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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 265


When the crowd saw that arm flying in the air, they were astonished once again.

That attack didn't diffuse resplendent light, they hadn't even seen a sword. Lin Feng's sword was his hand. His entire body was a sword. It was a sword without brightness and splendour.

In a short time, Lin Feng surprisingly had become extremely strong. Even the respectable elder couldn't rival him anymore. He hadn't even been able to withstand a single attack.

Lin Rui had the strength of the ninth Ling Qi layer, he just needed one more step to reach the Xuan Qi layer. But what was Lin Feng's level? Lin Feng was only seventeen years old and was young like many of the juniors of the Lin Clan, but the people of the Lin Clan always relied on their parents and on the clan.

Lin Feng was absolutely different from the others because he was already extremely strong and already controlled an army. That was a huge difference and the young people of the Lin Clan would be unable to catch up with him.

That young man who had been expelled from the Lin Clan was already above their entire clan and made them prostrate themselves before him.


Lin Rui gave a horrible shriek. He raised his remaining arm and released all the ice Qi that he could, not hesitating and putting everything into his attack.

But Lin Feng moved again, he was quick and agile. He seemed moved in fusion with the earth, he looked mysterious. A light flashed, immediately, Lin Rui's hand slightly touched Lin Feng's shoulder and ice started to appear, but then Lin Feng slightly moved his hand and a sword light filled the atmosphere.


Lin Feng's hand slashed like a meteor, blood sprayed and filled the air. Lin Rui's other arm had just been cut off. Lin Feng had cut it off as easily as the first arm.

Lin Feng was much stronger than Lin Rui.

Lin Feng dashed past Lin Rui and at that moment, he was behind Lin Rui's back, Lin Feng's hand had pierced his back and he looked calm and peaceful.


A cry of agony spread in the air. Lin Rui had the impression that the world around him was vibrating. His body was violently shaking.

Blood didn't stop flowing onto the ground, but Lin Rui's heart felt even more painful than his arms which had been cut off. If Lin Feng didn't kill him, he crippled his cultivation.

’’Respectable Elder, back in the past, you were very strong and controlled everything. You could do whatever you wished. You expelled my father and me from the clan, you chose a new clan head, you attacked and hurt my father. Now, I came back and I am stronger than you, therefore, I now control everything. I can now do as I wish. If I want to cut your arms off, I can, if I want to kill you, I can.’’

Lin Feng's voice was coming from Lin Rui's back, these words were the harsh reality. Strength was the most important thing in that world. If one was strong, one had power over weaker people and could thus do as they wished. Lin Rui used to have the advantage, he had injured Lin Feng's father and had expelled him. Now, Lin Feng was stronger than him and had easily cut off his arms, who could do anything against that?

If he wanted to cripple anyone's cultivation, he could if he wanted to kill anyone, he could.

Lin Rui's heart was bleeding. At that moment, his heart was filled with venom but his mouth was firmly closed. He didn't dare say anything to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was right, in that world, the strong could control everything. If Lin Rui wanted to stay alive, he had to keep his mouth shut, even if he hated Lin Feng.

Becoming a cripple is still better than dying. Lin Rui was already old and cherished life, he didn't want to die.

’’Lin Rui, today, I will have mercy on you and will not kill you. You are now half-dead. I cut off your arms because of what you did in the past. Now you need to vanish from my sight. If, someday, you have the possibility of getting your revenge, come at me.’’ said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. No matter what his status was, in that world, all that mattered was strength.

Lin Rui was shaking. He turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Immediately after, he started walking and slowly left. He looked lonely and desolate, that was the price he had to pay for having made such a grave mistake in the past.

After Lin Rui left, Lin Feng gazed into the distance and then looked at the great elder and the third elder. He said, sounding cold and indifferent: ’’Great Elder, Third Elder, you two can cripple your own cultivation. Don't make me do it personally, otherwise, there will be an extra fee of two arms.’’

Lin Feng sounded calm and serene while the two elders were deathly pale. They should have expected it, Lin Feng was getting his revenge for all the bad things they had all done to him in the past.

