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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 225


’’Lin Feng.’’

’’Lin Feng must be the man she loves.’’ guessed the crowd when hearing that beautiful woman's plea. The fact that she hoped that he could understand after her death proved that she cared for him.

The crowd was feeling gloomy, if only that beautiful woman could have had those feelings for them that would be such an auspicious occasion.

’’She's calling Lin Feng.’’ Zi Ling was stupefied, she was blankly staring at Duan Xin Ye, but it couldn't be the same person, the Lin Feng that Duan Xin Ye was talking about was definitely not the one she knew.

How could such a beautiful woman fall in love with the Lin Feng that she knew?

At that moment, Lin Feng in the middle of the crowd, was violently shaking.

’’Lin Feng I really didn't know.’’ why would she think about Lin Feng in her last moments?

’’I have greatly misunderstood her.’’ Suddenly, Lin Feng's heart felt painful.

He was the one who had killed the black guards to save her, he had saved Duan Xin Ye, but after figuring out the plot, he misjudged and abandoned Duan Xin Ye. It was because of him that she had ended up in this situation and was being forced to marry Zi Qiong.

Why would she need to explain anything to him? It was him who should have believed in her.

’’Wait, wait.’’ said Lin Feng. He took a step and threw himself through the air. He immediately landed within the covered corridor.

Lin Feng's silhouette drew people's attention. The crowd all looked at him. His clothes were white, clean and simple. His face was delicate and handsome.

Besides, when Duan Xin Ye saw Lin Feng, her heart started pounding.

It was Lin Feng, he was here.

Looking natural and unrestrained, it was really him, he was really in front of her and it wasn't an illusion.

At the bottom of the covered corridor, Zi Ling and Zi Yi were staring at Lin Feng. They were shivering. Could it be that that Lin Feng was really the one Duan Xin Ye was talking about?

Why did he take his silver mask off?

’’Zi Yi, sister, the man she was speaking of is Lin Feng?’’ whispered Zi Ling. She couldn't believe it.

At that moment, Zi Yi had hopelessly stopped looking towards Lin Hao Jie. Her heart was filled with hatred. She then looked at Lin Feng said coldly: ’’How could it be Lin Feng? It's impossible!’’

In the covered corridor, Lin Hao Jie also saw Lin Feng. A light flashed in his eyes. It seemed like he knew that young man from somewhere. He had the impression that he had seen Lin Feng before, but he rejected the idea since he could not remember seeing Lin Feng's face before.

Duan Xin Ye was looking at Lin Feng while remaining completely silent. She was also starting to put less pressure on the dagger.

’’Lin Feng.’’

Duan Xin Ye couldn't believe her eyes. She just whispered Lin Feng's name.

’’It's really me, I'm sorry for having made you suffer.’’ said Lin Feng while sighing. His apology sounded sincere.

When Duan Xin Ye heard Lin Feng, she started weeping and heavily sobbing. Immediately tears started to unceasingly slide down her beautiful cheeks. However, a smile was on her face. At that moment, it seemed like everything had lost its splendor compared to this beautiful moment, the crowd was extremely moved.

A metallic sound spread through the air. Duan Xin Ye dropped the dagger on the ground. She then started walking slowly towards Lin Feng. When she arrived in front of him, she said: ’’Lin Feng, I do not blame you, I really do not blame you!’’

Lin Feng was looking at Duan Xin Ye, a deep and profound expression appeared in his eyes. He looked perplexed. In the Imperial Clan, there was the crown prince, Duan Wu Dao, who was extremely aggressive, and the second prince, Duan Wu Ya, who was mysterious and extremely strong. However, Duan Xin Ye, their sister, was pure, innocent and kind-hearted.

Even though she had an extremely high status of a princess, she was also just an inexperienced beautiful young girl.

When the crowd saw that, they were moved. Maybe this sweet couple were soul-mates.

Zi Ling and Zi Yi were astonished. It was really him, it was really Lin Feng.

It was the Lin Feng whom they had been looking down on the whole time. Surprisingly, that Lin Feng was really the one the princess loved. Zi Yi had been really ridiculous to think that Lin Feng would try anything with them, in comparison with Duan Xin Ye, they were nothing.

Lin Hao Jie had dumped Zi Yi for Zi Xia in a heartbeat. In his eyes, Zi Yi was nothing. He hadn't even given her an explanation.

In fact, it was so cruel that she couldn't accept it.

Besides, it must be an illusion.

Why did she love Lin Feng? What the hell is so good about that guy?

Hideous expressions also appeared on the faces of the people from the Zi Government.

