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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1967


Chapter 1967

Chapter 1967: Explosive Battle

’’Ji Chang, come here!’’

Suddenly, everybody went silent . Everybody was staring at Lin Feng .

Lin Feng wanted to continue asking for his Path? He wanted to fight against Champion Ji Chang?

Lin Feng was the one who had fought the most battles . At the beginning of the event, he was twentieth-something, and now he was already fourth . And now he still wanted to fight against Ji Chang?

’’Good little boy!’’ Ancestor Shi Tian was stupefied and happy . That young man still wanted to continue fighting! He wanted to finish the battle they had begun a year before!

Ji Chang was surrounded by lights as he jumped forwards, and the crackling of air being destroyed rang out . He started releasing incredible amounts of Destructive strength and threw himself at Lin Feng .

Back then, Lin Feng had fought against him on the day of his Champion ceremony, a terrible humiliation . Initially, he was supposed to be the hero of that day, but because of Lin Feng, all people remembered was their battle . But he couldn't get his revenge within the university, the university didn't allow it .

However, now, Lin Feng was challenging him in front of everyone, so now Ji Chang was finally going to be able to regain face .

Cyan lights pulsed, and a hundred-meter long thread of cyan energies appeared . Some shadows appeared and more thunder rumbled out . Lin Feng could already sense the destructive energies .

Lin Feng jumped forwards unflinchingly as he started casting a deployment spell .

However, Ji Chang stretched out his hand, thunder shook as he destroyed the deployment spell which hadn't finish condensing . Lights continued flowing towards Lin Feng .

’’Die!’’ said Lin Feng icily . He released death intent towards Ji Chang, and a Nihility Sword appeared . A cyan dragon emerged from Ji Chang's body and protected his soul . At the same time, his Destructive Dao destroyed Lin Feng's strength .

Death intent corroded Ji Chang's body and Destructive Dao intent did the same to Lin Feng's body . The energies were very intense, and sufficed to pressure both of them .

’’Die!’’ Ji Chang jumped forwards and raised his fist . His dragons roared, and a beam of light shot towards Lin Feng .

’’Earth!’’ Lin Feng released earth cosmic energy which protected his body . He released cursing cosmic energies to corrode Ji Chang's body, and started singing his Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song . Ji Chang's body turned black .

Lin Feng flashed forwards, empty space deployment marks appearing under his feet . He started moving invisibly fast while releasing wind strength .

He also released enough World of the Living Imprints to blot out the sky, immediately destroying Ji Chang's technique . The imprints pounded down towards Ji Chang .

’’Argh!’’ Nine cyan dragons attacked the imprints, everything exploding above them . Lin Feng and Ji Chang were surrounded by a very sharp Qi .

A Nihility Sword turned into an infinity of death swords slicing through the air . At the same time, Destructive Dao crashed onto Lin Feng's body . His blood started boiling and his soul was shaking .

Life and death lights rotated around him and shot towards Ji Chang to stab at him him . At the same time, Lin Feng moved like an arrow and released Demon Kalpa strength at Ji Chang's hand . The air shrieked at the energies tearing through it .

Life and death lights rotated around him and shot towards Ji Chang to stab at him him . At the same time, Lin Feng moved like an arrow and released Demon Kalpa strength at Ji Chang's hand . The air shrieked at the energies tearing through it .

’’You want to die!’’ shouted Ji Chang explosively . He released even more Destructive Dao with a crack of thunder . Lin Feng's muscles twitched . His blood was boiling!

The two fighters kept attacking one another . A terrifying strength penetrated into Lin Feng's arms . Ji Chang grunted coldly . It was a difficult battle .

Ji Chang shouted furiously . A terrifying dragon emerged from his mouth and shot towards Lin Feng, trying to devour him .

’’You'll die!’’ Lin Feng looked at Ji Chang with his death eyes . He released death intent, a Nihility Sword, cursing strength, and Nine Netherworlds demon lights, and all those energies crashed onto Ji Chang . At the same time, more lights emerged from Lin Feng's third eye, turning into a palace . Millions of sharp swords drove towards Ji Chang serpent-quick .

