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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1889


Chapter 1889

Chapter 1889: Making the Skies Furious Again

However, Lin Feng didn't look like he was suffering, he looked excited . He stood up again, like a powerful mountain . He was defying the heavens!

’’Kacha!’’ When the eighth wave of Kalpa strength bombarded his body, his muscles shook violently, and he burst out bleeding again . His soul kept shaking violently .

The Kalpa strength felt like millions of snakes inside his muscles . The crowd was staring at him in amazement . Surprisingly, a medium-level Hell emperor was being cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, and the Milky Way even started breaking . That was an incredible skill!

When the last wave of Deva-Mara Kalpa strength appeared in the sky, he was still surrounded by powerful life and death lights .

Thunder kept rolling, and the Milky Way had turned into a dark demon cloud . People felt like they were suffocating around him .

Finally, the ninth wave attacked his body violently, like a million snakes trying to enter his skin .

’’Destroy!’’ said Lin Feng coldly . Death meaning rose to the skies . Sword lights cut everything and countered the wave of Kalpa strength . It was as if everything were collapsing around him .

’’Life!’’ Lin Feng released life energies . The mighty Deva-Mara Kalpa strength kept tempering his body . He had the impression he was going to die .

Blood splashed out of his mouth . Lin Feng slowly sat down and released even more life Qi to surround every corner of his body .

Is he hurt?, thought the crowd, staring at Lin Feng . The demon cloud slowly dispersed . However, the terrifying strength was still pressing down . He had to be injured!... At that moment, some people's silhouettes flickered . Lin Feng's skill was incredible, he probably had some incredible Ancient scriptures!

I'm a demon cultivator, I broke through to the Huang Qi layer using my physical body . If I had his skill, I would become extremely powerful!, thought a demon emperor, staring at Lin Feng . Demon lights appeared, he looked at Lin Feng greedily with his black eyes .

Silhouettes flickered . A group of strong cultivators had surrounded Lin Feng and looked at him coldly .

’’Give me your skill and I'll help you get rid of these people!’’ said one person coldly . His long black hair looked as sharp as blades, like a scary ancient demon .

’’Kill him, that's all!’’ said someone coldly . Many people looked at that demon emperor coldly .

Lin Feng opened his eyes and glanced at the people around him coldly . ’’If you want my skill, come and get it!’’

Eyes glittered with greed . One of them shouted furiously and released death strength to surround Lin Feng, who was still seated . He looked unperturbed . He absorbed the death energies and a life and death pattern appeared . He waved his hands, and life and death lights appeared .

One of the people flashed to attack, the earth and sky shook violently . It was like endless ferocious animals had been unleashed to attack him!

Lin Feng moved forwards . Lights shone, a Purple Tank appeared and explosions detonated around him .

That cultivator raised his hands and a powerful earth spear appeared, also containing deadly empty space cosmic energies .

’’Die!’’ shouted that cultivator coldly . His spear shot at Lin Feng . .

’’Illusion Destruction!’’ retorted Lin Feng, throwing his life and death pattern . The life and death pattern started spinning as an illusion swept over the area .

Lin Feng flashed away as more marks appeared, and a great deployment spell materialized . It contained a terrifying strength . Besides, the golden deployment spell kept spreading more and more .

’’If you don't kill me, I guarantee you, you won't survive,’’ said Lin Feng, smiling coldly . He didn't stop moving, staying in motion . The deployment spell turned into a dangerous illusion!

’’Hmph!’’ The cultivator who had just talked groaned coldly . He moved in a blur of speed . In front of him, eight spears appeared and shot towards Lin Feng .

Lin Feng waved his hands, and the life and death pattern became lit up brightly, collided with the spears . At the same time, death intent emerged from his eyes .

’’Die!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously . He suddenly disappeared, a void sword appeared and pierced through his opponent's head with death intent .

After Lin Feng's brain had been imprinted, he had managed to stamp his Nihility Sword Scriptures with death strength . His Nihility Sword attacks were now much more powerful . Therefore, even before Lin Feng was cleansed by the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, he had killed someone like this .

That person still shouted furiously . Millions of spears reappeared and collided against Lin Feng's sword . However, at that moment, Lin Feng landed in front of him and another life and death stamp appeared and crashed onto his body .

’’Die!’’ shouted Lin Feng . His eyes were filled with death energies . The soul of Lin Feng's enemy shook enemy shook violently . Lin Feng raised his fist and there was explosion . His enemy's head directly blew apart . At the same time, sword Qi emerged, and he cut apart his opponent's soul .

More bright lights suddenly moved towards Lin Feng, gleaming and sharp . His soul suddenly started shaking .

’’Cut!’’ An ancient mountain moved towards Lin Feng . As the second strong cultivator attacked, some other people also attacked Lin Feng at the same time .

Lin Feng released his bestial consciousness, and a lake of black water appeared everywhere, shocking everyone . Lin Feng released all his wind cosmic energies into his legs and retreated . The earth and sky were shaking violently as multiple energies crashed together .

Lin Feng descended on his deployment spell . Golden lights glittered and strobed . At the same time, destructive illusion energies surrounded those strong cultivators .

The onlookers were all staring at the Milky Way, it was pulsing furiously, and its strength was pressing down on everyone .

Lin Feng released all his desolate cosmic energy . People's faces changed drastically as they saw the results . He had just been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa, why were the skies furious again?

’’What kind of strength is that?’’ Even though they were all well-taught and knowledgeable, they didn't recognize that kind of strength . Why were the skies furious?

Lin Feng raised his head as some explosive strength condensed in the Milky Way . It was extremely oppressive and descending from the sky .

’’Come!’’ said Lin Feng coldly . The skies were furious . Explosions erupted . Lin Feng's deployment spell kept undulating . Some splits appeared on the deployment spell, and deployment spell, and drove Lin Feng down onto his knees, he was bleeding severely . However, he looked indestructible . He stood up again and said, ’’Destroy!’’

Lin Feng's physical body was being attacked . The strong cultivators were still stuck in the deployment spell, and his face was deathly pale as he stared at the energies in the sky .

Then, a second wave of strength bombarded him .

’’No...!’’ shouted someone . However, explosions and rumbling sounds erupted again, and Lin Feng was struck down to his knees again . Back then when the skies had attacked him, he had used the Celestial Evolution Chessboard to protect himself . Now, he just endured the attacks with his physical strength .

’’Pfew...’’ Lin Feng took a deep breath . His physical body was being destroyed by that strength, but he kept recovering . He coldly glanced at the crowd . Those people were high-level emperors, but their physical strength couldn't be compared with Lin Feng's .

What kind of physical strength is that? How come he attracts the fury of the skies?, thought the demon cultivator who had wisely retreated . A third wave of energies crashed down onto Lin Feng . He had just recovered and now he was being repeatedly assaulted again . He fell down on his knees once again, and finally just sat down on the illusion spell again and closed his eyes . Terrifying life energy appeared all around him .

The Qi finally dispersed . The watchers didn't dare attack Lin Feng anymore . Even though he was just a medium-level Hell emperor, he was really terrifying . The demon cultivator was determined to learn what Lin Feng's secret was .


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