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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 258


’’Cut one of his arms off.’’

Lin Feng's voice was calm, everybody was absolutely petrified.

Lin Feng wanted to cut one of Du Gu Xiao's arms off?

Du Gu Xiao was related to an Imperial Minister and he would dare to cut his arm off?

Du Gu Xiao's arrogant expression vanished. His heart was pounding. What did he just hear? After having declared his social status and demanding for Lin Feng to apologize, Lin Feng hadn't even paid attention to him and calmly ordered his soldiers to cut one of his arms off?

People in the crowd felt like their hearts skipped a beat.

’’What did you just say?’’ asked Na Lan Feng whose heart was pounding. Immediately after, she looked at Lin Feng with an ice-cold glare. Du Gu Xiao was her boyfriend and she was extremely happy to be with him.

When the people of the banquet had learnt that a huge army had come to Yangzhou City, they had all panicked. Only Na Lan Feng and Du Gu Xiao had remained calm and were extremely arrogant. They were the ones who demanded the army come to apologize.

’’Listen to me, you want to cut one of my arms off?’’ said Du Gu Xiao in an ice-cold tone, while releasing some cold Qi. At the same time, a soldier wearing a bronze mask rushed out from the army while releasing some extremely thick and brutal Qi.


Lin Feng didn't feel like hearing any more words. Ba Dao jumped through the air. A magnificent and bright light filled the atmosphere. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared, the only thing left in the atmosphere was gushing blood.

The entire atmosphere turned completely silent. Everybody was staring at the blood. Their hearts were shaken.

They had really cut off his arm.

That soldier didn't hesitate at all, the Chi Xie officer gave an order and his arm had immediately been completely cut off.

Besides, that bright and dazzling light which flashed through the air remained in their minds, they couldn't think about anything else.


The entire atmosphere was invaded by a heavy silence. Du Gu Xiao broke that silence when he uttered a long cry of agony. He was covering his bleeding stump with his other hand, his face was deathly pale, there wasn't the slightest trace of colour in his face.

Besides, on his side, Na Lan Feng was blankly staring at the scene. Her beautiful cheeks turned white. Had Du Gu Xiao really lost his arm?

’’It's over.’’

Na Lan Xiong's heart was violently pounding. The Du Gu Clan would never accept the fact that Du Gu Xiao's arm had been cut off and they would hold the Na Lan Clan responsible.

’’How could this happen?’’ thought Na Lan Xiong while feeling enraged. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng, the officer of the Chi Xie troops, who was wearing a bronze mask.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked at him as well. Behind his mask, his face was as calm and serene as before. He did not care about the events that had just transpired.

’’You wanted me to come and apologize?’’ said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. Na Lan Xiong's facial expression became rigid. He was realizing that Lin Feng might also cut off his arms. This officer was insane. Would it be that simple though?

But at that moment, Na Lan Xiong was surrounded by an army and couldn't escape at all. Lin Feng just had to give the order and the Na Lan Clan would be annihilated.

Na Lan Xiong had listened to Du Gu Xiao and told them to come apologize.

He had asked the officer of the Chi Xie army to come and apologize? Of course, all of this was happening because Na Lan Xiong had trusted Du Gu Xiao too much. After all, his family was tied to Imperial Ministers.

However, he wouldn't have thought that an officer would actually dare to cut off one of Du Gu Xiao's arms, especially when considering his social background.

’’Who are you?’’ said Du Gu Xiao sounding evil while staring at Lin Feng. He wanted to slaughter Lin Feng.

’’I am Du Gu Xiao of the Du Gu Clan, our clan has Imperial Ministers... and you dared to cut off my arm?’’

’’You are dead!’’ shouted Na Lan Feng while staring at Lin Feng. Her facial expression was hideous.

’’Du Gu Clan, Imperial Ministers, I know all of that.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently. He then looked at Du Gu Xiao and said: ’’What is your relation to Du Gu Shang?’’

’’Huh?’’ Du Gu Xiao was surprised, he was staring at Lin Feng: ’’My older brother. Since you know, how dare you cut off my arm?’’

At that moment, his wound was extremely painful.

’’Your older brother? You are all the same. You whole clan must be incredibly stupid.’’ said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. He then added: ’’Could it be that your brother hasn't told you? A few days ago, at the Celestial Academy, I slapped him into a stupor and then made him kneel down and kowtow to me.’’

Du Gu Xiao was violently shaking and staring at Lin Feng. He was dumbstruck.

Surprisingly... it was him.

