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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1885


Chapter 1885

Chapter 1885: Pathfinder Peak

’’Who are you? Why were you in the mountain? Why did you come down from the Milky Way?’’ asked the leader of the Black Shark Army . People who touched the Yellow Springs or the Milky Way could die, now that young man had descended from the sky . People were obviously astonished .

People fought over that mountain and in the end, there was someone inside . Amusing!, thought the people staring at the young man with a king body . He had to be the descendant of an ancient king, a noteworthy person .

The young man glanced at the strong cultivators of the Black Shark Army indifferently . He didn't say anything . He glanced around as if he didn't know where he was .

’’I asked you something!’’ said the leader of the Black Shark Army when he saw that the young man didn't reply to him . He looked furious .

The young man turned to him, and suddenly, demon Qi emerged from his eyes, and thunder echoed out . The eyes of the cultivator from the Black Shark Army suddenly felt extremely sore . His will was being attacked!

’’Immortal king and demon strength!’’ the strong cultivator of the Black Shark Army blurted out as he shook violently . Then, the young man jumped and a trail of immortal Qi appeared behind him and turned into a vortex .

’’That person has killed countless people! His king body is incredible . He's a dangerous person!’’ Aoxu declared cautiously . Even though he was from the Dragon Clan, he also found people who had king bodies incredible . They were always extremely strong!

’’Let's go . That guy is here to kill . He will kill all of us to practice,’’ said Aoxu . That young man had already started killing cultivators from the Black Shark Army . Demon lights kept emerging from his eyes and killing people . He was a real murderer .

The members of Jalacandra Fairyland started dispersing . After a short time, the young man slaughtered the strong cultivator of the Black Shark Army .

He didn't stop releasing immortal and demon energies at all . His silhouette flickered and he continued butchering the people from the Black Shark Army .

’’Die!’’ Many people from the Black Shark Army and Jalacandra Fairyland were injured . However, there were still many people who released energies and attacked the young man .

However, at that moment, the young man looked like a death god . He proudly stood in the sky and absorbed the death Qi his opponents released .

The young man flashed ahead, and the strong cultivators were shaking . He was too terrifying!

The young man pointed a finger at a strong cultivator, Qi emerged and pierced through his head . His corpse fell down from the sky, a one-shot kill .

Corpses kept falling down from the sky and into the Yellow Springs . The crowd looking on was astonished . The strong cultivators from the Black Shark Army died one after another . What a tragedy for all those valiant fighters . They were insignificant in front of that young man, and he was slaughtering them!

’’That guy is killing people, but not taking their treasures . He lets them and their treasures fall into the Yellow Springs, the treasures are lost forever . ’’ Qin Yu was astonished . That guy guy was a true slayer .

’’He's just practicing . This place is just somewhere to become stronger for him . ’’

The crowd was astonished when they saw what the young man was doing . He didn't even care about precious treasures anymore . Only Lin Feng understood that the Demon Shrine had sent him there, so he didn't lack skills and Ancient scriptures . He didn't need more treasures!

’’I feel ashamed of being inferior in front of such people . Is he from Hell? He came from the Milky Way, so where does he actually come from?’’ asked Qin Yu . He didn't understand . Most people in the Celestial Country thought of the territory as two territories, one for terrifying battles and one for easier battles . But when facing such a terrifying cultivator, they could only question themselves .

Some mysterious people understood that Hell wasn't the only place next to the Celestial Country . However, they didn't understand the details .

Lin Feng was staring at the young man in astonishment . The cultivation world was a cruel place, and so was this person . Lin Feng stared at the young man and wondered how he could improve his life and death cultivation .

’’Let's go!’’ said Bai Ling . Everybody nodded . That guy was just a butcher . He was going to kill them if they stayed . Taking such a risk was useless .

On the side of the cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland, more than twenty cultivators were still left . They had suffered great losses . Lin Feng understood how those geniuses thought now . When they became high-level emperors, they chose their own path!

In the Holy the Holy City, at university, there are champions . Ji Chang is the champion of Champion University . He could become the champion of the city . Such cultivators also choose their own path and what they want to do in life!, thought Lin Feng . He felt intense pressure and had the sensation he wasn't progressing quickly enough . He hadn't been back to the Holy City for a long time . He was wondering how strong Ji Chang had become .

Lin Feng and the others left . Meteorites continued falling from the sky, but there were only twenty-some people left in Lin Feng's group . They had also obtained many great items, anyway . Everybody felt dispirited though . Even Aoxu felt dispirited . The young man was too strong!

’’There are many strong cultivators in the world . Perseverance and determination are mandatory . Cultivators have to focus on cultivation to become extremely strong,’’ said Lin Feng, walking next to Aoxu .

Aoxu frowned and looked at Lin Feng warmly . ’’You look like a low-level emperor, but you're a medium-level emperor . Your life and death deployment spells are deadly . You're a very talented person . Were you amazed by the strong cultivators of the Milky Way battlefield?’’

’’I can't control other people's strength . I can only control my own life,’’ Lin Feng smiled .

Aoxu smiled back and said, ’’Indeed . In normal conditions, I would have tried to fight against him . However, when I saw how he killed people, I gave up . I felt like trash . ’’

’’I see,’’ Lin Feng nodded . ’’Someday you'll achieve enlightenment, and you'll fight against him . ’’

’’Indeed him . ’’

’’Indeed . People from the Dragon Clan are incredibly talented . I'll definitely try to fight against him someday!’’ said Aoxu, smiling happily as he thought about that day . He gazed into the distance, where there was a bridge above Yellow Springs . There was a peak sitting there, and many people were floating around it . They looked hesitant and maintained a distance between themselves and the peak .

’’Within the Milky Way battlefield and the Yellow Springs, there is an ancient peak there!’’ said the startled Lin Feng . The peak was even moving, how strange!

’’Eh?’’ Aoxu was surprised and stared at the peak with him . ’’Apart from treasures, there's also such a place in the Milky Way battlefield? It looks dangerous . It might be worth it, though! Let's go and see!’’

Their band sped up, chasing the moving hill . The peak was so strange, looking like a mirage . There were some big words on it, but they looked indistinct and blurry .

’’Pathfinder Peak!’’ read Lin Feng . He was astonished .

The expressions of Aoxu and the others changed drastically . ’’I've heard about the Pathfinder Peak but I've never seen it,’’ the dragon admitted .

’’What is that place?’’ asked Lin Feng .

Qin Yu said, ’’According to legends, the Pathfinder Peak is a place where you can find Celestial Pathfinder Plates . They are very helpful for cultivators . ’’

’’I see . Why are those people hesitating and not moving closer?’’ asked Lin Feng .

’’Many people have never come back from the Pathfinder Peak, it's like you go in and can't come back’’ explained Qin Yu calmly .

Lin Feng was astonished . What a mysterious place!


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