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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 259


’’Lin Feng.’’

’’It's Lin Feng, I can't believe it.’’

Their hearts were racing. The officer of the Chi Xie army was surprisingly Lin Feng. Back in the past, Lin Feng had begun to show his brilliant talent but then the Lin Clan and the Na Lan Clan made him their enemy and forced him to leave.

The previous year, during the annual competition, many of the prestigious figures of Yangzhou City had personally seen Lin Feng. All the people present at Na Lan Xiong's banquet were rich, noble and prestigious figures. Therefore, they could all recognize Lin Feng, that talented young man.

The young man, who was now the officer of a powerful army which made the entire city vibrate, surprisingly was the same delicate and handsome young man they saw during the previous competition.

Nobody would have ever thought of such a thing, even in their dreams.

Besides, how old was Lin Feng? He was not even eighteen years old, and he was already the officer of the Chi Xie army, the Chi Xie Marquis. He already had an army of tens of thousands under his control. That was amazing. Everybody was looking at Lin Feng and wanted to speak but, they all knew to remain silent.

Na Lan Xiong was also shaking. Lin Feng was surprisingly the officer of the Chi Xie army. Incredibly, it was the same Lin Feng. His heart was pounding.

Back in the past, Lin Feng was considered trash and had been expelled from the Lin Clan. Now, he had become a marquis? Na Lan Xiong had the impression that the situation was contradictory with everything that he knew about Lin Feng.

Of course, the person who was most surprised was Na Lan Feng. When she saw Lin Feng take off his mask, she was dumbstruck. Her heart started pounding. Immediately after, she bit her lips and blankly stared at the frivolous and handsome young man.

During the annual competition of the previous year, she had thought that she would be the best cultivator in the competition. She had thought that only Lin Qian would be her rival. However, nothing happened the way she had thought, Bai Yuan Hou and Lin Feng appeared from nowhere. They had stolen her prestige. However, during the competition, she had thought that she was at the same cultivation layer as Lin Feng and she would easily surpass him in the future.

However, Lin Feng was appearing in front of her again. He had an incredible social status. He had an army of Chi Xie cavalry and owned the entire Yangzhou city. He had cut off the arm of her influential and arrogant boyfriend. Lin Feng was not even agitated. Lin Feng had easily ordered for his arm to be cut off. Maybe this was very normal for him.

Du Gu Xiao's social status was high, his relatives were Imperial Ministers. The fact that he had come with her had made Na Lan Feng extremely proud. The entire city of Yangzhou respected and admired her because of her boyfriend's status. That was why they were unceasingly flattering her. Even her clan had organized the banquet and invited the richest and most noble people to greet him.

Na Lan Feng wasn't prepared for such a situation. She hadn't thought that a fight would break out at all.

All of this was happening because of the Chi Xie army. Lin Feng had easily shattered her arrogance. Actually, he had crushed her entire reality and turned her world upside down.

She was much weaker than Lin Feng. She could not even touch his shadow.

Surprisingly, at that moment, the calmest person of the group was the person who had just lost an arm, Du Gu Xiao. That was because Lin Feng had mentioned that he slapped Du Gu Shang. At that moment, Du Gu Xiao understood what kind of person he was dealing with and the social status that Lin Feng had. He had never seen Lin Feng's face before.

When looking at that young and handsome man, Du Gu Xiao wanted to rip him to shreds. Lin Feng had not only crushed his arrogance but he also cut off his arm. Besides, his natural talent was far beyond Du Gu Xiao.

The crowd was astonished. When Lin Feng noticed the reactions, he was smiling coldly.

Power was determined by strength and status. In the past, he was an unknown and quiet young man. Even though he had participated in the annual competition, his strength was still not enough. He also had no social status at all. He had been so talented that Na Lan Xiong wasn't able to bear it and forced the Gu Clan and the Wen Clan to get involved. Everybody had joined forces in an attempt to kill him.

He had been reluctant to leave Yangzhou City, but now he was back.

