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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 260


Everybody was looking at Na Lan Xiong. He had run himself through and pierced his vitals.

Suicide. The head of Yangzhou City had, in front of Lin Feng, committed suicide as a punishment for his crime.

A short time before, it was his future son-in-law who had made Lin Feng come to apologize.

’’Father!’’ shouted Na Lan Feng while looking at her father piercing his vital organs. A cracking sound spread in the air. Her face turned deathly pale, the expression her eyes revealed pure hopelessness.

’’Lin Feng, I chose to obey you and commit suicide but my family, including my daughter, are innocent. I hope that you can let them off.’’ said Na Lan Xiong and then he injected Qi into his vitals and there was a small explosion of all his organs. Immediately after, his face lost its color and he fell heavily onto the floor.

One of the great figures of Yangzhou City had killed himself because of Lin Feng's words. His power and influence were incredible. Lin Feng wanted him to die, so he didn't dare to live. He was scared that Lin Feng would annihilate his entire bloodline.

These days, the officer of the Chi Xie army seemed extremely cruel. His words were as sharp as a sword. Nobody could stop him, and if somebody tried to block him, he would kill them.

Na Lan Xiong had had only one choice: to die.

If he didn't agreed, he would die, if he refused, he would die. Therefore, he had decided to accept. He had to kill himself in order to protect his clan.

’’I have nothing against your family, except for Na Lan Feng. How could I have mercy on her?’’ said Lin Feng, sounding cold and detached, while looking at Na Lan Xiong's corpse. It wasn't only because Na Lan Feng had sent people to kill him and he almost died from that encounter. Even though he had taken her as a hostage, that wasn't enough. Lin Feng hadn't forgiven her. Besides, she wasn't showing any signs that she regretted what she had done. She was still insufferably arrogant and thought that, by relying on Du Gu Xiao's social status, she could act as she wished. Lin Feng couldn't tolerate her continuously looking down on people.

Lin Feng had been in that world for over a year. He had changed and was no longer weak and indecisive. These days, if he had a feeling in his heart, he'd trust it, even it meant killing people without mercy.

The most important thing was to stick to one's convictions.

The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng surprisingly wasn't going to let Na Lan Feng off.

Na Lan Feng was hugging her father's dead body. Her face looked lifeless and she was still staring at Lin Feng because Lin Feng had cut off one of Du Gu Xiao's arms and had forced her father to kill himself, what did he intend to do with her?

’’No need to look at me like that. Back in the past, it was just the beginning. When you tried to kill me, I would have never thought that I would have the opportunity to get my revenge so soon. You can cripple your own cultivation. I will not kill you.’’

Lin Feng still looked expressionless. Na Lan Feng's eyes were filled with hatred. Lin Feng had a clear conscience when it came to what he was doing because he knew that Na Lan Xiong and Na Lan Feng would have done even worse things to him.

Since that girl was so arrogant and presumptuous, Lin Feng thought that it would be good to make her cripple her own cultivation so that she would be forced to live like the ordinary people she disdained.

’’Hurry up, I don't want to have to see your face any longer than required.’’ said Lin Feng coldly while staring at Na Lan Feng. In the past, when she tried to kill Lin Feng, she would have never thought that such a day would come.

Mountains can be reduced to rubble over time, if there is a man with enough conviction to do so.

’’Alright, alright.....’’ said Na Lan Feng, whose face was deathly pale. She suddenly released Qi and attacked herself. Immediately after, she groaned. All of her accumulated Qi filled the air. Na Lan Feng's face became even paler, she was extremely weak.

The incredibly arrogant girl of Yangzhou City had become a piece of trash. The only reason was because she hated Lin Feng in the past and tried to kill him.

When Lin Feng saw that Na Lan Feng was done with crippling her own cultivation, he put his mask back on and made his Dragon-Colt horse slowly turn around. He then started speaking in a calm and peaceful voice.

’’Po Jun, you will stay here and reorganize everything in the government building. Then, we will use this place to station the troops. Everybody else, follow me.’’

When Lin Feng finished talking, he left on his horse, looking natural and unrestrained.

Rumbling filled the area again as the army started to leave the area. The Chi Xie troops were also moving towards the exit. A short time after, they had all disappeared from the field of vision of the crowd.

But the crowd was still staring at the empty space in front of them, the images of the army were still engraved into their minds.

