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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 262



His furious shout was echoing throughout people's hearts like the waves of a tsunami, the words ’’I want to die!’’ were so arrogant. He had been expelled from the clan and at this moment. He was looking down on everyone.

The one everyone used to call a piece of trash was at this moment, looking down on the clan and mocking them as if they meant nothing.

’’I, Lin Feng, the piece of trash who was expelled from the clan!’’

Lin Feng kept joking. In the past, during the competition of Yangzhou City, he had also said things that sounded insane at the time, but his power shocked everyone. Back then, he was already much stronger than Lin Qian. Lin Qian could not rival him. Besides, these days, even though Lin Qian had broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer. Lin Feng had just killed the ninth elder who was at the fifth Ling Qi layer with a single attack. How strong was he really? Could Lin Qian rival such a monster?

Lin Feng was the most outstanding disciple of the Lin Clan, but such a genius had been expelled.

’’Why is nobody speaking?’’ said Lin Feng. The crowd only stared at him, they all remained absolutely silent. Lin Feng couldn't help but keep mocking them: ’’Before I arrived, were you not all flattering Lin Qian and Lin Ba Dao? Were you not all just criticizing my father and me to gain his good graces? Now, I am standing before you, but each and every single person here has suddenly become deaf and mute.’’

’’If I am a piece of trash, you are a bunch of shameless, low life, worthless cultivators.’’

Lin Feng's voice was piercing through the silent atmosphere. Everyone's faces were turning bright red. They were looking at Lin Feng with killing intent in their eyes.

’’Your father and you are the same, traitors, who don't respect the elders of the clan. You are both filthy animals!’’

At that moment, a furious voice interrupted. It came from Lin Feng's third uncle, Lin Hao Ran. When he saw Lin Feng, he remembered his son, who had been crippled by Lin Feng and became filled with jealousy, but this jealousy quickly turned into hatred.

Lin Feng was stupefied. A sharp expression filled his eyes and he glared at Lin Hao Ran. A traitor, his father and he were animals?

’’Incredibly, it is possible to reach such a high level of shamelessness.’’ said Lin Feng coldly and then added: ’’Back in the past, my father and I never offended you, but because you wanted his position as head of the clan, you humiliated me and threatened my father. You wanted to replace him as the clan head using despicable methods. Have you ever thought about the fact that he was your brother?’’

’’After that, because you created an opportunity to reach your goal, the respectable elder attacked and injured my father. Then you expelled us from the Lin Clan, you are really shameless. Besides, during the annual competition of Yangzhou City, I started to reveal outstanding talent but you were afraid, afraid of my talent, which is why you tried to kill me. Did you think about our blood relations at that time?

’’Now, you are calling me a traitor? Why is that? You attack your own brother, the head of your clan and you dare to call other people traitors. You chose to replace my father with someone else? I, Lin Feng, have nothing to do with scum like you, there is only humiliation to gain from associating with you. I, Lin Feng, have returned. Lin Hao Ran, if you criticize my father again, I will kill you.’’

When Lin Feng said those words, an immense quantity of sword Qi whistled through the atmosphere. Lin Feng looked like a powerful sword at that moment . He was infinitely sharp, dazzling, brutal and aggressive.

Lin Feng surprisingly dared to threaten his third uncle, threatening to kill him.

That was a huge humiliation for Lin Hao Ran, to be threatened by Lin Feng in public like that. He coldly said: ’’Your father is an animal, and the son of an animal is an animal, so you are both filthy animals.’’

How could Lin Hao Ran be intimidated by a little boy to the extent that he wouldn't dare to speak?


Lin Hao Ran's words reached Lin Feng's ears. An invisible pressure suddenly fell onto everyone's shoulders. Lin Feng was spinning around and seemed to have transformed into a sword, an extremely sharp one.

An incredible sword energy overwhelmed the entire atmosphere. The crowd was gasping in astonishment.

How powerful! It seemed like they had underestimated Lin Feng. He seemed to be much stronger than all of them.

The invisible sword energy was surrounding the entire crowd. They were all fixedly staring at Lin Feng. He had become so monstrously strong.

Lin Hao Ran's heart was pounding. Nobody knew that the energy which was now oppressing his body was painfully sharp. He was controlling himself, but his facial expression was changing drastically, his heart was pounding. Panic-stricken, he was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

’’How strong. That sword Qi is way too strong.’’ Lin Hao Ran thought. How strong had Lin Feng become?

Lin Hao Ran was absolutely terrified and regretted what he just said to Lin Feng.

’’Die!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously. The invisible sword energy turned into a sharp sword, Lin Feng jumped into the air, it seemed like his entire body transformed into a sword, an extremely sharp and devastating sword.

The crowd was dumbstruck, to the extent that they forgot to try to stop Lin Feng. Even if they did see him coming, they couldn't afford to take the risk of getting in his way.

An incredibly brilliant and resplendent light filled the atmosphere.

There was no sword, only the light glow given from sword energy.