Back then, they kept humiliating Lin Feng, forced him to leave, these two people had been Lin Ba Dao's accomplices, that's why Lin Feng wanted to make them cripple their own cultivation.

When the Great Elder saw the armless silhouette in the distance, he suddenly burst into an insane laughter. Immediately after, he moved his hand and bombarded his own cultivation. He groaned and blood gushed from his mouth. He had crippled his own cultivation.

The third elder was shaking, he was slowly and hesitantly moving his hand, but not attacking.

’’Third Elder, if you don't want to die, cripple your own cultivation immediately.’’ said the great elder sounding tense. The third elder was shaking even more, he glanced at the great elder and crippled his own cultivation as well.

The head of the clan, Lin Ba Dao, had died, the third uncle Lin Hao Ran had died, the ninth elder had died, the respectable elder no longer had arms, the great elder and third elder had crippled their own cultivation.

Lin Feng had come back and spread terror amongst people's hearts.

Lin Feng was standing on the fighting stage and looking at the crowd, sounding indifferent, he said: ’’All others, I will not touch you, even if you hate me, that is, of course, providing that you behave properly. Of course, if you want to get your revenge, you can also come and find me. The best thing is for you to think carefully about your future though.’’

When Lin Feng finished talking, he turned around and moved down from the stage, he raised his hand, in a flash, the myriad of troops climbed onto their horses. They were a perfectly trained elite army. Lin Feng and the troops were making history together.

Lin Feng also jumped onto his horse that was brought, he looked domineering.

’’Let's go.’’ said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. At that moment, a voice spread in the atmosphere.

’’Wait, wait!’’

When Lin Feng heard that voice, he stopped but didn't turn around. He just waited for the other person to talk.

’’Lin Feng, will you consider coming back to the Lin Clan?’’ said a hopeless-sounding voice which made everybody else shiver and look towards Lin Feng.

Indeed, would Lin Feng ever return to the Lin Clan?

If Lin Feng accepted to go back to the Lin Clan, not only would it give him nothing but it would give incredible prestige to the Lin Clan. It would make them become one of the most prestigious clans in the entire region.

That hopeless voice was resonating in people's hearts but nobody dared speak, the same person spoke again.

’’If you are willing to come back to the Lin Clan, we can make all those who opposed you in the past leave the clan, including Lin Qian.’’

The person spoke again because they had seen that Lin Feng remained silent. The whole crowd was quiet. Indeed, if Lin Feng accepted, they could forget about Lin Qian, just like they did to Lin Feng in the past. Back in the past, they had chosen the proud and arrogant Lin Qian, who couldn't rival with Lin Feng any longer.

Lin Qian looked at Lin Ba Dao's corpse and felt extremely sad. She used to be the pride of the Lin Clan. Even in Yangzhou City, many people respected her, but because of Lin Feng, her glory had been destroyed. Lin Feng was much more prestigious than her.

Lin Qian could still vaguely remember when she had gone to the Yun Hai Sect and humiliated Lin Feng while looking down on him, but all of this was already the past.

’’Back in the past, when I was expelled from the Lin Clan, nobody said a word. Now that you see that I am strong and have a high status and you want me to come back to the clan, is that even possible? There are some things which cannot be taken back.’’

Lin Feng was on his horse, he didn't even turn around to look at them. Immediately after, he left at full speed with his horse emitting whistling sounds through the atmosphere.

The myriad of Chi Xie troops seemed to be flying. The ground was shaking along with people's hearts.

The Lin Clan were all looking at the leaving silhouettes. Their hearts were filled with mixed feelings. Some things could not be taken back. Lin Feng was right, when everybody kept humiliating him, who had said a word? Who spared even a single word to help Lin Feng? When the Lin Clan wanted to kill Lin Feng, who had said anything to try and save him?

These days, Lin Feng was extremely strong and was the officer of a huge army, only now they wanted him to go back to the clan, was that even possible?

They could never get back what they threw away and discarded, never!


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