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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1887


Chapter 1887

Chapter 1887: Forcing The Way

Lin Feng had used life and death strength to pass the first challenge of the Celestial Pathfinder Plate . He had been bombarded by death energy and his godly awareness had been shaken violently .

I walk on the path of life and death and you threaten my life with my own path . If you don't use your mind to follow the Way, how can you ask for your path?

Getting in is easy, but getting out isn't . My life and death cultivation is extremely aggressive . Therefore, the Celestial Pathfinder Plate's counterattacks are equally brutal and aggressive, able to kill me, thought Lin Feng . The more aggressive his attacks were, the more aggressive the counterattacks were .

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and multicolored lights emerged from his third eye as he focused .

Time passed as he visualized the Sky Palace .

’’My Godly awareness palace has stopped improving . I need to make it evolve!’’ Lin Feng said to himself . His godly awareness was powerful, and the Sky Palace had even started appearing . He needed to harmonize his cultivation .

Of course, Lin Feng also had the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song . Killing him wasn't easy .

Lin Feng looked at the Celestial Pathfinder Plate from where he was seated cross-legged . The black-haired cultivator walked up to Lin Feng and stated coldly, ’’You are not allowed to go to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate again before I leave!’’

Lin Feng frowned .

He looked at the Celestial Pathfinder Plate again and released life and death lights at it . The Celestial Pathfinder Plate started fading . Then, a gigantic wave of death energy rolled and crashed against Lin Feng, his soul shook violently .

’’The Circle of Life!’’ Lin Feng had already prepared and had released his life strength . However, the death energies were incredible and still made his soul shake violently . It was as if he had died once again .

The death energies left an imprint on his soul . He suddenly opened his eyes and his life energy kept turning into death energy, which turned into life energy again, and repeated the cycle .

’’You really want to die!’’ shouted the black-haired cultivator coldly .

When Lin Feng attacked the Celestial Plate, the counter-attacks also struck the others .

Many people looked at Lin Feng coldly . However, Lin Feng didn't care . He released life and death lights and his life and death pattern appeared on the ground . Life and death energies condensed around him .

Lin Feng bombarded the ground with punches . The life and death lights kept rotating around him .

’’If I don't come here to ask for my path, how could I achieve enlightenment!’’ said Lin Feng . His life and death lights then bombarded the Celestial Pathfinder Plate again . A terrifying strength emerged . People suddenly opened their eyes and looked furious . The death energies kept pulsing out and bombarding people's souls .

’’The Path of Death can unlock the door!’’ Lin Feng sensed the death energies and continued releasing life energy at the same time . When he was bombarded by death energy, his death energy turned into green life energy .

However, the death energy was was too powerful and made his soul shake violently . He started chanting the Song of the Nine Netherworlds . Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by deadly death energies .

The others were bombarded by aggressive death strength and looked at him coldly . The black-haired cultivator said coldly, ’’You'll die!’’

’’Kill that guy!’’ shouted people . Lin Feng sensed energies surrounding him .

’’If you don't use your mind to follow the Way, die and ask!’’ Lin Feng stood up, his eyes ice-cold . Life and death lights rose to the skies . He continued singing the Song of the Nine Netherworlds and released his dazzling godly awareness . His energies enveloped him, before raging out at the Celestial Pathfinder Plate . The crowd was astonished and staring at Lin Feng . He was insane!

A sound spread in the air, death intent reached a high level, everybody sensed the death energy penetrating into their soul . They all had the impression they were going to die .

Lin Feng raised his head . Death Qi whistled around him, and he had the sensation he was going to die .

Life and death, my death is my life, how could my path kill me?, thought Lin Feng . Suddenly, he was filled with an endless amount of life energy . He was dead and alive at the same time!

Sharp lights filled the air . Lin Feng's life and death pattern kept rotating, and at that moment, his life energy entirely turned into death energy . The life and death pattern was filled with death Qi which rose to the skies .

This guy is brave!, thought the astonished the astonished black-haired man . At that moment, deadly energies moved towards Lin Feng . However, his godly awareness was blocked because of the death strength . He couldn't release it too much because he would die otherwise .

Lin Feng remained focused, ignoring the others . In his eyes, there were only life and death lights .

He waved his hands . People's expressions changed drastically . Lin Feng closed his eyes and released all his soul strength towards the door .

He's insane!, thought the crowd . They wanted to kill Lin Feng . Usually, they were very careful when knocking on the stone plate . However Lin Feng was using his full strength . He didn't care about them .

Life strength invaded the whole space, which turned grey . Death swelled a moment later .

A strong cultivator's face turned grey . He fell down and stopped moving . He was dead .

If they had known Lin Feng would try to force the way, they would have killed him first!

Lin Feng closed his eyes . His body was filled with life and death energies .

’’My life is my death, my death is my life, life and death are my path . How could I fear death?’’ said Lin Feng .

Lin Feng's soul had been cleansed by life and death energies many times . Lin Feng raised his arms and condensed life and death strength . He had to accept both life and death to achieve enlightenment .

The Celestial Pathfinder Plate shook violently . Death strength surged everywhere . More and more people collapsed and died collapsed and died in the room . They were all stronger than Lin Feng, but the counterattack of the Celestial Pathfinder Plate was much more powerful than them .

At that moment, an even more terrifying death strength penetrated into Lin Feng's soul . However, Lin Feng just said, ’’Life!’’

The death energy turned into life energy . Lin Feng turned into a halo of life and death lights . His body shone brightly .

’’Enlighten me on the path of life and death . ’’ Lin Feng's eyes were filled with dazzling life and death lights which moved towards the Celestial Pathfinder Plate . The energies intertwined .

’’You have already achieved rudimentary accomplishments on the path of life and death, now you need to ask yourself about your mind . ’’ The Celestial Pathfinder Plate turned into a mirror . Lin Feng stared at it . He had already passed this challenge .

Lin Feng turned around, there were corpses everywhere, but there were still some people who were still alive . They hadn't been killed by the death energy .

However, they didn't look at Lin Feng angrily . Only one person glanced at Lin Feng .

’’Never let fears invade your heart . The only path is the path of enlightenment,’’ said that person bowing before Lin Feng, ’’Thank you very much for what you've shown us today . ’’

Lin Feng was surprised and smiled calmly, ’’Don't mention it, it was not on purpose . And they all died because of me . ’’

Then, Lin Feng crossed the door and went to the next place . What would happen in the next room?


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