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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 204


Lin Feng galloped towards Jiu Chi Xie and said with a respectful tone: ’’Officer!’’

’’Lin Feng, your tent is still in the same place. Now you are a Lieutenant so feel at ease within the Chi Xie troops. You can do as you wish with the soldiers. If there is any danger, you can handle it as you wish, but I want these two back when you are done. If they leave, I'm losing two lieutenants.’’ said Jiu Chi Xie while pointing at Han Man and Po Jun who were behind Lin Feng.

’’Officer, does this mean we can join the Celestial Sword unit?’’ said Han Man while looking excited. If he could work with Lin Feng, he wouldn't care about his lieutenant status and would follow Lin Feng's orders.

’’No, return to your units now.’’ said Jiu Chi Xie. Han Man and Po Jun smiled wryly and said: ’’Roger, Officer.’’

After saying that, they smiled wryly while looking at Lin Feng and immediately went back to their units.

’’Lin Feng, these two guys, I still need them. Sooner or later, they will be under your command.’’ said Jiu Chi Xie with a mysterious tone. Immediately after, he added: ’’You can go now.’’

’’Alright.’’ said Lin Feng while slightly nodding and moved aside.

’’Lin Feng.’’ at that moment, a clear and distinct voice emerged. Lin Feng turned around and saw Duan Xin Ye waving to him.

’’You guys can wait for me here.’’ said Lin Feng to Ba Dao and the others. Immediately after, he went towards the princess and asked: ’’What's the problem?’’

’’There must be a problem in order for me to speak with you? You are my personal guard.’’ said Duan Xin Ye while giving a sweet smile towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn't know how to reply.

’’Lin Feng, come with me to my tent. Qiu Cao will make us some tea and we can talk for a while.’’ said Duan Xin Ye. Lin Feng remained silent.

’’You don't feel like it? Well, forget about it then. You can leave.’’ said Duan Xin Ye when she saw that Lin Feng remained silent. She looked disappointed, yet tried to smile.

Lin Feng turned his horse around. Duan Xin Ye nibbled on her lip and a bitter feeling invaded her heart. Usually, it was young men who would always chase her but she always rejected them. She didn't even look at the handsome young men in the city. However, she was interested in Lin Feng, that frivolous and unrestrained young man. She started to have feelings for him. She had finally gathered the courage to invite him and he rejected her like she did with all the noble young men before.

’’You guys can go back to the tent without me.’’ said Lin Feng which reached Duan Xin Ye's ears. She then saw him turn around. A sweet and soft smile appeared on her face. Her grief turned into happiness.

Initially, Lin Feng didn't refuse her offer, he was just ordering his troops to go back.

’’Princess.’’ said Lin Feng while moving back to Duan Xin Ye.

’’Let's go.’’

Duan Xin Ye's hair was floating on the wind while the horse galloped. At that moment, many people were following her. Lin Feng also closely followed alongside her and hadn't noticed that some people were evilly looking at the couple.

’’Hmph.’’ groaned a someone near Liu Cang Lan. Liu Cang Lan was stupefied. He then looked at the angered person and said: ’’Fei Fei, you have to handle things like this properly.’’

’’Handle what properly?’’ said Liu Fei while gnashing her teeth. Immediately after, she left. She was secretly cursing at Lin Feng in her heart. What a pervert!

’’General, it seems like Princess Duan Xin Ye is interested in Lin Feng. She'll become Fei Fei's rival in the future.’’ said Jiu Chi Xie in a low voice. These older men were slightly angry at the princess. They noticed that Duan Xin Ye didn't look at Lin Feng the same way she looked at other people.

Duan Xin Ye always smiled at people in a friendly manner, but when she smiled to Lin Feng, it was more than that, it was soft, sweet and tender.

The first awakening of love, tender feelings like water... girls couldn't hide such feelings. Everybody could see them in their facial expression, just like Liu Fei.

Liu Cang Lan smiled wryly and shook his head. He then quietly looked at the silhouette leaving. The silhouette was wearing armor, but he didn't forget that underneath they were still holy and pure. As before, he was amazed.


Duan Xin Ye's tent was tastefully furnished. It wasn't luxurious but it was clean and tidy;which made it easy to set one's mind at ease and feel relaxed.

At that moment, Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye were sitting on the floor by a hardwood table.

’’Princess, Master Lin, tea is ready.’’

