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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 241


The sound of the galloping horses was approaching. On the top of the city gate, the troops didn't shoot their arrows and slowly put their bows down while looking at the silhouettes who were arriving.

’’Ren Qing Kuang.’’ shouted Lin Feng. He then jumped off the horse and glanced at the troops.

’’Everybody, don't attack.’’ said Lin Feng. He obviously understood that if they attacked, there would be no way back. If they attacked the Imperial City, they would be considered as rebels and would inevitably be executed.

Those who worked behind the curtains didn't care about the lives of all these soldiers, all they cared about were their own personal interests.

’’Lin Feng, quickly! Liu Cang Lan doesn't have much time left!’’ said Ren Qing Kuang looking anxious. Lin Feng slightly nodded. He had precisely hurried because of that reason. He had been galloping all night rushing over to the Imperial City. He knew that he couldn't afford to be slow.

Lin Feng looked at the people on the top of the city wall and shouted: ’’Lin Feng is returning to the Imperial City, open the gate.’’

Lin Feng knew how Xue Yue wanted to dispose of him. On the one hand, they wanted to kill him, but on the other hand, they needed him to die at the border without witnesses. At that moment, at the very periphery of the Imperial City, the whole crowd was watching the scene unfold. If they killed him, they would be forced to show their real intentions.

As expected, when the troops heard Lin Feng's name, they were all startled. They slowly lowered their bows which made Meng Chong furious. An ice-cold expression appeared on his face. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

’’Lin Feng...’’ whispered Meng Chong. He then said with a cold tone: ’’Lin Feng was kidnapped by Mo Yue, if he was here today, it is probably because he has become a rebel and is now working with them. He cannot enter the Imperial City. Besides, there are these rebels as well, surprisingly they dare to surround the Imperial City, getting ready to attack us with their arrows. We must kill them, get ready to attack!’’

’’Huh?’’ Lin Feng frowned. Attack? Rebels?

How shameless! Lin Feng wasn't the only one who was surprised, the troops on the top of the city gate were also surprised, including Meng Gu Feng, but orders had to be obeyed, thus the troops raised their bows again, getting ready to fire.

’’Would you dare?’’ At that moment, Duan Xin Ye was also beside Lin Feng on a horse. The crowd was astonished.

It was the princess, Her Highness!

Meng Chong was also astonished, his lips were shaking.

Meng Chong used to hope he could marry the princess someday but then Lin Feng crippled his cultivation. He had become a piece of trash and would never be able to marry Duan Xin Ye.

Besides, he understood why the troops outside the city gate wanted to fight, when he thought about that, a hideous expression appeared on his face.

’’Fire!’’ shouted Meng Chong while waving his hand. He looked extremely cruel.

When Meng Chong finished talking, Meng Gu Feng, who was behind Meng Chong, went pale.

’’Don't shoot!’’ shouted Meng Gu Feng furiously. Even though he wanted to kill Princess Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng, at that moment, they had already returned safely to the Imperial City, they couldn't brazenly kill them anymore. That would cause a great deal of trouble.

If Meng Chong killed Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye, that would have made some people of the Imperial Family happy and some others unhappy.

Lin Feng wouldn't be too much of an issue, but the Emperor's daughter? Who would bear the responsibility for killing her?

These thoughts were logical and were common sense but Meng Chong's heart was filled with hatred and jealousy which is why he wanted to attack.

’’Pshhh.... pshhhh....’’

A few arrows whistled through the air. Lin Feng's facial expression was ice-cold. He jumped up in the air, his hand transformed into a sword and he immediately cut the arrows down.

’’You want to kill the princess, how audacious, these rebels must die.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. He immediately rushed towards the city gate at incredible speed. At the same time, Ren Qing Kuang and Meng Qing were also rushing towards the city gate.

’’Psshhhh!’’ Lin Feng's hand pierced through the atmosphere. Immediately those who had shot their arrows were killed. They hadn't even had time to react.

The soldiers who hadn't shot when they had heard Meng Gu Feng were shocked. Lin Feng and the others had easily landed on the gate tower.

’’A moment ago, you're the one who gave the order to shoot, you wanted to kill the princess?’’ said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone to Meng Chong. This guy again...

When Meng Chong saw Lin Feng's facial expression, he started shaking. He had thought that if he saw Lin Feng again, he would prestigiously be able to order the troops to kill him but at that moment, Lin Feng had easily appeared before him. One glance had been enough to destroy his enthusiasm. The only feeling left in his heart was dread.

