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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1926


Chapter 1926

Chapter 1926: Back

’’That's Destructive Dao when used by a piece of trash . How can he even fight against people?’’ said Lin Feng indifferently . Ji Wuyou heard Lin Feng, he was angry but also dizzy from his loss .

Ji Wuyou had his hands on his eyes, and pulled them away . His hair was messy, he looked maddened as he started running towards Lin Feng .

Lin Feng didn't move . Ji Wuyou threw himself at Lin Feng in blind fury . When Ji Wuyou landed in front of Lin Feng, death strength penetrated into his brain and his face turned grey .

’’Piss off!’’ Lin Feng punched him . Death strength flew throughout Ji Wuyou's soul with a deadly rumble, and he was smashed away .

Ji Chang looked more and more furious . He immediately started racing towards Lin Feng . A terrifying destructive strength invaded the atmosphere .

Aoxu jumped up and released terrifying Aggressive Dao intent which collided with the Destructive Dao, and there was a huge explosion . People withdrew quickly, watching excitedly . Why were those people provoking the Ji Clan?

’’Same old stuff . I'm off . See you,’’ said Lin Feng indifferently . Then, he rose up into the air, Jian Mang following him . Lin Feng glanced at Ji Chang one more time, turned around, and left, Aoxu trailing after him alertly .

Ji Chang grit his teeth in fury . The leader of the Ji Clan said calmly, ’’Forget about it . Wuyou got what he deserved . I'm disappointed . ’’

Ji Wuyou's legs shook violently . Yu Wen Jing was furious, too . The Ji Clan was an ancient clan, and there were many young and strong cultivators . Ji Chang and Ji Wuyou were direct descendants . But if they weren't strong enough, the clan wasn't interested in them . Ji Wuyou appeared like a humiliation and a disgrace for the clan .

’’I'm off too,’’ said Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi . They also departed .

’’Ji Chang, go back to the university and get ready to be declared a Champion . Don't worry about the rest,’’ said the leader of the clan . Ji Chang nodded and looked over at Ji Wuyou, sighing to himself .

In Champion University, everything was the same . Everybody was waiting for the the same thing, Ji Chang's Champion ceremony . The atmosphere was lively and there were many strong cultivators .

However, in Tiantai, the people were very depressed . Even though Ji Chang was going to become a Champion, Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group continued putting pressure on Tiantai . Tantai had gone out and had noticed that a bunch of strong cultivators had encircled Tiantai . They had attacked him a few times and broken some of his bones . He asked Yun Qing Yan, ’’Our second fellow disciple hasn't come out yet?’’

’’Indeed,’’ said Yun Qing Yan nodding . ’’I told you not to do anything!’’

’’I can't hide in the courtyard my entire life . We should leave Champion University then!’’ said Tantai, stewing with his anger .

’’That's what they want,’’ said Ruo Xie to Tantai, ’’We can't leave otherwise . Things are deteriorating too quickly already . ’’

’’Ruo Xie is right . Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group want to kick us out!’’ said someone at that moment . Everybody suddenly looked happy: Hou Qing Lin! His Qi had changed . He looked even more enigmatic and unfathomable than before .

’’What should we do then?’’ asked Tantai to Hou Qing Lin .

’’Endure and wait for an opportunity,’’ said Hou Qing Lin . His eyes were twinkling .

’’When will have an opportunity?’’

’’During Ji Chang's Champion ceremony!’’ spoke up someone at that moment . Everybody was stupefied and gazed into the distance, where three people were arriving . Tiantai's people frowned . Lin Feng took off his mask and waved at them .

’’Lin Feng!’’ The crowd was stupefied . Finally, Lin Feng was back!

’’Lin Feng!’’ The crowd was stupefied . Finally, Lin Feng was back!

’’Lin Feng, are you all right?’’ Hou Qing Lin asked him . Back then, his clone had been destroyed . Was Lin Feng injured?

’’I have recovered,’’ Lin Feng nodded . He walked up to the crowd and said, ’’I know everything . During Ji Chang's Champion ceremony, I will teach Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group a good lesson . ’’

Hou Qing Lin frowned when he heard Lin Feng . Ji Chang's Champion ceremony was very important for them . If Lin Feng caused trouble, the consequences would be tragic .