However, the new Lin Feng had become much stronger. He could control an entire army, therefore, he could look down on everyone. He had the power of life and death.

He used to be humiliated every single day that he spent living in Yangzhou City but he still returned to the place he called home.

’’Do you understand things more clearly now?’’ said Lin Feng in a calm voice, while looking at Na Lan Xiong.

That calm voice made everyone tremble. Everybody was looking at Lin Feng. They were all confused. They were unable to calm their racing hearts.

Nobody would have thought that the young man, who was forced from Yangzhou City in humiliation, would come back and shock them all.

Na Lan Xiong was having trouble breathing as the shock had been too great. He didn't know what to say but he knew, more than everyone else, what was going to happen.

Lin Feng was as handsome, frivolous and determined as before. In the past, Lin Feng's strength wasn't enough to make a difference, but now he was able to control an entire army, and became the marquis of Yangzhou City. Could Lin Feng still be the same weak young man? That was, of course, impossible.

’’What do you want?’’

Na Lan Xiong was staring at Lin Feng. He felt extremely disheartened. Today was supposed to be a happy day but because of Lin Feng, it had become a tragic event.

’’What about you?’’ said Lin Feng while smiling coldly and then continued: ’’Last year, you, Na Lan Xiong, as the head of the Na Lan Clan, organized the annual competition. I had joined but when I won, the Lin Clan wanted my life. You, as the one organizing the event, didn't try to stop them at all. You gave your tacit agreement. You wanted me to die. I beat everybody, including your daughter, I even took her as a hostage, so of course, you wanted to see me dead.’’

’’The Yangzhou City competition was a joke.’’

Lin Feng was speaking slowly: ’’Besides, you organized everything to make your daughter seem stronger than she was. But now, I am stronger than your daughter. Back then, your daughter sent people to kill me because I refused to give her my table. She thought that she could put herself high above me. I could have died at any point.’’

Lin Feng's words were insufferably powerful and cold.

’’Therefore, for everything that you made me suffer, I will return it back. I want you to take your own life.’’

’’You must take your own life.’’

Lin Feng's tone was calm and peaceful. The crowd was astonished and their hearts were pounding once again. Lin Feng was surprisingly asking Na Lan Xiong, the head of Yangzhou City, to commit suicide.

In the past, who would have thought that the delicate and handsome young man would, one day, look at Na Lan Xiong and tell him to kill himself. In the past, Na Lan Xiong was sitting at the top and it was as if Lin Feng was an ant beneath his foot.

’’If I decide against that.’’ said Na Lan Xiong while staring at Lin Feng aggressively.

’’You can choose to refuse. I don't have much time to play with you, so I will give you ten seconds to think it over. If you don't reply, I will take that as your refusal. The countdown starts now.’’

He had ten seconds to decide. How domineering, how powerful!



Lin Feng didn't care about what other people thought. He was looking at Na Lan Xiong and counting. Na Lan Xiong's face turned deathly pale. He had never thought that suddenly, someone would tell him to end his own life. Besides, he also had the choice to refuse, the only problem was, who would dare to refuse?



Time passed, the ten seconds had almost elapsed. Everybody was staring at Na Lan Xiong.

’’No, don't!’’ said Na Lan Feng while looking at her father and shaking her head frenetically. She regretted everything at that moment. Everything that was happening was because of her, she had used her status to send people to kill him over nothing. If she hadn't acted that way in the past, maybe they wouldn't be in such a desperate situation at that moment.

Her pride and arrogance had a price, and what a tragic one.


’’Hahahaha........’’ At that moment, a loud laugh spread through the atmosphere. Na Lan Xiong was laughing as if he was carefree.


A sound echoed through the banquet hall along with the echoing laughter. Suddenly, blood started spilling from Na Lan Xiong's mouth.


Na Lan Feng's face turned deathly pale. Her father had chosen to kill himself. He hadn't dared to gamble. Lin Feng was excessively cruel. Na Lan Feng felt hatred rise up from the bottom of her heart.


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