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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 219


Zi Nan's logic was simple. He was hoping that, by spending some time alone with his girls, Lin Feng would get along with them.

Zi Ling was a few years younger than Lin Feng. Zi Yi and Lin Feng were about the same age. Even though they couldn't be considered as very beautiful, they were cute, besides, they were quite strong. If Lin Feng could get along with them, that would be a nice thing.

Of course, even if he didn't manage to get along with them, he could still ensure their protection, what could he have against them travelling together?

However, at that moment, Zi Yi and Zi Ling were surprised. They were looking at their father, Zi Nan, in a strange way, their father was calling Lin Feng ’’Young Cultivator’’?

’’Dad, what did you call him?’’ asked Zi Ling who was very surprised. Usually, her father almost never scolded her and at that moment, he had already scolded her twice because of Lin Feng.

’’Zi Ling, Zi Yi, your behaviour is inadmissible. Lin Feng's cultivation level is much more advanced than yours. The fact that he is patient and accommodating with you is just due to his kind and magnanimous personality. You just don't know how to distinguish good from bad. Daring to treat him as a servant, you are really shameless.’’ Zi Nan scolded his two daughters again. His words were profound and meaningful.

He then said: ’’This time, I will let Lin Feng go with you, you two should ask Lin Feng for advice and listen to what he tells you. You should make sure to stay friendly with him.’’

’’His cultivation level is much more advanced than ours?’’ said Zi Ling while staring at Lin Feng. She was extremely curious. She then said: ’’Father, are really not mistaken?’’

’’Father, you shouldn't trust him. He is a nobody.’’ said Zi Yi who didn't believe her father's words. She was a genius and had already broken through to the third Ling Qi layer. Besides, she was about the same age as Lin Feng so it was impossible for him to be stronger than her.

’’Shut up! How dare you doubt my words!’’ shouted Zi Nan who had no alternative but to shout. He then continued: ’’Hurry up and go pack your things, get ready to leave!’’

’’Hmph!’’ Zi Yi poked out her tongue and immediately dragged Zi Ling to leave.

While looking at the two girls leave, Zi Nan shook his head and he then looked at Lin Feng with a wry smile on his face: ’’Young cultivator, my daughters are naughty and mischievous, I hope that you will not take offense.’’

Lin Feng slightly smiled and shook his head indicating that he wasn't offended. Zi Nan didn't seem to feel at ease. Could it be that Lin Feng's cultivation level is so high that he does not care about status and doesn't care about the words of normal people?

Zi Ling and Zi Yi just packed a few clothes and the necessities of travel.

Outside of the Zi Wei Mountain Village, Zi Ling, Zi Yi and Lin Feng were riding on three Qian Li Xue horses. As Zi Nan had said, only the three of them were going to the Zi Government.

Initially, he thought he had to go to pay his respects but then he thought that the people of Zi Government would understand if they saw a talented young cultivator with his two daughters.

’’Lin Feng, young cultivator, I must inconvenience you to look after my two girls.’’ said Zi Nan in a low voice. Lin Feng slightly nodded and said: ’’I will ensure their safety until we arrive at the Zi Government.’’

Lin Feng didn't mention anything about a return journey and Zi Nan noticed, but he said nothing. He just nodded. If Lin Feng got along with his daughters on the journey, he would come back with them, if he didn't get along with them, he wouldn't.

’’Daddy, Zi Yi and I are together, could anything bad happen? We're going now.’’ said Zi Ling while turning her head around. Immediately after, the horses started galloping.

Zi Yi and Lin Feng were in the front, Zi Ling was behind them.

’’Lin Feng, what did you tell my father for him to trust you so much?’’ asked Zi Yi while galloping right next to Lin Feng.

’’I didn't say anything.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently. He didn't even glance at her which made Zi Yi groan coldly.

’’Sister, I can see that daddy thinks highly of him, he's trying to make you guys into a couple.’’ said Zi Ling from behind while smiling.

’’I will not get married to a piece of trash.’’ said Zi Yi while whipping her horse to move ahead of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng, as before, looked calm and indifferent. At that moment, he was still wondering if the woman who was going to marry Zi Qiong was really Duan Xin Ye.