Lin Feng had left, where had he gone?

’’Lin Clan, it has to be the Lin Clan.’’

Many people had the same thought at the same time. In the past, Lin Feng belonged to the Lin Clan. Lin Feng had been expelled and disgraced, but now he had become extremely powerful. He had become of the officer of the Chi Xie and even owned Yangzhou City. He had cut off one of Du Gu Xiao's arms, had killed the head of the city and made Na Lan Feng cripple her own cultivation. Even though he hadn't moved a single finger to do all this, everything was under his control.

These days, Lin Feng could deeply affect Yangzhou City, he held the power of life and death. How could he not go to the Lin Clan, who had expelled and disgraced both Lin Feng and Lin Hai.

Lin Feng didn't know that the Na Lan Clan was planning a festive occasion, he also didn't know that the Lin Clan was extremely lively at this moment.

At the end of the year, the Lin Clan held an annual meeting and the competition between the juniors was still occurring.

Around the fighting stage of the Lin Clan were the older people of the Lin Clan. They were looking at the juniors battling. They all had big smiles on their faces.

The juniors of the Lin Clan were good and they all had relatively impressive talents. It seemed like this generation had some good qualities. It seemed like the clan would be able to rise in the future.

’’Lin Ba Dao, Qian Qian is the strongest and most outstanding young cultivator we have. Not only does she have an ice and fire spirit but she is also very young. Having broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer, she will soon catch up with me, and at that point, she will even be stronger than me, even with all my years of experience, congratulations!’’

An elder of the clan was looking at the fighting stage and talking to Lin Ba Dao. The elder was flattering Lin Ba Dao which made a huge smile appear on his face.

Lin Ba Dao felt extremely proud when people flattered his daughter, he of course enjoyed it very much. He also felt flattered for raising such a genius.

’’Indeed, nobody can rival with Lin Qian, she's a real genius. Lin Feng, that piece of trash was a nobody, he was extreme weak. I don't even care if he's dead now.’’

Many people were flattering Lin Qian and Lin Ba Dao, even if it meant they had to lie. Indeed, during the last annual meeting of the Lin Clan, everybody had seen that Lin Feng was powerful. They all knew that Lin Qian couldn't rival with Lin Feng which is why Lin Ba Dao and the respectable elder had to expel him. He was much more talented than Lin Qian.

Nobody was trying to compare them though. Lin Qian had an ice and fire spirit and she was a student of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. Lin Feng was far from being at her level. Even though he had won against her in the past, people still thought at the time he was lucky and he had probably died long ago.

Lin Ba Dao's smile was huge and he said: ’’All our juniors are incredible and all practice cultivation very hard. They are all very good.’’

’’That is how a good clan head should act. Lin Hai, in the past, just prevented the clan from progressing. Besides, his son was a disobedient brat who was not loyal to the clan.’’

’’Hehe.’’ laughed Lin Ba Dao. ’’Lin Feng and Lin Hai could never rival Qian Qian and me.’’

’’Exactly, never.’’ said the people immediately in reply.

At that moment, they didn't know it but outside of the Lin Clan, someone was standing at the entrance to the gate. He looked calm and serene.

’’The Lin Clan.’’ Lin Feng raised his head and saw the sign at the top of the gate. It felt very familiar. Lin Feng's heart was beating a bit faster.

It used to be his clan.

’’Today is the annual meeting of the Lin Clan.’’ thought Lin Feng. He took a deep breath and immediately moved forwards. He hadn't seen the Lin Clan for such a long time.


The guards of the Lin Clan blocked the way when they saw him. They coldly asked: ’’Who are you?’’

Lin Feng looked at these two guards, smiled indifferently and said: ’’My name is Lin Feng.’’

’’Lin Feng?’’ said the two guards a bit surprised. They had been serving the Lin Clan for half a year but they had never heard a member with that name before.

Did the Lin Clan have such a person?

’’I don't know him.’’ said the guards while looking at each other. They were still blocking the way, not letting Lin Feng enter.

’’You will know me very soon.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling. Immediately after, a strong wind blew past their bodies. Even though their eyes were wide open, they couldn't see Lin Feng's movements. He had disappeared in a flash. He had vanished before their eyes. He moved past the guards like the wind and headed into the Lin Clan territory.


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