Duan Xin Ye was supposed to be Zi Qiong's wife. However, at that moment, on the day of her wedding, she surprisingly said that she loved someone else, the Zi Government couldn't accept that.

The Zi Government was losing face. Everybody was going to ridicule them.

Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye were humiliating the Zi Government in the presence of the entire crowd.

’’Are you done flirting now?’’ said Zi Qiong extremely coldly. He looked angrier than anyone else. He had played the most important role in that story, he was the one who wanted to marry Duan Xin Ye but at that moment, she didn't accept him and damaged his reputation.

Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye looked at Zi Qiong. Lin Feng moved Duan Xin Ye behind him. She liked the feeling of Lin Feng protecting her again. On that day when Lin Feng was chasing the black guards even though his life was at stake, she had had a similar feeling like he would give his life for her.

’’Duan Xin Ye, I have never mistreated you, I am generous, I have never touched you. In the future, if you had had asked anything of me, I would have given you anything, but today you decide to flirt with another man, I will not show any mercy, and your body is mine.’’

Zi Qiong was staring at Duan Xin Ye and his voice was piercingly-cold.

’’The people of the Zi Government are so shameless?’’ Lin Feng found Zi Qiong's logic ridiculous. He had forced Duan Xin Ye to accept the marriage and he expected her to be thankful to him?

’’If I understand your logic, if someone forces your sister to become his wife, but doesn't touch her. She has to give herself to him, be thankful and willingly become his wife? Is that the logic of the people within the Zi Government?’’ said Lin Feng coldly. The people of the Zi Government were coldly staring at Lin Feng.

’’Your name is Lin Feng, you are extremely audacious to dare criticize my Zi Government. I will slaughter you.’’ Zi Qiong looked at Lin Feng with killing intent. Lin Feng was younger than him and still dared to slander the Zi Government. Lin Feng had a death wish.

’’You can try.’’ said Lin Feng calmly. He was standing there, in his white clothes, with his sword on still his back. He was expressionless and fearless.

A gentle breeze blew through the large covered corridor. Lin Feng's white clothes were fluttering in the wind. At that moment, he looked frivolous, natural and unrestrained.

Zi Ling and Zi Yi were absolutely dumbstruck and blankly stared at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wasn't the same person anymore. He seemed like he was a completely different person. He wasn't quite, patient and accommodating anymore. His voice was filled with ardor. He was standing tall and upright while facing the Zi Government alone.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked unique and exceptionally strong as if he was going to unsheathe a terrifyingly powerful sword.

’’What an insane guy. Zi Qiong, brother, let me take care of him.’’ said Lin Hao Jie while taking a step. This was a chance for him to show off his strength.

’’Alright, brother.’’ said Zi Qiong while slightly nodding. Immediately after, Lin Hao Jie started running, in a flash, he arrived in front of Lin Feng, his golden clothes were dazzling and magnificent.

’’Why do I have the impression that we know each other?’’ asked Lin Hao Jie while frowning.

Lin Feng smiled and said: ’’Just attack me already.’’

’’Since you're so impatient to die, I will grant your wish. Remember the name of the person who is going to kill you, my name is Lin Hao Jie also known as the Golden Rain Sword.’’ said Lin Hao Jie arrogantly.

He then started walking again. His golden rain invaded the atmosphere and filled the sky. The golden rain turned into a dazzling light. It was resplendent.

When the golden rain fell down, the golden light enveloped Lin Feng's body.

Lin Feng was standing completely motionless. He raised his hand. Some sword Qi spread through the air. A bright and resplendent light flashed for a second and then disappeared without trace.

However, at that moment, Lin Hao Jie let out a horrible shriek. His long sword had fallen onto the ground. The hand was still holding the sword and had been cut off from the elbow.

The crowd was absolutely dumbstruck. Their eyes were wide open. They hadn't seen what Lin Feng had done and how he achieved such a result.

At that moment, Lin Feng was still standing in the same place. It seemed like he hadn't moved at all. However, Lin Hao Jie's hand had really been cut off and was on the ground.

’’The Golden Rain Sword, you are humiliation for anyone who uses a sword, you shouldn't even be allowed to hold a sword.’’ said Lin Feng coldly. The hearts of the people in the crowd were pounding.

Especially Zi Ling and Zi Yi, they couldn't stop shaking. They were completely stunned.

’’Lin Hao Jie, a sword master?’’

’’Lin Feng, a coward and a piece of trash?’’

In front of Lin Feng, Lin Hao Jie was a piece of trash and shouldn't have been allowed to hold a sword.


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