He was really scared of Lin Feng, the last time in the Lovesick Forest, Lin Feng had been merciless and crippled his cultivation, not letting him escape.

He was slowly moving back, Lin Feng's eyes surprisingly sufficed to scare him into a retreat.

Meng Gu Feng took a step forwards and looked at the young man in front of him. It was the first time that he met Lin Feng but many people knew about Lin Feng. Meng Gu Feng obviously knew that Lin Feng had crippled his son's cultivation making him a piece of trash.

’’Meng Chong didn't do it on purpose, he didn't know that the princess was there. I will personally make him apologize to the princess.’’ Meng Gu Feng was protecting his son. He hated Lin Feng. He needed to restore peace and remove himself from this event.

’’Unintentionally? He didn't know?’’ Lin Feng was smiling coldly: ’’A moment ago, the princess was still shouting from her horse back. Everybody saw that with their own eyes but Meng Chong still gave the order to shoot, attempting to murder the princess. Meng Chong must die.’’

’’Meng Chong didn't see the princess.’’ Meng Gu Feng's cheeks were burning.

Lin Feng didn't have time to talk nonsense, he moved forwards while releasing his killing intent. How could he not kill Meng Chong?

On the top of the gate, some silhouettes flickered, they all moved in front of Meng Chong. They only saw Lin Feng smile coldly who then said: ’’Meng Chong wants to kill the princess, he has been sentenced to death. Those who want to protect him are his accomplices and must die. I, Lin Feng, am the princess' personal guard, my job is to protect her. I will kill anyone who threatens her life, no matter who it is.’’ said Lin Feng aggressively. He would kill anyone who attacked the princess, no matter what their status.

The crowd clearly heard what Lin Feng had said. What a frivolous young man! Anyone who would threaten the princess would be killed.

’’Try if you dare!’’ said Meng Gu Feng whose face turned pale. No matter what Meng Chong did, he was his son, was within his territory ,and his control. Lin Feng was only the princess' personal guard, how could he not get furious after being ignored?

’’When I say that I will kill, I kill. No matter who is in my way.’’ said Lin Feng sounding extremely domineering. He then took a step and an insane purple hurricane emerged in the atmosphere. A silhouette flickered and moved straight towards Lin Feng to attack him. Lin Feng just raised his hand at an incredible speed and his had had already pierced through that person's heart.

The soldiers, when they saw that, started shaking in fear. Nobody dared to risk their lives in front of that purple hurricane. In a flash, purple tentacles appeared from the silhouette, its deadly strength started to move forward. Everybody was pushed back, including Meng Gu Feng. The purple cloud contained a corrosive power too. When people touched it, they felt like if they stayed in contact with it, they would melt.

Lin Feng's silhouette flickered and rushed towards Meng Chong. Lin Feng was as fast as lightning, therefore, nobody had time to react.

Lin Feng grabbed Meng Chong by the neck using only one hand and then directly moved to the edge of the city gate. Meng Chong's body was hanging over the edge, Lin Feng just had to let go and Meng Chong would fall to his death.

At that moment, Meng Chong's face looked deathly pale, there wasn't the slightest degree of colour in his face, only fear.

’’Lin Feng, don't you dare!’’ Meng Gu Feng had also turned deathly pale and furiously shouted these words but he only saw that a smile had appeared on Lin Feng's face.

’’Chi Xie troops, hear me!’’ shouted Lin Feng. At that moment, the army outside in front of the gate of the Imperial City all said in unison: ’’Roger!’’

Their voices spread through the atmosphere. At that moment, Lin Feng looked like a great commander, majestic and imposing, everybody obeyed him. He could light the fire within the hearts of his soldiers. These soldiers were, once again, feeling full of vitality.

’’Prepare your arrows!’’ shouted Lin Feng. At that moment, all the troops out of the Imperial City raised their bows. Both sides had their bows raised.

’’Meng Chong gave the order to kill the princess, this is a capital offense, he must be killed!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously, at that moment, he let go of Meng Chong, whose body slowly fell from the top of the gate.

’’Pssshhh, psshhhh.’’ Thousands of arrows pierced through the air. Meng Chong gave a horrible shriek and his life was put to an end. Suddenly, a red liquid started flowing down the city walls.

All these arrows had pierced through his body which pinned against the city wall. His corpse was hanging from the city walls by thousands of arrows.

At that moment, Everybody was speechless. How ruthless and powerful!

That is how Lin Feng had gained such an illustrious reputation, it seemed like he was at the apex of his power.


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