Lights flared in Ji Chang's eyes and rose to the skies, and his Destructive Dao intent filled the air . Lin Feng was driven backwards . At the same time, he released World of the Living Imprints towards Ji Chang and hammered him, continuing his withdrawal . It was dangerous to fight in close combat against someone like Ji Chang!

At that moment, Lin Feng had the impression that many of his bones were broken . His arms felt paralyzed . Ji Chang was a Champion and controlled a powerful Dao intent, his attacks truly explosive .

The audience sighed when they saw that he could still fight . Lin Feng's physical strength was really incredible .

Lin Feng stretched out his hands, a river made of death energy flowed towards Ji Chang, even as he kept moving . He also released all sorts of cosmic energies to bombard Ji Chang unceasingly . At the same time, he kept releasing Nihility Swords . He didn't want to give Ji Chang a second of a breather .

Ji Chang made some hand seals and released his own ancient imprints . Dazzling cyan lights glittered, and cyan dragons kept attacking Lin Feng .

’’Dao transformation!’’

’’Dao transformation!’’

Lin Feng stared at the dragons, he saw demon dragons moving towards him, the earth and the sky were shaking .

The dragons roared furiously . Many illusion lights appeared . Lin Feng waved his hands and demon death dragons coalesced and winged towards the cyan dragons . Dragons collided loudly, and exploded .

Lin Feng moved forwards again, the earth and the sky shaking with the force of the exploding dragons all around .

Ji Chang felt the pressure, while the audience was stupefied at the display . They hadn't anticipated that Lin Feng could compete with Ji Chang . Lin Feng looked both aggressive and crazy .

Nine dragons rotated around Lin Feng . Lin Feng moved forwards and released even more death swords relentlessly .

Ji Chang was a Champion, how could he flinch before Lin Feng? He also started moving forwards . The ground exploded all around them . They were moving so fast that embers appeared under their feet!

Their Qi started colliding in all directions . People's hearts were pounding violently .

’’Lightning!’’ shouted Lin Feng explosively . Lightning appeared everywhere and plunged towards Ji Chang . Ji Chang grunted icily . He looked at the sky and raised his hands . He destroyed some bolts, but Lin Feng continued releasing more lightning cosmic energies .

’’Fire!’’ Flames appeared everywhere and converged on Ji Chang . Ji Chang frowned . Lin Feng's cosmic energies didn't pose much of a threat to him, but he couldn't ignore them either . His physical strength wasn't like Lin Feng's, Lin Feng could resist high-level emperors' physical attacks .






Lin Feng released all sorts of cosmic energies at Ji Chang, who could only look at him icily . Cyan dragons reappeared around him and wrapped him up . However, Lin Feng just grunted and released Demon Kalpa strength to attack him . Ji Chang was losing patience, and attacked Lin Feng with cosmic energies .

The two fighters were getting closer and closer . Ji Chang took a deep breath . Lights glittered . This time, he had to really hammer Lin Feng . Lin Feng knew cosmic energies, so what? He just had to protect himself and attack him at the same time .

Ji Chang shouted explosively, and Lin Feng's soul shook . It felt like both fighters could explode anytime . Death swords appeared everywhere and drove through Ji Chang's head .

Both fighters kept attacking one another . They couldn't be careless, or they could die anytime . However, the death swords weren't that easy to destroy . This time, they even contained cursing demon strength and all sorts of cosmic energies which penetrated into Ji Chang's skull . He couldn't destroy them that easily, they seemed almost indestructible .

A ancient king appeared behind Ji Chang and charged Lin Feng . At the same time, a demon emerged from Lin Feng's third eye . The demon king was holding a lotus and a gigantic death sword containing Nine Netherworlds intent . It also attacked Ji Chang!


Ji Chang's ancient king broke apart . People's hearts pounded at the sight!

The demon king looked fearless as it attacked Ji Chang's body!


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