’’Lin Feng, Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group joined hands and they are very powerful, especially Zong Que, the leader of the Stone Group . He's extremely strong, he understands Dao strength . We won't have any opportunity during Ji Chang's Champion ceremony,’’ observed Yun Qing Yan coldly .

’’I don't want to attack them . I just want to take advantage of the ceremony to understand Champion University's position . Do Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group represent Champion University? That's what I want to understand,’’ said Lin Feng icily .

’’Alright, since you seem confident, I trust you . I will inform my parents, we can trust them,’’ agreed Yun Qing Yan .

Hou Qing Lin looked at Lin Feng and said, ’’Lin Feng, are you really ready?’’

’’Indeed!’’ Lin Feng nodded . Hou Qing Lin didn't say anything else . Lin Feng continued, ’’Gather Tiantai's people, and for these next few days, don't fight against people from Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group . ’’

Lin Feng looked over at Aoxu and said, ’’Aoxu, what do you intend to do?’’

’’I have nothing to do . I want to have some fun with you in the Holy City!’’ answered Aoxu in a free and unrestrained way .

’’Alright, you can stay here for now,’’ Lin Feng nodded . After finding a flat for Aoxu and Jian Mang, he left .

Meng Qing was practicing cultivation alone in a room . Her room was filled with a chill colder than ice . However, at that moment, she suddenly opened her eyes .

’’Meng Qing...’’ said a warm voice . Meng Qing shivered as someone entered her room .

Finally .

Meng Qing smiled radiantly . The ice in her room melted as the temperature instantly rose .

Lin Feng looked back at her in a warm and gentle way as he walked over to her .

’’Are you alright...’’ Meng Qing asked gently . As she was talking, Lin Feng ignored what she was saying and drew closer to her . She blushed . If anyone else had seen her that way, they would have been too jealous to speak .

’’Don't talk . ’’ Lin Feng smiled . He just stared at Meng Qing, which made her laugh . Her heart was melting .

’’You're so beautiful,’’ Lin Feng said gently, before he kissed her . He was as gentle, as if she were made of china . They both kissed passionately . It was like they had turned into one .

A mysterious Qi invaded the room, and then they disappeared from there .


In Lin Feng's small world, when Meng Qing saw more people she knew, she was astonished and overjoyed . She asked Lin Feng, ’’How did you do that, Lin Feng?’’

’’This is my world, our world!’’ smiled Lin Feng .

In Lin Feng's small world, when Meng Qing saw more people she knew, she was astonished and overjoyed . She asked Lin Feng, ’’How did you do that, Lin Feng?’’

’’This is my world, our world!’’ smiled Lin Feng .

Xiao Ya quickly arrived and hugged Meng Qing . ’’Meng Qing, sister!’’

’’Xiao Ya!’’ Meng Qing caressed Xiao Ya's hair and shouted, ’’Father, mother!’’

’’Hey!’’ Yue Meng He and Lin Hai arrived and greeted Meng Qing . They were very happy .

Wu Shang's eyes twinkled and he said to Lin Hai, ’’Dad, you look close to that celestial girl, how come I don't know her?’’

Everybody burst into laughter when they heard Wu Shang .

Liu Fei slapped Wu Shang's shoulder and said, ’’That's your sister-in-law!’’

’’Sister-in-law?’’ Wu Shang was astonished and looked at Lin Feng, ’’Brother, you're really incredible, extremely strong and you're also amazing at courting women!’’

’’I'm alright,’’ said Lin Feng, glancing at Wu Shang . Wu Shang was already eighteen years old!

They were happy to be together . Lin Feng and Meng Qing spent some time in the small world . A clone was outside until the day of the Champion ceremony . The atmosphere there became more and more lively, and many strong cultivators from everywhere came to Champion University .

Ji Chang's Champion ceremony was an incredible event in the Holy City . Ji Chang's Club was on everyone's lips . Their leader was going to become a Champion!

In Tiantai, the atmosphere was calm . It was as if they had disappeared from Champion University . The Stone Group and Ji Chang's Club stood guard over the gates of Tiantai's territory .


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