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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 220


’’Three Evil Alpacas, you really are extremely perverted, your reputation is well justified.’’ At the moment when Zi Yi was getting angry, a cold and detached voice interrupted them. Immediately, they saw a young man wearing golden clothes enter the thatched hut.

Even though it was raining heavily outside, that young man's clothes were magnificent and completely dry. He looked clean and handsome. He was holding a fan in his hand, he looked elegant and had just come from a luxurious carriage.

’’The Three Evil Alpacas...’’

When Zi Yi and Zi Ling heard that name, their facial expressions immediately changed. These three bastards surprisingly were the Three Evil Alpacas. No wonder that they looked so evil. In the region surrounding the Golden Zi Mountain, these three disgusting brothers were known for their extreme perversion. They were known for cruelly and violently molesting young girls.

If Zi Yi and Zi Ling had been their target, the outcome would have been unimaginable.

’’Who are you?’’ coldly asked the Three Evil Alpacas while looking at that young man.

’’While Zi Qiong's big ceremony is close, you go out and hunt young girls right?’’ said the young man while raising his head and smiling coldly. He then moved towards Lin Feng's side, bent down and shook his fan above the fire grow fierce.

’’You are a man too, how come you are not helping these two girls when they are being humiliated?’’ coldly said the young man in golden clothes to Lin Feng while smiling. He sounded arrogant and conceited.

Lin Feng raised his head and glanced at the young man. He was about as old as Lin Feng. He looked quite handsome. He seemed to come from a wealthy family. It was obvious at first glance that he was wealthy and considered everyone beneath his notice.

The young man in golden clothes was smiling warmly but looked arrogant and had a mocking attitude.

Lin Feng didn't reply to him, he continued feeding the fire. However, he didn't have a favourable opinion of that young man. If he wanted to be in the limelight, why did he need to go out of his way to humiliate Lin Feng?

’’Why would you care about what the three of us are doing? If you don't want us to hurt you, it's best for you is to leave now.’’ said the Three Evil Alpacas coldly while staring at the young man. The young man didn't even look at them. They still felt a bit wary when seeing the young man disregard them.

The young man in golden clothes glanced at them and a mocking smile appeared on his face.

’’The Three Evil Alpacas are vile, they are thirty years old and don't practice their cultivation. They just spend their time with young girls all day. The elder brother has broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer while the two others brothers have broken through to the third Ling Qi layer. In their current life, all they can amount to is bandits.’’

The Three Evil Alpacas narrowed their eyes and evilly looked at that young man.

’’By meddling in our business, your intention is to show these two pretty girls that you are hero, right?’’

’’Who doesn't love beautiful women? I am no exception but I also cannot ignore people in distress. Besides, if I have the opportunity to rescue some beautiful girls, of course, I will seize that opportunity.’’ said the young man while looking at Zi Yi and Zi Ling in a charming way. He had a warm and tender smile on his face.

He slightly nodded towards them, Zi Yi and Zi Ling's hearts started beating faster. That young man was so handsome. They were wondering how strong he was.

’’Since it was your decision, don't blame us for being cold-blooded.’’ Two of the Three Evil Alpacas stood up and slowly walked towards the young man. Suddenly, a violent energy emerged from them and moved straight towards the young man.

Zi Yi and Zi Ling were staring at the two brothers and then looked at the young man to see how he was going to react.

At that moment, the third brother suddenly threw himself at Zi Ling looking like he had planned this surprise attack much earlier. He was very quickly approaching Zi Ling.

’’Be careful!’’ said Zi Yi when she saw the third brother move towards Zi Ling and grab her. Her facial expression drastically changed. Zi Ling had only broken through to the Ling Qi Layer, she couldn't compete with the three brothers.

Besides, at that moment, Lin Feng, who was calmly sitting on the ground, raised his head. There was an extremely sharp and cold expression in his eyes. At that moment, Lin Feng raised his hand.

However, at the same time, a magnificent golden sword twinkled in the atmosphere. The light it diffused made it look like it was raining gold. It was dazzling and full of splendour.

That sword light was gorgeous. That light then suddenly enveloped the third brother's body. Immediately after, a horrible shriek spread through the atmosphere. The third brother's body fell down onto the ground. He hadn't paid attention for a brief moment and ended up being struck by the attack. A myriad of injuries, caused by the golden light, appeared on his body.

Zi Ling's eyes were wide open, she was still nervous. How dangerous.

But that sword, how gorgeous!