Qiu Cao arrived in front Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng and served them some tea.

Lin Feng hastily took his cup of tea while smiling and said: ’’Girl, there is no need to stick with such formalities.’’

Lin Feng wasn't used to being served by someone else.

’’Master Lin, you are the Princess' guest, this is my duty.’’ said the servant while smiling. She had two dimples appear on her cheeks when she smiled, she was extremely cute. She was very young, about fifteen years old.

Lin Feng was only smiling, but didn't say anything. Actually, Qiu Cao was also a slave. She was already very lucky to be able to work for the Princess. Besides, Duan Xin Ye seemed to treat her well. Qiu Cao respected Duan Xin Ye but didn't fear her. Duan Xin Ye was the farthest thing from a cruel person.

’’Princess, the battlefield is such a dangerous place, why did you need to come here?’’ asked Lin Feng who didn't understand why Duan Xin Ye was there. What was the point of having the princess on the battlefield?

’’I've spent too much time in the Imperial Palace. I was breathing the same stuffy air every single day, so thought that I had to see something else and decided to come and see the brave and courageous soldiers on the battlefield.’’ said Duan Xin Ye in a soft voice while smiling. Many people were dreaming of living in the Imperial Palace, but those who really lived in it had the feeling that it was like a prison and needed to see the outside world.

’’Lin Feng, do you like the zither?’’ suddenly asked Duan Xin Ye. Lin Feng slightly nodded and said: ’’I do.’’

’’I will play the zither for you.’’ when Duan Xin Ye saw that Lin Feng nodded, she smiled and looked excited. At that moment, Qiu Cao went and picked up an ancient zither. She cleaned the table and put the zither on the spotless table. It was a very cozy feeling.

Duan Xin Ye was smiling, she put both of her hands on the zither and started playing slowly.

Lin Feng was looked at Duan Xin Ye. She was beautiful, graceful and elegant. Once in awhile, she would raise her head and smile. That smile was enchanting. Regardless of social status, her beauty and elegance sufficed to make any normal man go crazy.

No wonder every single noble young man hoped to marry the princess. Such a beautiful woman, who on top of that had the status of princess and possessed a powerful blood spirit, she could tempt most men.

Duan Xin Ye started playing a melody which made Lin Feng imagine a calm stream running through a bamboo forest.

Zither connoisseurs could easily tell what kind of personality and temperament a person had when they listened to them playing the zither. She was as cool as a mountain stream, like an orchid in the middle of a peaceful mountain.

Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes and calmly listened to the wonderful music. He was feeling happy. Being with Duan Xin Ye, he didn't feel like he needed to be cautious, he could relax. He felt joyful in his heart.

Duan Xin Ye, once in awhile, was raising her head to look at Lin Feng. When she saw that Lin Feng was closing his eyes and seemed to be completely relaxed, the smile on her face was becoming sweeter and sweeter.

Inside the tent, the atmosphere was calm and peaceful. Only the sound of the zither filled the air.

But at that moment, Lin Feng, who was firmly closing his eyes while listening to the music, suddenly had a strange sensation.

He suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were completely black and expressionless. The world around him had become slow and he was now within his world of darkness. Without the slightest hesitation, he grabbed a dagger and slashed through the air.


His dagger ended up cutting an arrow down mid air, which passed near Lin Feng's cheek.

A strong wind was blowing against the tent and raised its heavy curtains. Immediately after, a silhouette flickered through the air like an illusion. Lin Feng could feel the danger incoming.

Lin Feng raised his dagger again as he could feel a sword moving towards him. Lin Feng moved his dagger towards the illusionary figure, but it had no effect.

’’Pssshh.. pshhh..’’ Lin Feng's dagger arrived at the enemy's chest, but what shocked him was the opponent used his right hand to block Lin Feng's and used his left hand to throw an extremely sharp arrow towards the princess behind Lin Feng.

The entire situation happened at the speed of lightning. Even though the opponent didn't care about his own life, they were determined to kill the princess before they died.

’’An assassin.’’

Lin Feng's heart was pounding. The opponent's arrow which he had thrown was much too quick. It had almost reached its destination and Lin Feng was unable to stop it.

...and if he didn't block it, Princess Duan Xin Ye would definitely die.

That assassin was at the fifth Ling Qi layer. That sword was extremely brutal and the assassin was determined to exchange their life for the princess' life.


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