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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1883


Chapter 1883

Lin Feng gazed into the distance . The bridges were floating in the air, and blood kept falling from the sky . It was an astonishing sight .

’’Is that meteor rain made of precious items?’’ Lin Feng was dumbstruck . He didn't understand .

’’Haha, we're in the Celestial Country, it's a mysterious place . We can't know where there are items . Here is the most dangerous place, though, there are the scary battles here . Of course, that meteor rain isn't solely made up of precious items . There are real meteors too, and some meteors are empty!’’ said Aoxu .

Qin Yu nodded agreement with the dragon . ’’Even Hell great emperors go insane for Marks of the Path . After all, even great emperors want to raise their comprehension . Marks of the Path are more likely to appear here than anywhere else . The other places of the Celestial Country aren't as good . ’’

’’Let's stop talking and wasting time . Let's go further and see!’’ proclaimed Aoxu, leading the way ahead . The group of people from Jalacandra Fairyland continued along . They were a larger force, and it was safer for them like that .

The broken bridges in the air were extremely strange . They appeared out of nowhere, then they were broken, and started again farther away . They also seemed indestructible, strong cultivators' attacks reached them, but they didn't break .

Many people noticed Lin Feng and his group . Some people sped up because they wanted to avoid them . Some others didn't mind and walked confidently near to them .

’’Milky Way Rain!’’ Suddenly, a thick rain appeared . Lin Feng and the others sped up immediately, moving like lightning towards the rain!

Lin Feng stretched out his hands and touched the water, a gigantic drop of water appeared on his hand and vanished .

’’Haha, you're lucky!’’ Aoxu laughed . After that drop of water dispersed, an ancient imprint appeared . It contained ancient Qi . Aoxu laughed loudly when he saw it .

The others all rolled their eyes, at how loud he was . The others also obtained treasures and smiled happily .

A gigantic hand suddenly moved towards Aoxu .

That person sure is unlucky!, thought other people who knew Aoxu . Aoxu looked at the hand coldly, before claws appeared and destroyed the hand . At the same time, Aoxu flashed away and threw himself at the man attacking him furiously . A red dragon's claw moved towards the attacker . Dragon roars filled the air . That person's face turned deathly pale in shock, ’’Dragon Clan!’’

He retreated exceedingly quickly . At the same time, two other people attacked Aoxu at the same time .

’’Die!’’ shouted Qin Yu coldly . Aoxu had stayed with them, they couldn't let people bully him . The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland all released death Qi at the same time and it surrounded those two people, who turned grey . So many people attacked at the same time, it was terrifying . The two people didn't have time to do anything . The death Qi crashed down on them and their bodies fell down into the Yellow Springs .

How terrifying!, thought Lin Feng . Almost all those people were high-level Hell emperors and all of them controlled death Qi, a terrifying kind of strength . There weren't weren't only sixteen of them anymore, they were more of them, and they were very powerful .

After those two people died, two people grabbed the items from the corpses . They couldn't give them up .

Those who hadn't obtained treasures were annoyed, but those were the rules . They couldn't steal treasures from their friends . They couldn't violate the rules either, everybody respected them .

Aoxu also killed his first attacker, laughing and saying, ’’Not bad . That small army is useful!’’

’’You're from the Dragon Clan?’’ Qin Yu asked Aoxu . He was surprised after seeing Aoxu use dragon energies .

’’Indeed! Let's keep going!’’ Aoxu smiled . Strong cultivators kept moving forwards or returning all about them .

’’There's a powerful army there . They've killed many strong cultivators,’’ said Bai Ling, pointing at a group of people fighting together . They were all wearing black Taoist robes made of feathers . The wind swirled about them . They looked imposing and awe-inspiring . People didn't dare get too close to them .

’’That's the Black Shark Army . They are super stars on the Milky Way battlefield, very strong . They have hundreds of fighters!’’ said Qin Yu .

’’The Milky Way battlefield is gigantic . There are many armies . The Black Shark Army is only one of them . There's nothing exceptional about them,’’ sniffed Aoxu . Many people understood that fighting there alone was dangerous . Only a few people like Aoxu dared fight against entire armies on their own .

’’The Milky Way battlefield is gigantic, if we could kill an entire army, that would be incredible!’’ said Lin Feng . Even with his strength, Aoxu couldn't Aoxu couldn't kill an entire army on his own .

Suddenly, more meteorites fell from the sky . The group of people from Jalacandra Fairyland rose up into the air again .

’’Those who steal treasures from the rain of meteorites will die!’’ shouted someone arrogantly . The group of people from Jalacandra Fairyland suddenly stopped . They saw the people from the Black Shark Army rise up in the air and taking treasures .

’’How arrogant!’’ said Aoxu coldly . A hundred people looked at Aoxu . His dragon blood started boiling .

’’Look over there!’’ said someone at that moment . People turned their heads and saw a mountain descending from the Milky Way . It looked like a celestial mountain . Its Qi was incredible!

’’That celestial mountain seems alive . Does it contain Marks of the Path?’’ People's eyes started shining with greed .

’’Take them all!’’ shouted the leader of the Black Shark Army . The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland all released death Qi . Everybody was ready to fight .

’’Celestial mountain!’’ In the distance, more and more people arrived and stared at the mountain . Suddenly, explosions and rumbling filled the air . The celestial mountain descended and crashed onto a bridge . A terrifying Qi surged out over them .

Marks of the Path, there might be Marks of the Path inside!, thought the crowd . Finally, someone flew towards the mountain .

’’Die!’’ Millions of threads of Qi crashed onto that person and they died instantly . The whole crowd went silent . Nobody dared move recklessly anymore . Nobody went to take that person's treasures, either .

’’If anyone touches the celestial mountain, they die! Let's fight first!’’ said fight first!’’ said the leader of the Black Shark Army coldly . Everybody looked solemn and respectful . Death strength surrounded the Black Shark Army . It was like the battle could start anytime .

’’Die!’’ shouted someone furiously . They were already prepared . All the members of Jalacandra Fairyland started running towards their enemies . Death Qi dashed to the skies . The Jalacandra Fairyland's army was powerful, but the Black Shark Army was dangerous . They had to deal with them first .

’’Life!’’ said Lin Feng, flashing ahead . Life and death lights rose to the skies . Five or six people were killed on the way and fell down from the sky .

’’The Circle of Life!’’ A gigantic life and death pattern surrounded the people from Jalacandra Fairyland .

’’Get ready to use death strength, I'll attack!’’ shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly when he saw that all the members of the Black Shark Army were running towards them . Life and death lights dashed to the skies and surrounded them .

’’Condense death strength!’’ shouted Lin Feng explosively . Bai Ling and the others knew how strong Lin Feng was, they kept releasing death strength into the life and death pattern . Then, the life and death pattern surrounded the crowd from the Black Shark Army and turned into a vortex .


The life and death energies kept rotating . Life energy turned into death energy, death energy turned into life energy, both attacking the Black Shark Army . Instantly, many corpses started falling from the sky . It was a spectacular scene . The crowd in the distance didn't get involved, they were just astonished as they watched this .


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