Zi Yi was stupefied as well. She was blankly staring at the corpse lying on the floor. It wasn't only the third brother who had fallen down onto the floor. The second brother had also collapsed and a myriad of wounds had appeared on his body.

The young man was way too quick. They hadn't even seen him attack, but two people were already dead.

’’How strong! And that sword skill...’’ Zi Yi was looking at the young man and her eyes were filled with admiration. That young man was extraordinary and extremely strong. She adored him already.

’’Golden Rain Sword, the golden rain that fills the sky... you are Lin Hao Jie!’’ The big brother of the Three Evil Alpacas was astonished. He also looked slightly scared.

’’Lin Hao Jie, also known as Golden Rain Lin Hao Jie....surprisingly, it's him.’’ Zi Yi and Zi Ling were surprised when they heard that name.

Lin Hao Jie was very famous in that region. Zi Qiong, of the Zi Government, was his good friend. Even though he was young, he had already broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer. Besides, because he was a sword master, he easily killed cultivators of the fourth Ling Qi layer. Outstanding young men like him were rare.

’’You taught us a good lesson, I'm off!’’ the big brother of the Three Evil Alpacas was shaking and rushed towards the exit of the thatched hut. He was extremely quick.

But Lin Hao Jie's sword was even faster.

The sword rain fell down and the body of the big brother collapsed before it reached the exit. He was motionless on the floor.

When Lin Hao Jie saw the body on the floor, a smile filled with satisfaction appeared on his face. He then put back his sword in it's sheathe with grace and elegance.

’’Do you two beautiful girls plan to go to Golden Zi Mountain as well?’’ asked Lin Hao Jie while looking at Zi Yi and Zi Ling with a warm and soft smile on his face. He was looking at them in a very seductive way.

’’Yes.’’ said Zi Yi while nodding in a delicate way. Her voice was soft as well.

’’Coming across each other today was fate. I am lucky to have met such beautiful girls today. However, it is now late and getting dark, the rain has stopped as well. I will not disturb you, have a good rest.’’ said Lin Hao Jie while smiling. Immediately after, he turned around and left as elegantly and gracefully as he entered.

But when he arrived at the door, he started walking slower and said: ’’Considering that two beautiful girls like you are staying overnight in here, don't let useless cowards near you as they might try something.’’

While talking, Lin Hao Jie continued walking towards the exit. Immediately after, they heard his horse neigh, he had already left.

As far as the useless coward was concerned, Lin Hao Jie obviously meant Lin Feng.

When they saw him leave, Zi Yi and Zi Ling looked like they were disappointed.

’’Zi Yi, sister, we haven't thanked him yet.’’ Zi Ling suddenly sighed and Zi Yi slightly shook her head while saying: ’’Do you think that Lin Hao Jie is that kind of person who expects something like a thanks?’’

’’You're right.’’ said Zi Ling while slightly nodding.

’’He's a really outstanding young man. It's nothing like him, surprisingly he wears a mask because he doesn't dare let people see his fear.’’ said Zi Yi mockingly while glancing at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng continued feeding the fire with wood and said in a cold tone: ’’He's not as good as you two think.’’

’’What gives you the right to speak about other people? If he hadn't been here, some bad things could have happened to us. You think that you could have escaped unharmed? I really don't understand why our father made you come with us.’’

When Zi Yi heard Lin Feng criticize Lin Hao Jie, she couldn't help but be disgusted. She already had a crush on Lin Hao Jie.

’’Absolutely, Lin Feng, you should be thankful to Lin Hao Jie!’’ said Zi Ling. Swords were also her specialty.

’’I owe him nothing, he hasn't done anything for me. Besides, you owe him nothing either. He hasn't done anything which deserves gratitude.’’ said Lin Feng as calm as always.

As far as Lin Hao Jie is concerned, maybe what he had done looked great in the eyes of the two girls, but in Lin Feng's opinion, that young man was too arrogant, he attempted to humiliate Lin Feng and considered everyone else beneath his notice. Not only that but he also thought he was better than everyone else.

’’You're really hideous, Lin Hao Jie and you have the same family name but you have nothing in common. Now, get out of the hut.’’ said Zi Yi while following what Lin Hao Jie said before he left the hut.

’’If you want me to go, I don't care but I would like to warn you that things are not always as they appear. I will prove that before I leave.’’

Lin Feng stood up, looked at the ’’big brother’’ of the Evil Alpacas, who was lying on the floor, and said: ’’Hey you, how much longer are you going to play dead?’’


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