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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 231


The crowd was also looking at the old man's chest. They could clearly see the bloody cross which was gushing with blood. They were in shock.

’’Who said that a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer couldn't hurt one of the Xuan Qi layer.’’

If Lin Feng said that, it was because he believed otherwise and that he knew that he had the power to prove it. Relying on his strength of the Ling Qi layer, not only had he hurt the old man, but he had actually severely injured him. He had nearly killed him. The crowd found the whole situation hard to believe.

The old man lowered his head and could clearly see the cross mark and the blood from his chest. The old man's facial expression was so hideous that no words could describe it. Pure Qi emerged, the blood flowing out of his wound solidified and his wound was instantly sealed. The old man raised his head and looked at Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with endless hatred. He had never wanted to kill someone so much before meeting Lin Feng.

’’I want to dismantle your entire body piece by piece before killing you.’’

The old man's voice sounded extremely evil.


Lin Feng groaned coldly. He moved back to his initial position, grabbed Duan Xin Ye's hand, then slightly moved back again and at that moment the old man's facial expression drastically changed: ’’Don't you dare!’’

At that moment, behind Lin Feng, there was the gigantic statue which was where the entrance into the forbidden area was hidden. It was still open from the previous rituals.

When Lin Feng saw the old man's facial expression, he smiled coldly. He then moved like a shadow and disappeared, he grabbed Duan Xin Ye and both of them immediately vanished, they were both thrown into the forbidden area.

The old man's facial expression grew darker. Lin Feng had entered the forbidden area.

The old man's silhouette flickered and he immediately tried to follow them but when he tried to enter the forbidden area, an extremely fierce sword energy emerged. His body was blown backwards.

A loud rumbling noise filled the air. The door of the forbidden area closed itself. The old man was astonished.

’’Kacha!’’ The old man's hands emitted cracking noises as he clenched his fists. He was fixedly staring at the entrance to the forbidden area. The thing he feared the most had happened.

A moment before, when he was near Lin Feng, he didn't make it obvious, but he tried to make Lin Feng move back away from the forbidden area. He had done this so that nobody would suspect anything about the forbidden area. He didn't want to let Lin Feng enter it but in the end, Lin Feng had noticed.

If the opponent hadn't been Lin Feng, he wouldn't have been that worried but Lin Feng had extremely high natural talent and could already injure him. If Lin Feng stayed in the forbidden area for a few years without coming out, he would never have the opportunity to capture Lin Feng. Besides, with his high natural talent, Lin Feng, after having stayed for a few years, would certainly be able to kill the old man.

In the forbidden area, there were mystical objects. Even though the Zi Government had never really understood these things, maybe Lin Feng, as talented as he was, would be able to understand them and maybe then, he wouldn't even need years.

The old man was still in front of the entrance to the forbidden area, remaining motionless. He remained silent while staring at the door. He was lost in thought.

The crowd didn't hurry to leave either. Actually, they were all very curious to know what the forbidden area was hiding. Was it really a graveyard for their ancestors?

The Zi Government had a great reputation in the entire region, so nobody would have dared to force their way into the forbidden area. Besides, the other cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer in the region were not that interested in the forbidden area of the Zi Government.

After all, with their strength, the Zi Government could only enjoy such a reputation within a limited area, that's all. They were nothing in comparison with the genuinely strong cultivators of Mo Yue.


Inside of the forbidden area, the air was thick and oppressive.

The atmosphere was entirely silent. The silence was somewhat dreadful as well. There was a dark purple light shining on the scenery.

A purple light filled the entire atmosphere of the forbidden area.

Duan Xin Ye was firmly and tightly holding Lin Feng's hand as if she feared that Lin Feng might let go. However, her beautiful eyes were filled with curiosity, while observing the forbidden area.

She was slightly scared but not much because Lin Feng was by her side.

’’Xin Ye, have the people of the Zi Government told you anything about the forbidden area?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’Never, I almost never talked to them.’’ said Duan Xin Ye while shaking her head.

’’Let's go deeper inside and see.’’ said Lin Feng while pulling on Duan Xin Ye's hand. The purple light enabled them to see their surroundings.

