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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 252


The silhouette that Yun Xi saw in front of her looked conceited, filled with arrogance, the arrogance of the aristocracy.

Du Gu Shang was a rich and powerful person.

Du Gu Shang had heard about Lin Feng's achievements, people were talking about him everywhere. He had even just heard that people were comparing him with Lin Feng. Surprisingly, there were people who dared say that Lin Feng was better than him, like Yun Xi.

Du Gu Shang was in a bad mood because of that. What kind of person did this girl think he was? In the entire Celestial Academy, he was always practicing at the top of that tower, nobody dared to take his position, even the second in the ranking, Qiong Bi Luo and the third Wen Ao Xue. Du Gu Shang thought that because they had never had conflicts, he was different and better than them.

He respected Lin Feng even less, for him, comparing him with Lin Feng was a humiliation.

’’Why couldn't I compare you with Lin Feng, as I see it, Lin Feng is better than you!’’ said Yun Xi when she heard that Du Gu Shang was criticizing Lin Feng which made Du Gu Shang furious.

’’Shut the hell up!’’ he shouted.


At that moment, a loud sound filled the air. Yun Xi had been slapped in the face, not by Du Gu Shang but by one of the girls who was with her.

’’Yun Xi, you shut the hell up! Du Gu Shang is much better than Lin Feng. In front of Du Gu Shang, Lin Feng is mere trash, a nobody.’’ said the girl extremely coldly. Her words and actions were harsh.

When Du Gu Shang saw that, a big arrogant smile appeared on his face. Indeed, in front of him, Lin Feng was a nobody.

At that moment, about a hundred meters away from them, a handsome silhouette had appeared, they raised their head and looked at the tall and majestic tower.

That young man was precisely the one they were discussing, Lin Feng.

Lin Feng then slowly turned his head and looked at Du Gu Shang and the others. He wanted to go to the cultivation tower and practice there until the end of the year, then he would go back to Yangzhou City but at that moment, on the road, many people were talking about him, even at the bottom of the tower, some people were arguing about him.

Lin Feng heard every word already but he couldn't be bothered with them. He didn't feel like going and proving anything to them, they were not worth his time. Many people were talking about him, he couldn't care about everyone, nature would take its course.

But at that moment, a girl was protecting his reputation and had been slapped in the face for defending him, she was being humiliated, Lin Feng frowned.

’’Yun Xi, tonight, I will sleep with you, after that, we won't talk of this again and I will not punish you.’’ said Du Gu Shang sounding extremely arrogant. How ridiculous! It was difficult for him to get a woman with his ugly face. He was interested in Yun Xi but if he had said it clearly, it would have been giving her face, but she surprisingly dared say that she found Lin Feng better than him, therefore, he would teach her the power of a noble over the course of the night.


Yun Xi was stupefied, she was looking at that ugly and disgusting guy who wanted to take advantage of her. It would rather be an honour and a favour for her to sleep with him. What a shameless young man. He thought that he could freely humiliate those beneath him.

In fact, it was really that way, Du Gu Shang, really thought he could humiliate anyone as he wished, except for a few exceptions.

’’If you don't reply, I will just help myself.’’ said Du Gu Shang with a particularly evil smile on his face, Yun Xi's facial expression changed again, she turned deathly pale, what a disgusting and hideous man, however, she also felt powerless.

Not only did he have a very high status but he had also broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer. Relying on his cultivation level and physical strength, he could easily capture her by force and use her as his toy.

’’Yun Xi, Du Gu Shang is giving you a great opportunity, you are lucky, you'd be really shameless if you made him lose face.’’ said the mean girl trying to flatter Du Gu Shang at the same time.

Yun Xi looked even paler. Being se*ually assaulted by Du GU Shang for an entire night and then abandoned was a stroke of luck? The mean girl was shameless!

’’You're so young and already so cheap, you are one promiscuous flower.’’ said a voice interrupting them. It sounded cold and detached. It shocked the mean girl. She turned around and immediately saw a handsome young man, she frowned and said: ’’Who are you talking to?’’

Last time, she hadn't seen Hei Mo and Lin Feng's battle so she couldn't recognize him.

’’Apart from you, is there another cheap and trashy girl here?’’ asked Lin Feng in the tone of a joke. With those kind of girls, the only solution was to be harsher than them.

The mean girl was stupefied but Yun Xi suddenly seemed happy. She was blankly staring at the young man in front of her.

It was Lin Feng, surprisingly, it was Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had heard her and come to her rescue.

As before, he looked natural and unrestrained, but in comparison with before, he looked more mysterious and had a heroic spirit.

Du Gu Shang frowned as well. He didn't recognize Lin Feng either. Last time, during the battle between Hei Mo and Lin Feng, even though almost everybody had seen it, Du Gu Shang despised Hei Mo so he didn't go to watch his battle.

’’Why don't you mind your own business?’’ said Du Gu Shang, who looked like he was in a joking mood.

Lin Feng coldly looked at Du Gu Shang, immediately after, he shook his head in disdain. That guy didn't know him yet he was talking behind his back, Lin Feng despised these types of filthy people and attached no importance to them.

Lin Feng looked at the mean girl and said: ’’I understand that for you, a one-night-stand with anyone is a stroke of luck, and since it is about giving face, it's clear that you have given a great deal of face and so you are very lucky!’’

Lin Feng was speaking loudly and clearly so that everybody could hear, then, everybody looked at her and laughed. What she said was indeed utterly ridiculous, she was really shameless.

’’I'm talking to you.’’ said Du Gu Shang whose voice was sounding colder and colder. Lin Feng surprisingly wasn't paying attention to him. Du Gu Shang had a prestigious social status, how could Lin Feng ignore him in front of everybody?

Lin Feng slowly turned around and said to Du Gu Shang: ’’Do I know you?’’

Du Gu Shang was astonished and then smiled coldly: ’’I, of course, don't know you so you most likely don't know me either. People who know me don't dare ignore me. What's your name?’’

’’You overestimate yourself.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling and continued: ’’Even though I don't know you, I unfortunately heard your unsavoury name which is normal considering the you show off in front of everybody, Du Gu Shang.’’

’’Huh?’’ Du Gu Shang narrowed his eyes. Lin Feng surprisingly knew who he was but still dared act that way towards him.

’’Since you know who I am, I will show you my methods. Slap your own face, kneel three times and kowtow nine times, once you're done, I will forgive all of your mistakes from today.’’ Du Gu Shang sounded cold and was releasing oppressing energy. His mouth was filled with endless arrogance and coldness. He thought that releasing a little bit of Qi and force would be enough to make Lin Feng collapse.

However, Lin Feng was calmly standing there, motionless, with a cold smile on his face. His facial expression hadn't changed at all. It actually seemed like Lin Feng hadn't sensed the oppressive energy at all.

’’Slap my own face? Kneel three times and kowtow nine times?’’ Lin Feng raised his head and slowly walked towards Du Gu Shang. Du Gu Shang was surprised and released more and more of his Qi.

’’With so little Qi and force, don't you think that you're making a fool of yourself?’’ said Lin Feng making the whole crowd look on while astonished. What an insane guy, humiliating Du Gu Shang.

Besides, Lin Feng was a military student so his fellow military students were all excited, especially since Du Gu Shang was a political student.

’’You can only talk big.’’ said Du Gu Shang who released an even stronger energy which pressures the entire atmosphere.

Around Lin Feng's body appeared sword Qi, it was extremely powerful, his entire body was like a sword, extremely sharp.

The crowd was astonished. Their hearts were pounding. These energies were... terrifying.

Was this the same Lin Feng who had fought against Hei Mo?


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