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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 229


’’Grand-Uncle.’’ When Zi Ying saw the old man, he bowed in a very respectful way. A cold light flashed in his eyes. His grand uncle was a strong cultivator of the Xuan Qi Layer. Since he had come, Lin Feng was inevitably going to die.

That person didn't seem older than Zi Ying at all. He looked like he was the same as Zi Ying. The crowd didn't find it strange at all. The higher one's cultivation level was, the longer their lifespan became. Strong cultivators also looked younger. Extremely strong cultivators seemed to have incredible vigour and seemed like they would stay forever young.

In the continent of the Nine Clouds, there were some rumors that some people had cultivated to the level of immortality. Many cultivators wanted to become as strong as possible as it meant a longer life and possibly immortality.

Cultivation was always the most important thing for people in the continent.

’’You still have the face to call me grand-uncle?’’

The grand uncle groaned coldly. The people lying on the ground were some of the elites within the Zi Government, the new generation had almost been wiped out.

The only one left was Zi Xia. The Zi Government would be left without offspring.

’’I made a mistake.’’

Zi Ying couldn't deny it, as the patriarch of the Zi Government, he had put them in an extremely critical situation. It was his responsibility. Even his own son had been killed.

’’You will be punished for your mistakes but right now.....’’

The old man's voice was piercingly cold and he was staring at Lin Feng.

’’You are so young and you have already broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer. You could have had a brilliant future but now you are doomed to die here.’’

While talking, an incredible deadly Qi emerged from his body. The entire crowd started feeling cold.

’’Lin Feng has broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer and relying on his sword. He managed to make Zi Ying, who is at the peak of the ninth Ling Qi layer, retreat. How powerful!’’

The crowd was astonished. They had never seen such an astounding young man.

’’Oh really? I think that we should give it a try in order to find out whether or not I will die.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently. His voice as calm as before, his heartbeat was steady and did not falter. Actually, Lin Feng had already broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer. On that day when he penetrated into the earth fusion dimension, he had broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer from the sixth Ling Qi layer with a single leap!

Before, when he didn't know how to use the earth fusion, he relied on other mediums to challenge stronger cultivators. At that moment, he knew how to fuse with the earth around him. Even though he was of the eighth Ling Qi layer, he could easily defeat ordinary cultivators of the ninth Ling Qi layer. If it had only been Zi Ying and his strange attack, Lin Feng would have already killed him.

’’How insane.’’

The crowd was looking at Lin Feng and the old man facing each other. Lin Feng was facing a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer and was willing to fight him.

’’You're pretty reckless. I will show you that a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer cannot be defeated by a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer.’’

The old man pulled up his sleeves and suddenly, grains of sand started flying through the air. Surprisingly, there was an extremely strong wind, as strong as a hurricane. It was whistling through the air.

’’Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer can control pure Qi. Pure Qi is the strength which can be borrowed from heaven and earth. It can then be condensed into a form of energy. It can easily kill cultivators of the Ling Qi layer as if they were insects. The difference is too large, there is no way out.’’

The old man raised his hand, the palm of his hand facing Lin Feng. He started absorbing purple pure Qi. It looked like a dazzling purple star.

Besides, the radiance of that Pure Qi wasn't an illusion. It was an incredible glowing brilliance. It was really the result of pure Qi. Its power was incredible.

Lin Feng started walking while holding his sword and pointing it towards the ground. It was diffusing a bright and cold light. It looked piercingly cold and fearless.

’’I will try something new with my sword against your pure Qi then, we will both learn something.’’

Lin Feng sounded cold. The crowd was astonished. He definitely deserved to be called a genius. He was shockingly intelligent.

’’You want to test your sword against me and teach me something?’’ said the old man while an evil smile appeared on his face. He had never heard a person of the Ling Qi layer say that they would try something new against a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. They usually just begged for mercy.

Lin Feng always did what he said though, even if it was insane, he still followed his heart.

’’Well, you can try then.’’

The old man's hand shook. The light from the pure Qi being absorbed into the palm of his hand was dazzling to the eyes. Immediately after, he released it. The deadly purple star looked like pure destruction.

Even the crowd who wasn't in the covered corridor could feel the strength of the purple star.

’’Sword of the Rising Sun!’’ Lin Feng quickly raised his sword high into the air. However, in the eyes of the people in the crowd, that movement looked slow and clear, like a sunrise.

That sword looked like the sun rising in the east. It slowly rose into the sky filling it with incredible power.

The crowd could not believe their eyes, They had the impression that they were really looking at the red sun slowly moving up into the sky. The Sword of the Rising Sun looked like a red rising sun.

