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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 250


In the Lovesick Forest, it was as usual, misty, there was a thick fog floating above the ground. It looked like heaven on earth.

In the pavilion, two people were drinking Lovesick Alcohol. Duan Wu Ya was one of them.

The other one was a smart, elegant, handsome and spirited man. That man looked natural and unrestrained. At that moment, he was still wearing his armor, the armor of an officer. He looked majestic. It was the officer of the Imperial Guards: Yu Ji.

’’What do you think?’’ said Duan Wu Ya sounding indifferent while sipping on his glass of Lovesick alcohol.

’’Your Highness, before the battle, I had already secured the situation, all the Imperial Guards are now in our faction. Now, it is only about consolidating and purging. From today, the guards are yours, Your Highness.’’

’’Oh.’’ said Duan Wu Ya while lightly nodding. It was impossible to see if he was happy or worried. He was expressionless and uncommunicative.

At that moment, someone wearing black clothes was approaching and arrived at the pavilion, he slightly bowed in front of the second prince and said: ’’Your Highness.’’

’’Nan Shan, sit down.’’ said Duan Wu Ya while waving and smiling softly and warmly.

Nan Shan slightly nodded and immediately sat down opposite Yu Ji. He said: ’’Your Highness, Liu Cang Lan went back to Duan Ren City but he gave his army to Lin Feng. He wants them to stay with him.’’

’’Great news.’’ Duan Wu Ya paused and then said, while nodding: ’’Maybe then he'll be able to use them for a good cause.’’

’’Yu Ji, the imperial guards need you, you should go back.’’ said Duan Wu Ya to Yu Ji. Yu Ji slightly nodded and took leave. Immediately after, he left the pavilion.

Nan Shan, while looking at Yu Ji's silhouette leave, said: ’’Your Highness, congratulations on gaining the Imperial Guards.’’

Duan Wu Ya shook his head and said: ’’Today's greatest achievement is not the Imperial Guards.’’

’’Duan Tian Lang, Meng Han and the others didn't care about Your Highness and worked against Your Highness. Meng Han is already dead, Duan Tian Lang is mourning over his son's death, the others should be perfectly aware of the situation as well.’’ said Nan Shan. Duan Wu Ya was usually always so kind and soft. Because of that, many people forgot that he was also extremely powerful. Nan Shan had been following Duan Wu Ya for many years, he perfectly understood that the people who underestimated Duan Wu Ya would end up in tragic situations.

Even the extremely strong, powerful, ruthless and cruel high-official, the crown prince, didn't dare look down on his brother.

’’That's not how it is.’’ said Duan Wu Ya while shaking his head. Nan Shan was a bit surprised and immediately said: ’’Lin Feng.’’

’’Indeed, that's Lin Feng.’’

Duan Wu Ya, while slightly nodding his head, said: ’’Everybody now knows that Lin Feng is one from my faction.’’

’’Even though the Imperial Guards protect the city and constitute an important provision of force, in comparison with these troops, they are still too weak. These troops are my goal. Duan Tian Lang is too arrogant and looks down on everyone else, he's a moron. Surprisingly, he dared touch Duan Xin Ye, he doesn't know but from that moment, he doomed himself. He still thinks that there is a chance with my brother, but he's nothing but a dead man.’’

Duan Wu Ya, at that moment, didn't look like a friendly person. His eyes were filled with sharpness, brutality and coldness. He hadn't been worried about Duan Xin Ye being kidnapped by Mo Yue troops, they wouldn't have killed Duan Xin Ye but he hadn't thought that Duan Tian Lang would try to kill Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye on the way back.

Nan Shan could sense Duan Wu Ya's coldness. He knew that if Duan Tian Lang was still alive, but it was only a matter of time.

What Duan Tian Lang didn't understand was that he wouldn't be able to achieve his aim if the princess died, he would be doomed. No matter the winner, Duan Wu Dao or Duan Wu Ya, Dan Tian Lang would have been killed for murdering Duan Xin Ye.

Duan Tian Lang still thought that Duan Wu Dao would agree with him killing the princess. Maybe if Duan Tian Lang had the princess' blood on his hands, Duan Wu Dao wouldn't say anything initially but in the end, he would end up like everyone else who had committed a serious crime.

Such things were typical in political affairs. They were doing things behind the curtains, in secret, and things were difficult to understand. It was difficult to see where each piece was placed on the board.

’’Nan Shan, you tell me, how can I get these troops?’’ said Duan Wu Ya. Nan Shan was surprised, shook his head and said: ’’I don't know.’’

Nan Shan knew what Duan Wu Ya meant, the most mysterious army of Xue Yue, the Snow-Dragon Guards.

The Snow-Dragon Guard unit was composed of the best cultivators within Xue Yue.

