very long time before Lin Feng moved his head back and looked at Meng Qing. He smiled at her in a very sweet way.

Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng and saw that he was smiling. She looked extremely shy. She didn't dare look at him. She had the feeling that she was drowning in emotion. She was extremely shy and nervous.

Actually, Lin Feng was nervous too. It was the first time that he had fallen in love with someone. It was also the first time that he embraced and kissed a girl. How could he not be nervous?

Even though he could use his sword and remain calm in the middle of a bloodbath, when it came to girls, Lin Feng was very nervous. Maybe he lacked experience.

’’Meng Qing, have a good rest.’’ said Lin Feng while standing up and looking at Meng Qing. Immediately after, he turned around and started to leave.

After Lin Feng left, Meng Qing raised her head, she was excited and embarrassed at the same time. She sat down and put her hands on her knees. She looked pensive.

She wanted to remember a smile. In her thoughts slowly appeared a smile, a warm smile.


Three months later, many things had been constructed in Yangzhou City. There were vast new buildings that had been constructed. Besides, there were also eight huge towers, which were a few hundred meters high, and when looking up at them, they seemed to reach the stars.

Besides, the old government building had become the headquarters for the new government. It was much more extravagant than in the past. Besides, it was very lively inside and there were things constantly going on. However, the people didn't know what was happening there apart from the fact that the government was undergoing reconstruction.

In an underground place, Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged, motionless.

At that moment, Lin Feng had the feeling that he had reached an extremely high level of earth fusion. In his mind, there was a dark world in which a myriad of bright lights were flashing. These lights were all in different corners, seeming unorganized.

These disorderly and unsystematic lights seemed like they had been put there randomly but actually, when looking at them from the right angle, one could notice a special form, it looked mysterious.

Many surplus souls were moving towards these lights and finally, a strength attracted them.

A light appeared between two lights and all of the lights seemed to be fused into a shape. The dark atmosphere slowly became brighter.

Immediately after the lights appeared, the lights were getting more and more intense in that dark atmosphere. They were gathering together making the dark atmosphere extremely bright, and even dazzling.

The lights were also moving faster and faster. The lights were slowly adopting a peculiar shape, the shape of nine palaces.

In Xue Yue, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were considered as extremely strong cultivators because they could control and condense Qi from the world to transform it into pure Qi that could be used, thus benefitting from its strength. Each thread of pure Qi contained a colossal amount of strength. At the same time, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer could also gradually learn how to control the strength of their soul, which helped them concoct pills and increased the power of pills, weapons and their attacks.

Besides, before breaking through to the Xuan Qi layer, even though some people could use various strong methods, they still couldn't benefit from the strength of the soul which strongly limited their abilities.

Every cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer had a few basic cultivation techniques. At least, they all practiced until they could perfectly control pure Qi. There wasn't a single one of them who couldn't control it.

However, pure Qi control could be stronger or weaker, there could be large quantities and small quantities controlled by the cultivator. Weak pure Qi control only enabled the cultivator to condense pure Qi a little bit quicker. However, the strength was limited. Strong pure Qi control enabled cultivators to unceasingly use stronger pure Qi, but it required more time.

At that moment, Lin Feng was practicing his pure Qi condensation.

Even though Lin Feng had a lot of purity stones, it wasn't enough to supply his army. Therefore, the thing was to provide his army with the best cultivation practices, in order to save the use of purity stones.

At the moment, he was still in fusion with the earth. Lin Feng's eyes were closed. His consciousness was in a world filled with darkness and bright lights.

His mouth moved, he then immediately said: ’’Condense!’’

At that moment, Lin Feng was insanely shaking, he groaned, his eyes slightly opened.

Lin Feng coughed and raised his head. He looked around him. There were dazzling lights surrounding him and they were slowly condensing. When the last light was fused with the others, an incredibly dazzling aura appeared, there were nine palaces and they started absorbing the pure Qi of heaven and earth.

Lin Feng couldn't bear the pain, but the shapes that appeared made him smile.

’’The nine small palaces of Qi condensation, what a powerful technique.’’

Lin Feng could feel the pure Qi from the earth starting to gravitate towards him. The cultivation towers of the Celestial Academy provided incredible amounts of pure Qi. The pure Qi would be drawn towards the tower and would fill the rooms for cultivation practice.

Lin Feng was now also able to condense pure Qi. These nine small palaces were already extremely powerful.

’’The knowledge that the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer transmitted to me is, as expected, extraordinary. I have now been learning Surplus Souls and can make a hundred surplus souls appear. My soul has also become much stronger, coupled with earth fusion. If I didn't have all these things, I wouldn't be able to condense Qi to such a degree.’’ whispered Lin Feng. His extremely strong soul was giving him the chance to become much stronger. The Surplus Souls technique as well as the Earth Fusion had been indispensable to him when it came to condensing pure Qi.

A moment before, people in the government building were stupefied. Above them in the sky there was a pattern that appeared, it looked like nine palaces, but then, in the blink of an eye, they disappeared again. They had just sensed the pure Qi as if all the Qi of heaven and earth was moving towards them.

At the same time, around the government building, many people were stupefied as well. They had also sensed the pure Qi emerging from the earth, as if there had been a strange strength absorbing the powerful pure Qi of heaven and earth.

Only an extremely strong cultivator of the Xuan Qi Layer could have managed to condense pure Qi like that.

After the people sensed the Qi, they all looked in the same direction, the government building!


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