The Zi Wei Village Mountain was a two day journey from the Zi Government and Zi Qiong's wedding ceremony was taking place in three days.


Lightning illuminated the entire atmosphere as it started raining heavily. The road of the Golden Zi Mountain was becoming wet and muddy.

The Zi Government was situated on the Golden Zi Mountain which was part of a chain of mountains.

At that moment, at the foot of the Golden Zi Mountain, there was a thatched hut. The three people on their Qian Li Xue horses rushed over to the hut, jumped off their horses and rushed into the thatched hut which turned out to be very spacious.

’’That damned weather! We arrive at the foot of the mountain and it starts raining heavily. Initially, we should have been able to arrive at the Zi Government and would have been able to sleep in comfortable beds before the wedding.’’ cursed Zi Yi who was wet from head to foot. Her clothes were sticking close to her skin which revealed her already developed figure. One could clearly see her alluring figure.

At that moment, Zi Yi suddenly had the impression that she was being observed. She frowned and looked inside the thatched hut. Three people were sitting on the ground. These people, when they saw her enter, started staring at her in an evil way.

At that moment, Zi Ling and Lin Feng entered the room as well. They were, just like Zi Yi, completely soaked. Besides, Lin Feng was wearing a silver mask to cover his face.

Zi Ling was feeling cold and remained silent. When she saw the evil expression on the face of the three people, she felt a bit scared.

Zi Yi also noticed that these three people were staring at them. She coldly looked at them and even released some cold Qi. These people were certainly not good people.

But she remained vigilant, after all, they were not in the Zi Wei Village Mountain anymore and had to be careful. She dragged Zi Ling to the other side of the hut and sat down.

Lin Feng picked up some wood in the thatched hut and piled it up in front of Zi Yi and Zi Ling. He immediately lit a fire. That would be a good way to get dry and warm. He was unceasingly putting wood in the fire to maintain it.

These three people looked at Lin Feng who was lowering his head taking care of the fire, he seemed like he hadn't even seen these three people.

’’So useless, I really don't understand what daddy was thinking when he decided not to come and to let that piece of trash come with us.’’ said Zi Yi thinking that Lin Feng could do nothing but simple chores. Instead of thanking him for tending the fire, she was just making fun of him while her eyes were filled with disdain.

She had an unfavourable opinion of Lin Feng and it wasn't going to change, no matter what he did. Ultimately, she despised Lin Feng because she thought that Lin Feng was weak but if she had known that Lin Feng was stronger than her own father, how would have she reacted?

Zi Yi didn't know that all the things she said didn't affect Lin Feng because Lin Feng did not put her in his eyes and did not care about her at all. He was, of course, not going to pay attention to her words.

Of course, he also didn't have a favourable opinion of Zi Yi.

’’Big brother, what do you think about these two girls?’’ said one of the three people while looking at Zi Yi and Zi Ling. His evil smile resonated in the area.

’’I like the one who's acting coldly. Nice chest, nice bottom. She looks mature enough. It would be a real pleasure to sleep with her. I just don't know if she'll keep acting so cold while in bed.’’

The man looked fascinating, he was staring at Zi Yi whose clothes were completely wet. Her clothes were so wet and sticking to her skin that that her nipples were erect. That was, indeed, an alluring sight for this man.

When Zi Yi heard what the men were saying, her face turned even colder. She was staring at them and released a cold energy.

’’Big brother, that one doesn't seem to be any fun, I still prefer the small one, not only is she cute but her figure is also not bad.’’ said the one who hadn't talked yet. Lust was flashing in his eyes while staring at Zi Ling.

These three people were loudly chatting as if they had no restraint. They were staring at Zi Yi and Zi Ling like a starving man would look at food.

As far as Lin Feng was concerned, nobody paid any attention to him.

Zi Ling and Zi Yi got closer to each other. Even though they were quite aggressive, in such a situation, they were still feeling a bit scared.

’’How shameless, try and speak that way again!’’

Zi Yi was releasing her Qi, she stood up and looked at the three people.

’’Hmm, hmmm, nice figure, we can even see the shape of her breasts.’’

The man who was being called ’’big brother’’ by the two others was staring at Zi Yi's body as if he was looking at a naked woman.


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