The two of them walked for a while and then, suddenly, the purple light became much brighter. Everything which was surrounding them could now clearly be seen.

The ground under Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye's feet was made of clean and well cut stone. The walls were on both side were clear cut stone of high quality. While they were moving forwards, the path was getting larger and larger.

After a while, Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng were astonished when they saw what was in front of them.

There was a lake but the water of that lake was purple. There were small ripples unceasingly forming on the top.

That lake was only small. They could still see the other side in the distance from where they were. It was brightly lit on the other side too. They could see beautiful stone from a gigantic palace.

’’There's a purple lake and a palace.’’

Lin Feng was astonished. He was fixedly staring at the lake. Surprisingly, it looked like Zi Ying's spirit. What surprised Lin Feng was the water which seemed like it was boiling and foaming.

’’Let's go closer and see.’’ said Lin Feng to Duan Xin Ye. Duan Xin Ye slightly nodded. Lin Feng tightly hold Duan Xin Ye's hand and then jumped over to the next side aiming to land in front of the palace.

However, at the moment when Lin Feng was jumping over the lake, an incredible sound spread through the air.

Suddenly, the lake seemed to rise into the air, whirlpools appeared and sucked Lin Feng and Duan Ye into the water.

Everything was happening so fast. They were dumbstruck.

Lin Feng was astonished and shocked, it seemed like the purple lake had a life of its own. It had immediately caught them and trapped them inside it. Lin Feng would have never thought that such a thing was possible.

Duan Xin Ye shouted in surprise. She was firmly holding Lin Feng's hand as if she was going to die if she didn't. Both of them were swallowed by the lake.

’’ARRRRGHHHHH.’’ at that moment, the lake seemed to be excited and roared loudly. Purple light was unceasingly filling the atmosphere moving straight to Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye.

At that moment, the clothes of Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye's disappeared and melted in the lake. They were astonished to see that their clothes were actually melting. In a flash, their clothes had entirely melted and disappeared. Fortunately, their entire bodies were completely submerged in the water, otherwise, the situation would have been awkward as well as dangerous.

The situation was so strange that even if the situation was awkward, they didn't have time to pay attention to that.

Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng only had their heads out of the water. They were tightly holding each others' hand. At that moment, the purple liquid moved towards them and penetrated into their bodies and spread through their entire body.

The purple liquid was then penetrating into their legs, arms and bones. It was unceasingly penetrating into their body as if it wanted to occupy all the available space. It seemed like the liquid could enter from every opening.

’’Lin Feng, I'm in pain!’’ Duan Xin Ye's face was deathly pale. She had the feeling her body was going to swell and explode. She was firmly holding Lin Feng's hand and then, finally, she felt that the pressure in her arms was decreasing.

Lin Feng looked gloomy. He was also in a great deal of pain. That liquid was attacking his body from the inside.

At that moment, an incredible and colossal Qi emerged. Illusions appeared behind Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye's bodies, surprisingly, some small black doors appeared.

There were three doors. They looked like they had existed since the beginning of time.

’’Sealed Doors!’’

Lin Feng was astonished. These were sealed doors just like those that the members of the Duan Clan had with their spirit, the blood spirit.

’’Boom, boom, boom.’’

The three doors vibrated and then it seemed like Duan Xin Ye's body was sealed by the sealed doors, as if they were sealing everything. The sealed door Qi was spreading through the atmosphere and surprisingly the purple liquid stopped penetrating her body. It was slowly being forced out of her body.

The sealed doors prevented the purple liquid from flowing into her body.

Duan Xin Ye slowly closed her eyes but she was still breathing smoothly. Lin Feng slightly loosened his grip on her hand. She had just fainted, it was nothing serious. However, the purple liquid was still penetrating into Lin Feng's body and it was extremely painful.

However, at that moment, what seemed to be a familiar sensation invaded his body which made Lin Feng shiver. Behind his back, an illusion appeared.

It was his snake spirit that had appeared behind his back. The little snake was sound asleep.


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