’’How beautiful. It looks like the rising sun.’’ Zi Ling had the impression that she was dreaming. She whispered: ’’Sister, Lin Feng is the creator of that skill, he created it this morning while we watched the sunrise. This is how he came up with that skill.’’

In the morning, Zi Ling and Lin Feng had been observing the sunrise together. At that moment, she had even sighed while complaining that Lin Feng wasn't the person with whom she wished to share that moment with. However, at that moment, she was cherishing the memory.

She had the impression that she would never see such a skill again.

’’A created skill?’’

Zi Yi was shivering. Cultivators, including geniuses, usually learnt and practiced skills and techniques created by their ancestors, cultivators who could create skills were extremely rare, especially one so beautiful and inspiring. It looked like something that only a spiritually enlightened person could come up with and it was appearing in front of the crowd.

The purple light and the red light collided. An incredibly bright light filled the entire atmosphere almost causing the crowd to be blinded. Their eyes were very painful after seeing such a bright light. It seemed like all that power stayed within the air for a long time before it eventually dispersed and the light dimmed.

Lin Feng's silhouette appeared. He was holding his sword and he looked frivolous, natural and unrestrained.

’’Your Sword of the Rising Sun, I really don't want to kill you... Unfortunately, you killed my family so I have to.’’ said the old man. Even though the old man had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, he was well aware that it was nothing exceptional. If Lin Feng continued practicing, he could easily become a really outstanding cultivator. Lin Feng would just need a few years before reaching a level higher than the old man. The Xuan Qi layer wasn't Lin Feng's final goal.

Some people loved Lin Feng while some others were jealous of him. However, the old man of the Zi Government had never seen such a talented young man. All the juniors of the Zi Government were far from being as strong as Lin Feng. He had always hoped that there would be a young genius in the Zi Government. Unfortunately, there had never been one and the first time that he saw such an incredible genius, it wasn't his offspring but an enemy of the Zi Government.

The old man wanted to slap Zi Ying repeatedly in the face. Instead of making friends with Lin Feng, he had become his enemy, how ignorant! Such a thing was unpardonable.

’’Come on, attack.’’ said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached.

’’Alright, let's see what you have.’’

The old man also sounded calm. He started moving and in a flash, he landed in front of Lin Feng. His hand was enveloped in purple pure Qi which was already slashing towards Lin Feng's body.

The hearts of the people in the crowd were pounding. Someone like Lin Feng, who dared confront a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer while at the Ling Qi layer, actually existed.

’’Scorching Sword!’’

Lin Feng said that in a low voice. An extremely resplendent light emerged from his sword. It was filled with endless explosive force. The light diffused by that sword was radiant and awe-inspiring. It was the light of a scorching sun. It illuminated everything. It was extremely powerful. That was the Scorching Sword.

’’Pshhh... pshhh.....’’

Deadly Qi was burning around the sword. That attack was the result of Lin Feng's knowledge of cultivation. He had used his deadly Qi to create this skill.

The light emitted by that sword was as radiant as the sun and the sword moved at the speed of light.


A terrifying Qi filled the atmosphere. When the scorching sword approached, the old man of the Zi Government retreated. A cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer was retreating when facing Lin Feng. Surprisingly, he had moved back. However, it was only a small step backwards and then a side step.

’’Dark Shadow!’’

Lin Feng didn't stop his sword attack and he used the second level of the Deadly Cross Shadow, the Dark Shadow. His body vanished and transformed into a shadow. It seemed like he had disappeared.

Back in the days, when Lin Feng was fighting to save Duan Xin Ye, he had used his skill Dark Shadow skill but he was unable to transform into a perfect shadow. However, at that moment, since he knew how to fuse with the earth, when he used his Dark Shadow skill, his body really transformed into a perfect shadow, completely invisible. Only his terrifying strength was left.

’’Purple Summit.’’ whispered the old man.

When the old man sensed all of Lin Feng's strength, a hideous expression appeared on his face. An incredible purple light appeared, it was a purple light made of pure Qi.

’’Pshhh.... pshhh....’’

Lin Feng's sword penetrated into the pure Qi. The old man's facial expression slightly changed. His body was just like an illusion, he flickered and disappeared. He then landed down farther down the corridor. He had retreated a much larger distance this time. The old man of the Zi Government had, once again, moved back because of Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng's facial expression didn't reveal pride at all. He didn't chase after him. He turned around and looked at Zi Ying. Who was now much closer to Lin Feng than the old man. Lin Feng's eyes filled with murderous flames.

Zi Ying's facial expression changed drastically. His heart started pounding furiously.

Lin Feng's body moved once again, there was no longer anything to stop him.


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