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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1938


Chapter 1938

Chapter 1938: Great Imperial Palace

’’But all of them are new . We'll see how strong they can be,’’ someone else broke in at that moment . Everybody became silent and looked at the person who had said that strangely . He was extremely young, maybe seventeen years old . However, he had an extraordinary Qi . He was drinking fine liquor and eating snacks .

’’A young man who isn't even an emperor dares say that! That's a bit arrogant and insolent!’’ a middle-aged man spoke up . Chu Chun Qiu, Lin Feng, and so on were all incredible cultivators . How did that trivial young man dare talk that way? How arrogant!

’’You're only considering the present situation . Have you forgotten about the past? Back then, there were some incredible cultivators in the Imperial Ranking List . For example Feng Shen Tian, his sword attacks were shockingly incredible . He killed geniuses from Ancient Clans without hesitation . He's valiant and heroic . There's also Pei Dong Lai, his purple Qi is a propitious omen . His cosmic energies are terrifying . Those people achieved much more than those people you're talking about,’’ said the young man . The people in the restaurant were all staring at him .

Feng Shen Tian, Pei Dong Lai, and so on really were powerful and influential . They had shaken all of the Holy City . However, they were now great emperors . Those two people were both in the same place: the Great Imperial Palace! The Great Imperial Palace was incredibly powerful, and managed the Imperial Ranking List .

’’There are geniuses in every generation . Feng Shen Tian, Pei Dong Lai, and so on are really incredible cultivators . But now they belong to a different world . You can't compare them with people like Chu Chun Qiu, Lin Feng, and the others . And anyway, who says Lin Feng and so on won't surpass them someday? It's maybe only a matter of time,’’ someone predicted . People of different generations couldn't be compared .

’’Hmph! As I see it, anyone who's from the Great Imperial Palace is better than those 'outstanding' people you're talking about . You just keep forgetting about the past,’’ retorted the young man coldly .

As he said that, a woman in a white and silver dress came in, attracting all eyes . Her dress was very tight around her perfect body, and complimented her cleavage . She was very beautiful .

’’Miss Yin Yue . ’’ When Lin Wu Shang saw that girl, he smiled at her . Miss Yin Yue nodded back at him . It made Wu Shang very happy .

Lin Feng looked at his brother . He could imagine how his brother felt . Young men loved women, and were easily aroused .

’’My brother goes out every day for her, right?’’ said Lin Feng to Xiao Ya telepathically . Xiao Ya laughed .

’’It's difficult to compare people of different generations . Feng Shen Tian, Pei Dong Lai, and so on were extremely strong, and now they're even stronger than before, obviously . Are you from the Great Imperial Palace?’’ asked the young woman to the young man, smiling thinly .

’’You are the princess of the Yin Clan . You are experienced and extraordinary! I am Pei Dong Qing from the Great Imperial Palace,’’ the young man introduced himself . He stood up, walked to the young woman and waved to a chair . ’’Please have a seat, Princess!’’

’’Oh, so you're Pei Dong Lai's nephew, he's your uncle . No wonder you keep saying good things about him . ’’

’’I'm just stating facts, Princess . It has nothing to do with the fact that he's my uncle,’’ said Pei Dong Qing, his smile just a bit strained .

’’But you can't help but show off,’’ said the young woman from the Silver Clan . She didn't sit with him , glancing over at Lin Wu Shang and smiling . ’’Silly boy, you came . ’’

’’Hehe!’’ Lin Wu Shang scratched his hair and giggled in a silly manner . Lin Feng looked at his brother and laughed . His brother loved beautiful women, too . He looked completely different from normal .

’’Tell her to have a seat!’’ said Xiao Ya, glancing at Wu Shang angrily . Wu Shang could be so stupid sometimes, he just let the Princess stand there .

’’Yin Yue, please sit!’’ said Lin Wu Shang, waving at a chair and smiling at Yin Yue .

’’Yin Yue, please sit!’’ said Lin Wu Shang, waving at a chair and smiling at Yin Yue .

She sat down and smiled at him . ’’You seem like you've recovered . ’’

’’Of course, I'm strong . ’’ said Lin Wu Shang gigling . He didn't even dare look at her in the eyes .

Stop showing off, thought Xiao Ya, rolling her eyes . Wu Shang looked stupid in front of a woman .

’’You were injured?’’ Lin Feng asked his brother .

’’Small injury, it wasn't serious,’’ replied Lin Wu Shang .

