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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1884


Chapter 1884

Chapter 1884: In The Celestial Mountain

The two armies, the Black Sharks and Jalacandra Fairyland, fought . Their energies blotted out the sky . It was the first time Lin Feng had participated in such a terrifying war . The weakest cultivators there were medium-level Hell emperors . His eyes were pure black and he kept releasing immortal and death energies, looking like a warlord . A terrifying life and death strength rotated around him .

’’Kill him!’’ People from the Black Shark Army saw that Lin Feng controlled two sorts of strength . He had killed many people with his death energies already . Lin Feng sensed a terrifying Qi surging towards him . His life and death strength rotated defensively .

Someone surrounded by death and fire energies appeared and threw themselves at Lin Feng, running towards Lin Feng's vortex .

’’Hmph!’’ Aoxu groaned coldly . A blood dragon punch stuck out, churning the air . Behind his opponent, a terrifying silhouette appeared, a king of Hell and fire . The area turned into a small purgatory .

’’Die!’’ shouted Lin Feng . That person moved towards his life and death pattern, and death strength moved towards them . A black flame appeared behind that person and surrounded them .

What a powerful Qi!, thought Lin Feng . He didn't continue attacking the man . Aoxu could take care of him, and he could kill other people .

Explosions kept shaking everything, and cultivators kept falling from the sky . Apart from Aoxu, Qin Yu was also a terrifying cultivator . He had a mysterious spirit, a life and death cloth . People couldn't get near him, and he was displaying exceptional strength .

However, the cultivators of the Black Shark Army were terrifying too . The battle was fierce, and people from Jalacandra Fairyland kept dying one after another . One of the warrior from the Black Shark Army was terrifying, he had netherworld ghostly claws and could cut people apart .

More and more people gathered, but they didn't dare get involved . The two armies were fighting, but if any outsider tried to steal treasures from the celestial mountain, then some extremely strong cultivators would definitely kill them .

What a terrifying battle . Dozens and dozens of people died every second!, thought the crowd . They were stupefied . The two armies were terrifying . Nobody was in front of Lin Feng anymore, he kept evading . A netherworld silhouette moved towards him like dark lightning . Ghostly claws cut apart everything in their path .

However, Aomo attacked the ghostly claws with a chant, and a demon punch lashed out, destroying the claws . Aomo looked at that silhouette coldly .

Lin Feng didn't know how strong Aomo was . The dragon had grown up inside his body . They were very close, as Lin Feng had raised him . Now Aomo was fighting, and Lin Feng had the impression he was terrifyingly strong .

The atmosphere kept exploding from conflicting energies . More claws appeared and turned into five black lights striking at Aomo . Aomo blocked them, but wounds appeared on his his body and he started bleeding . Lin Feng dragged him backwards .

’’Freeze!’’ When Bai Ling saw that strike, he released ice energy . The one with the scary claws moved away . That person was dangerously strong, a high-level Hell emperor . Lin Feng had just become a medium-level Hell emperor, and there were many high-level Hell emperors there . Some of them had even reached the top of the Huang Qi layer . They were all incredible combatants .

Lin Feng shouted furiously, sword energies whistled . His opponent was surprised at the sudden shift . At that moment, Lin Feng moved both hands . Another life and death pattern appeared and rotated . All sorts of energies penetrated into the life and death pattern .

His spirit appeared . Lin Feng turned into a shadow as he jumped into the deployment spell . His pattern was dazzling and life and death energies pulsed out .

’’Life and Death Destructive Illusion!’’ shouted a voice . The atmosphere was suddenly sealed . However, the life and death pattern was an illusion, drawing in the cultivator .

’’An illusion, a life and death deployment spell!’’ shouted someone furiously, retreating . But Qin Yu arrived behind him, his life and death cloth turned into a gigantic hand and imprisoned that cultivator . The deployment spell bombarded his head and he turned grey . His life energy even turned into death energy .

’’Fire!’’ shouted Qin Yu coldly . A terrifying Hell fire appeared and surrounded that person . He started burning . burning .

’’Lin Feng is casting deployment spells, help him!’’ shouted Bai Ling extremely loudly . Some people landed around Lin Feng to protect him, all of them powerful and skilled . They saw that Lin Feng's life and death deployment spells were extremely powerful . If they could help him, then it would be beneficial for everyone .

Lin Feng kept performing hand seals, the life and death pattern became gigantic and people from the Black Shark Army pulled back .

’’Someone is stealing the celestial mountain!’’ At that moment, someone ran towards the celestial mountain, everybody looked at him and Qi dashed to the skies .

Idiot!, thought Lin Feng . At that moment, many people were staring greedily at the celestial mountain . Even if that person could steal the celestial mountain, they would die in any event .

As expected, everybody started moving when they saw that that person was trying to steal the mountain . The Black Shark Army and Jalacandra Fairyland stopped fighting and everyone moved towards that person . They were fighting over the celestial mountain, so they couldn't let anyone else take it .

Energies rose to the skies and surrounded him . At the same time, people attacked the celestial mountain . They also wanted to know what was inside it .

The celestial mountain was extremely hard and seemed indestructible . However, when the energies crashed onto it, a crack appeared . People's hearts were filled with ardor . Did that celestial mountain contain Marks of the Path?

’’Immortal energy, and demon energy . ’’ Lin Feng frowned . He could sense He could sense the incredible energies emerging from the mountain .

’’Break!’’ shouted someone explosively . The mountain finally broke apart and turned into a million pieces . People twitched in astonishment .

There weren't Marks of the Path inside . There was a person!

The person looked like an ancient god as he suddenly opened his eyes . His king energies dashed to the skies as he released heaven, earth, and demonic energies . He looked like a demon king!

’’It's him!’’ Lin Feng was astonished and froze for a moment . He had already seen that face!

Back then, in Jiu You, he had gone to the shrines .

He had already seen that proud young man there in the central area of the twelve shrines . He looked like a god, and all the shrines wanted to recruit him . It was the young man with the king body!

Back then, everybody wanted to recruit him, and in the end, the young man had chosen the Demon Shrine . Now he looked like a demon king!

I'm a very fast learner, I'm already a medium-level emperor . But that guy is already a high-level emperor and he has an immortal king body type . No wonder the people all wanted to recruit him . He was already gifted, but with the help of the shrine, he practiced cultivation even faster!, thought Lin Feng . That guy practiced cultivation even faster than him! Lin Feng was shocked, finding the Celestial Country even more mysterious . That guy was from one of the shrines, and now he had descended from the Milky Way!


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