Lin Hao Ran felt hopeless and his facial expression gradually dropped and blood started to pour from a hole that had been pierced between his eyebrows.

One strike and his life had ended!

As before, only one strike!

Lin Feng moved back to his original position on the stage, there was nothing in his hand, but sword Qi was still present in the atmosphere.

That incredibly daring young man confused everyone in the crowd, where was his sword? He was such a genius, yet he had been expelled from the clan. At that moment, he had come back to regain his dignity.

’’You killed your third uncle?’’ said Lin Ba Dao while looking at the corpse. He was looking at Lin Feng in an ice-cold way with killing intent in his eyes.

’’Third Uncle?’’ said Lin Feng while laughing and then added: ’’Lin Ba Dao, you and Lin Hao Ran, have you ever acted like my uncles?’’

Lin Ba Dao was stupefied. He and Lin Hao Ran had indeed plotted against Lin Feng's father. Lin Feng had never been like a nephew for them.

’’You have never regarded me as your nephew. You always regarded me as a piece of trash and humiliated me. You expelled me from the clan and even tried to kill me. At that moment, you never thought that you were my uncle, right? Now that I have killed him, you just now remember that he was my uncle? Lin Ba Dao, don't you think that you are being ridiculous?’’ Lin Feng said mockingly and continued: ’’Besides, now I am no longer a member of the Lin Clan, if anyone dares to insult my father, I will kill them!’’

Once again, Lin Feng was openly threatening everyone, his words were extremely harsh. At that moment, Lin Feng's words were like sharp swords.

Amongst the people of the Lin Clan, many were regretting that Lin Feng had been expelled from the clan. If he had been in the Lin Clan, he would have been much more prestigious than Lin Qian.

However, everybody remained silent. The atmosphere was horrifyingly silent.

Lin Feng's expression looked like he wanted to burst into laughter. He said: ’’Now, the cowardly atmosphere is contagious in the Lin Clan. There is only a bunch of little people left who don't know how to do anything but unceasingly flatter Lin Ba Dao, the clan head. None of you has any strength of character and the clan has no future. This is ridiculous and sad. Lin Ba Dao, this is the result created from you becoming the clan head.’’

When Lin Feng finished talking, everybody was astonished. They realized that what Lin Feng said was the truth. At that moment, he was standing on the fighting stage and nobody could rival him, everyone remained silent.

If Lin Hai had been there, he would have been a source of inspiration, even though he did not show himself often. He didn't resemble Lin Ba Dao.

The people of the Lin Clan, when they heard Lin Feng's making fun of them, all felt humiliated.

’’Lin Ba Dao, in the past, you plotted against my father and me to make us leave the clan. Now, I am back to reclaim our dignity and honor on the fighting stage. Lin Ba Dao, can you act like a real man for once in your cowardly life and join me on the fighting stage?’’

Lin Feng was challenging Lin Ba Dao.

Lin Ba Dao looked uncertain. Lin Feng, who had been expelled by him, surprisingly challenged him. How strong was he?

The crowd looked at Lin Ba Dao.

Lin Ba Dao slowly stood up, but suddenly heard Lin Qian shout: ’’Father, don't fight against him!’’

The crowd was stupefied and looked at Lin Qian. They only saw Lin Qian was unceasingly shaking her head and stopping her father.

Lin Qian wanted to prevent her father from fighting against Lin Feng?

When Lin Feng arrived, he challenged Lin Qian. Lin Qian had not even considered fighting against Lin Feng, could it be that she knew his real strength?

Did Lin Qian know where Lin Feng had been this whole time? Did she also know his real strength?

’’Traitor!’’ shouted a voice which filled the atmosphere. A silhouette was rushing through the air. He looked majestic. Many people were delighted to see the silhouette appear.

It was the respectable elder, Lin Rui.

In the past, he injured Lin Hai and also contributed to Lin Feng and Lin Hai's expulsion from the clan. Now, he was showing himself again, Lin Feng was definitely going to die.

’’Respectable elder!’’ all the members of the Lin Clan were slightly bowing in front of Lin Rui, who was descending from the sky. His voice was ice-cold and he said: ’’The son of the traitor has come back. Everybody, hurry up and kill him. You have to kill any traitors that enter our territory.’’

’’Everyone? They had to capture him together?’’

The crowd was stupefied. Lin Ba Dao, however, immediately nodded and said: ’’Members of the Lin Clan, listen to the order, kill Lin Feng!’’

When Lin Ba Dao finished talking, many people started to reluctantly walk towards the fighting stage.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and a demonic smile appeared on his face. Together? Everyone against him?

So they wanted an unfair fight, right?

At the Na Lan Clan, Lin Feng had not personally fought. Using his authority, he had controlled everything with only his words.

However, he had gone to the Lin Clan for a different reason, he wanted to regain his honour and dignity, this time, he wanted to regain his honour on the fighting stage, not using his status and authority.

But at the moment, the Lin Clan wanted to attack him, the whole clan against him?

Lin Feng laughed, gazed towards the sky and shouted ’’Order!’’


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