Lin Feng looked over at Xiao Ya . Xiao Ya told him using telepathy, ’’Last time in this restaurant, Wu Shang saved her . ’’

When Lin Feng heard Xiao Ya, he understood . No wonder this Yin Clan Princess was so nice to Wu Shang . But he looked so clueless . She was a princess, she didn't need him to save her . Lin Feng had heard about the Great Imperial Palace and the Yin Clan . They had a good reputation in the Holy City .

Surprisingly, Lin Wu Shang was interested in her . That was a lot of pressure . Of course, Lin Feng couldn't control his brother's life, Lin Wu Shang could decide what he wanted to do .

’’Lin Wu Shang, you haven't introduced me to these people,’’ hinted Yin Yue, smiling at Wu Shang .

’’Lin Wu Shang, you haven't introduced me to these people,’’ hinted Yin Yue, smiling at Wu Shang .

’’You already know Xiao Ya, and that's my brother, and that's my sister-in-law,’’ replied Lin Wu Shang, pointing at Lin Feng and Meng Qing .

’’Your sister-in-law is so beautiful, she looks like a celestial being . And your brother must be incredible!’’ said Yin Yue, looking at Lin Feng . Her eyes were really beautiful, with silver lights twinkling in them .

’’Of course . He's definitely not less talented than Feng Shen Tian and Pei Dong Lai!’’ said Lin Wu Shang proudly . He was angry because of the young man who had said that Lin Feng couldn't be compared with people like Pei Dong Qing and so on . Lin Feng was like a god to his brother .

Pei Dong Qing frowned . He had just invited Yin Yue to sit with him but she hadn't given him face, and now she was sitting with Wu Shang . He was angry now;he was from the Great Imperial Palace, Lin Wu Shang was a nobody to him . And now, ridiculously, Wu Shang was comparing his brother with Feng Shen Tian and Pei Dong Lai .

’’Ignorant little kid,’’ said Pei Dong Qing indifferently, sipping his drink and saying, ’’You will probably never see Feng Shen Tian and Pei Dong Lai in your life . You're extremely ignorant, like a frog in a well . ’’

Pei Dong Qing was arrogant, but many people in the restaurant agreed with him . After all, Lin Feng was just a medium-level emperor . Feng Shen Tian and Pei Dong Qing were great emperors and members of the Great Imperial Palace . They were much stronger than a medium-level emperor!

’’What about you? We have similar cultivation levels . You're bragging just because you have a strong person in your family,’’ said Lin Wu Shang mockingly . He was fearless, and he wanted to impress Yin Yue, too! Pei Dong Qing was a nobody to Wu Shang, and he wouldn't let him criticize his brother .

When Pei Dong Qing heard Lin Wu Shang, he laughed coldly . He stood up and walked over to Wu Shang . He smiled coldly and said, ’’I'd like to ask you something . Which ancient clan are you from? We'll see why you dare act that arrogantly . ’’

’’Do I need to tell you?’’ rebutted Lin Wu Shang disdainfully . Pei Dong Qing despised him, did he need to reply to him?

’’Don't be ashamed of your background,’’ retorted Pei Dong Qing mockingly .

’’Do I need to tell you?’’ rebutted Lin Wu Shang disdainfully . Pei Dong Qing despised him, did he need to reply to him?

’’Don't be ashamed of your background,’’ retorted Pei Dong Qing mockingly .

’’Using one's social status to compare oneself is a very bad habit,’’ said someone at that moment . That person was also having a drink . Pei Dong Qing looked at him icily . It was a middle-aged man, very clean, who looked like he took care of himself . He had an ancient sword on his back .

’’Who are you?’’ demanded Pei Dong Qing sharply .

The middle-aged slowly put his glass down, and turned his head to Pei Dong Qing . Pei Dong Qing's eyes suddenly felt extremely sore . He instantly lowered his head and his heart started pounding . The middle-aged man stood up and came over to him .

’’Great Emperor Liu Yun, he was known as the Sword Emperor Liu Yun back in the days!’’ The crowd was shocked when someone recognized him .

’’Great Emperor Liu Yun!’’ Pei Dong Qing was stunned . He glanced at the man, but the great emperor ignored him .

He walked over to Lin Feng and the others . He smiled at Lin Feng, ’’May I sit here?’’

Pei Dong Qing was furious . He groaned icily and walked past them, saying, ’’There will definitely be some change . ’’

Pei Dong Qing left the restaurant quickly . People were stupefied and stared at Great Emperor Liu Yun . Surprisingly, he wanted to sit with Lin Feng, Lin Feng definitely wasn't a nobody!


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