’’It is absolutely normal for you not to know.’’ said Duan Wu Ya while smiling: ’’The old man will, sooner or later, stop reigning over the country, allowing my brother and me to struggle for power and influence. Leading the ministers and so on will not be a problem but the one who manages to obtain the Snow-Dragon Troops, will be the real Emperor.’’

Nan Shan remained silent. He didn't know much about the Snow-Dragon Troops apart from the fact that they were extremely strong.

At that moment, Duan Wu Ya raised his head and gazed into the distance.

’’Your Highness, I will leave now,’’ said Nan Shan while getting up but Duan Wu Ya shook his head and said: ’’No need, stay here.’’

In the distance, Lin Feng had appeared. He was slowly and silently walking towards the pavilion, like a leaf floating on the wind, as if he was in perfect fusion with the earth. The energy which was emerging from his body was mysterious. Duan Wu Ya was a bit surprised.

’’What is Lin Feng's cultivation level now?’’ thought Duan Wu Ya. Duan Wu Ya couldn't sense Lin Feng's cultivation level but it seemed like since he had gone to Duan Ren City, he had changed a lot.

’’Your Highness.’’ said Lin Feng, who had arrived at the pavilion a moment later. Duan Wu Ya nodded.

’’Lin Feng, hurry up and sit down.’’ said Duan Wu Ya looking friendly again. He once again looked easy to get along with. He seemed to be a warm and soft person.

Lin Feng slightly nodded and sat down opposite Nan Shan. This time, when Lin Feng entered into the forest, he didn't feel strange at all, it was obviously thanks to Duan Wu Ya.

’’Your Highness, you asked me to personally come to the Lovesick Forest, what do you need to speak to me about?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’Lin Feng, you don't need to be so meticulous with me. Above all, I invited you to show you my gratitude for having brought Duan Xin Ye back safely.’’

Duan Wu Ya poured some alcohol into Lin Feng's glass and immediately downed his glass.

Lin Feng grabbed the glass of alcohol and brought it to his lips, while drinking, he said in a low voice: ’’Your Highness, the princess was missing, it was my duty to bring her back.’’

Lin Feng continued drinking the Lovesick Alcohol and a mysterious feeling invaded his heart.

’’How's the feeling?’’ asked Duan Wu Ya while smiling.

’’Even though I can't appreciate alcohol that much, I know that Lovesick Alcohol is unique and original.’’ replied Lin Feng while smiling.

’’What I want to ask you is if Xin Ye appeared in your heart while drinking Lovesickness.’’ said Duan Wu Ya with a smile yet not a smile on his face. ’’Lin Feng, it seems that you do not have the same feelings as my sister.’’

Lin Feng was a bit shocked and then smiled wryly. That alcohol was supposed to make a person's most loved one appear in one's heart.

In Lin Feng's heart, except for the image of a pure and holy silhouette wearing long white clothes, there was also a small part which belonged to the princess.

He remembered that day at the Zi Government, Duan Xin Ye had really moved him to the extent that her silhouette appeared in his mind.

Besides, in his heart, there was another girl, wearing red clothes, she was gentle and demure.

Lin Feng was a bit perplexed, he believed in true love.

’’Alright, this also none of my business, Lin Feng, I officially granted you a title, you can now officially claim it, you can also go to Yangzhou City to get your fief.’’

When Duan Wu Ya saw that Lin Feng remained silent, he also didn't insist, he instead changed the subject.

’’At the end of the year, soon the annual new year's holiday will be upon us, I will go back at that moment.’’ replied Lin Feng. He and his father had been expelled out of the Lin Clan so it was better to wait for a complete year to be over before returning.’’

Maybe he would be able to arrive for the Lin Clan annual meeting too.

’’Alright, in a few days I will send people to the Celestial Academy to come and pick you up to officially to receive your title.’’ said Duan Wu Ya.

’’Alright.’’ said Lin Feng while slightly nodding. ’’Your Highness, I would like to ask you for help... I need your connections to help me find someone...’’

’’Tell me who.’’ said Duan Wu Ya while nodding.

’’My father, Lin Hai.’’ said Lin Feng slowly. Lin Hai said that he was going to the Imperial City but some many things had happened to Lin Feng and he didn't even know where his father was. Lin Feng had no news so he hoped that Duan Wu Ya would be able to help him as the city was extremely large.

’’Your father, Lin Hai?’’ said Duan Wu Ya looking pensive, and then immediately nodded and said: ’’Alright, Lin Feng, leave it to me.’’

’’Your Highness, thank you.’’ said Lin Feng while nodding and saluting Duan Wu Ya with a cupped-hand salute. ’’If you, Your Highness, don't have anything else to add, I will take my leave.’’

’’Alright, you can go.’’ said Duan Wu Ya while nodding and not preventing Lin Feng from leaving.

Lin Feng abruptly left the Lovesick Forest, outside of the Lovesick Forest, there was a pure and holy looking silhouette waiting for him. When Lin Feng came out, they left together.


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