He should have thought about this earlier. Chi Xie Officer, Yangzhou City must be his fief, why didn't he think about it sooner?

That was because in his head, the Chi Xie army should belong to Duan Ren City, but surprisingly they had come to Yangzhou City. He was now realizing that the Chi Xie army hadn't gone back to Duan Ren City, instead, they had come to the new fief of their officer, a small city that was not worth mentioning.

Lin Feng had set a whole city on fire, had crossed a huge distance to save the princess, he rushed over to the Imperial City to save Liu Cang Lan from being executed, Then he killed Duan Tian Lang's son in front of him. He was the Marquis of Yangzhou City.

Lin Feng had become a legend in the imperial city. Lin Feng was absolutely fearless. He didn't even fear Duan Tian Lang and killed his son in front of him, was there anything that Lin Feng didn't dare to do?’’

Du Gu Xiao's face was deathly pale. Why did this happen to him? There were Imperial Ministers in his family.

The crowd also noticed that Lin Feng was silent. They were stupefied, he had slapped Du Gu Xiao's brother? He even made him kowtow?

Who was this person? He was truly insane. He wasn't even scared of facing the Du Gu Clan?

Na Lan Feng and Na Lan Xiong saw that Du Gu Xiao had also become silent. They were shaking in fear. Du Gu Xiao, surprisingly, was keeping his mouth closed from fear.

If he remained silent, it meant that Lin Feng was speaking the truth. His brother had really been slapped by Lin Feng and had kowtowed as an apology.

’’Who is he?’’ whispered Na Lan Feng but Du Gu Xiao ignored her. He had a strange smile on his face.

’’Good, good.’’

Du Gu Xiao was almost driven insane. He couldn't do anything against Lin Feng. He wasn't strong enough to rival him and his clan would not risk getting involved. His brother had even been humiliated by him... All he could do was remain silent.

His brother had been humiliated, he, himself, had just lost an arm, how could he not be driven into madness? That Chi Xie officer was really a terrifying existence.

’’Du Gu Xiao demanded the army come and apologise, it seems like he knows the officer but can't afford to offend him.’’ thought the people in the crowd. The Na Lan Clan was in trouble.

A moment before, Du Gu Xiao was insufferably arrogant and aggressive, but then his arm was cut off. He didn't even dare to make another sound. The Na Lan Clan had no escape.


Lin Feng was standing before them, who could stop him?

Everybody wanted to say that it had nothing to do with the Na Lan Clan so that they would be able to avoid a catastrophe.

’’Na Lan Xiong, I am the Chi Xie Marquis and Yangzhou City is my fief. I arrived in Yangzhou City and instead of a greeting, you demand an apology, how audacious.’’ said Lin Feng in an extremely cold tone, making everybody shiver.

’’What should be your punishment?’’ said Lin Feng. Na Lan Xiong's heart was beating extremely violently. He was the Marquis of Yangzhou City. He had surprisingly come to receive his fief and Na Lan Xiong refused to greet him and demanded an apology. That was an offense.

Na Lan Xiong remained silent. He only saw Lin Feng turn to the other members of his clan: ’’What do you think? How should he be punished?’’

The crowd was shaking, Lin Feng was terrifying.

’’The last person to speak, will die.’’ said Lin Feng, then suddenly everyone burst into uproar: ’’Na Lan Xiong is a criminal! He should die!’’

When Na Lan Xiong heard that, he evilly stared at the person. The person was flattering him a short moment before and at that moment he was saying that he should die. What a venomous snake!

’’Indeed, Na Lan Xiong should die! He definitely has to die!’’

’’Yes, you're right, kill him!’’

Everybody who was present was replying as quickly as possible scared to be the last person. Lin Feng was smiling under his mask. Finally, he looked at Na Lan Xiong and said: ’’Did you hear that? Everybody is saying that you should die.’’

When Na Lan Xiong saw that Lin Feng might kill him, and when he saw Lin Feng's calm eyes, he had the feeling that he knew him from somewhere.

’’I know you. Who are you?’’ said Na Lan Xiong to Lin Feng. He realized that Lin Feng may have come specifically for him.

’’Do you want to know who I am?’’ said Lin Feng calmly.

’’I do.’’ said Na Lan Xiong while nodding. He, of course wanted to know.

’’Alright, I see.’’

Lin Feng smiled, he put his hands on his bronze mask and slowly took it off. His face appeared, everybody, including Na Lan Xiong could see him.

At that moment, the atmosphere became entirely silent.


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