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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1880


Chapter 1880

Chapter 1880: Peerless Fighting Ability

The mountain range which Lin Feng had chosen was gigantic . He had chosen the highest mountain because he could see the furthest from it .

At that moment, the person in white clothes had led him above a precipice . There was a valley below, and Lin Feng also noticed a waterfall . Lin Feng and that man crossed the waterfall and appeared somewhere else . There was moss, it was humid, it smelled fresh, and the stones were shiny .

’’What a strange place! It really looks like a fairyland!’’ observed Lin Feng .

The person in white clothes smiled, ’’That place was the entrance to my world . It's a remote place . Few people come here . That way, nothing can happen to Jalacandra Fairyland . ’’

’’Jalacandra Fairyland has become a kind of sect, how come they are worried about safety?’’

’’The Celestial Country is a dangerous place, wait until you see the battlefield, you will understand that our lives are insignificant . Even if you're initially from a powerful family, nobody cares,’’ said the man in white clothes . Lin Feng remained silent . He didn't know much about the Celestial Country, obviously . But this person said the same things as Minister Uptala . Besides, apart from people from Hell, people from other worlds were also here!

In Jalacandra Fairyland, there were many waterfalls . A short time later, Lin Feng saw someone .

’’Bai Ling, who's that?’’ asked the new person .

’’His name is Lin Feng . I found him at the top of a mountain . He's very talented . His deployment spells are terrifying . I'm hoping he can become a member of Jalacandra Fairyland!’’ explained Bai Ling .

’’Alright!’’ that person nodded . Then, he looked to a beautiful woman standing next to him . She looked tall and precious . She was wearing a simple transparent white dress, one could see her breasts .

’’I'm the current leader of Jalacandra Fairyland, Zhi Rou! Lin Feng, would you like to join Jalacandra Fairyland?’’ asked the woman to Lin Feng .

’’Are there restrictions? Am I free? Can I leave anytime?’’ asked Lin Feng .

’’No restriction . Just one thing: if you leave in times of danger, then you'll be considered a traitor!’’ replied Zhi Rou . People who let their friends down were traitors, of course!

’’I agree!’’ Lin Feng nodded .

’’Since you agree, remember that we all join hands to kill traitors!’’ Zhi Rou told him solemnly . As a leader, she had to be like that .

’’You came at the perfect time . People from Hell have already started dispersing everywhere in the Celestial Country . We are getting ready to go . We have more than forty people here . We want to divide into three, each group can have a little bit more than ten people . That's enough for us to support one another . We will also keep in touch using Jalacandra signals . We must help one another in case of danger . If someone doesn't help, we kill them!’’ said Zhi Rou . Everybody nodded agreement with her .

Lin Feng looked at Bai Ling and said, ’’How many people are there in Jalacandra Fairyland?’’

’’I'm not sure . It has existed for so many years, and it changes from generation to generation . There are many people I've never seen . However, the Celestial Country is becoming bigger and bigger, so there are also more and more people!’’ replied Bai Ling .

’’Lin Feng, your Jalacandra Imprint!’’ said Zhi Rou, handing an imprint to Lin Feng . ’’Alright, get ready to leave, everyone! When the Challenge of the Celestial Country is over, we come back here!’’ shouted Zhi Rou . Everybody gathered up .

Bai Ling looked at Lin Feng, ’’Lin Feng, come with me . ’’

’’Alright!’’ said Lin Feng . He had no problem with that . Very quickly, the three groups left . They all had a leader . In Lin Feng's group, Bai Ling was the leader . They were sixteen people in his group: four medium-level Hell emperors, and twelve high-level Hell emperors . Indeed, high-level Hell emperors were numerous!

Bai Ling and the others left Jalacandra Fairyland and landed in the mountain range . Bai Ling looked at the others and said, ’’Since our purpose is to help one another at all times, I need to tell you some things . First how we share the loot each time, everyone can choose: you can share according to how much people have contributed, or you can share equally . ’’

’’First one,’’ said someone .

’’We're a team, second one . ’’

’’Second one . ’’

Everybody expressed their opinion . Lin Feng said, ’’We'll see how lucky we are . If we obtain several rings, each person can choose a ring . In any case it will be difficult to share equally . If we find a really precious treasure, the first one to get it can keep it . And nobody can fight over precious treasures . ’’

’’What if we all contribute to steal a treasure from an enemy?’’ an enemy?’’ said Bai Ling .

’’Do you think that's unavoidable?’’ asked Lin Feng . Bai Ling was surprised . If they found a really precious treasure, everybody would want to get it . And even if Lin Feng said nobody was going to argue over treasures, it was rarely the case .

Everybody agreed with Lin Feng though, and they continued . They saw many battles along the way . However, when people saw Lin Feng and his group, they always ran away . They looked really strong, and nobody wanted to fight against groups .

’’Where are we going?’’ Lin Feng asked Bai Ling . He didn't recognize anything here .

’’We're going to the real battlefield, of course, where the battles are the best . ’’ replied Bai Ling .

’’There are beasts ahead!’’ someone exclaimed . There was a vast forest ahead, and an ancient tree had appeared in their field of vision . Lin Feng and the others noticed some sharp dazzling eyes within it .

A powerful Qi rose to the skies, and a strong wind started blowing . Gigantic beasts appeared in front of Lin Feng and the others, all winged with sharp claws .

’’Stupid animals, that's a great roc clan! Be careful, they're extremely fast!’’ said Bai Ling . These great rocs spanned hundreds of meters .

Surprisingly, there are animal clans in the Celestial Country!, thought Lin Feng . The great rocs had surrounded them .

’’Great rocs are extremely fast and they have an incredible physical strength . However, they can't use death Qi . Let's all release death Qi together!’’ said Bai Ling . A death Qi vortex appeared and death Qi moved towards the rocs .

’’Die!’’ screeched a great screeched a great roc . The rocs started flapping their wings, and threw themselves at the humans .

’’Ice Hell!’’ shouted Bai Ling grimly . An ice-cold Qi filled the air, and Bai Ling punched out . Ice-cold energies moved towards the great rocs . One of them started slashing the ice with his sharp claws, but his claws started freezing .

’’Hell!’’ shouted Bai Ling furiously . Ice-cold energies surrounded the great roc .

However, the great roc opened his wings, which were as sharp as blades . A gigantic wind blade appeared .

Bai Ling pulled a long face and shouted, ’’Be careful, great rocs are too fast . Lin Feng, come and cast a deployment spell, I'll protect you . ’’

’’Alright . ’’ Lin Feng nodded . Death and life marks appeared all around, glittering in the air .

At that moment, the ground started shaking from the sound of someone's footsteps . Lin Feng looked around and saw a young man with red hair in the distance . He looked extremely strong .

That person charged in and punched a great roc . It was a simple punch, but a massive indent appeared, and the great roc shrieked in terror . His claws broke apart, and the roc was smashed away . Blood splashed everywhere, and the great roc exploded!

’’How explosive! That strength...’’ Lin Feng was stupefied . His physical strength was exceptional, but this guy's physical strength was even scarier!

An incredible fighter from the Celestial Country with a peerless fighting ability . He's never lost . He just keeps killing . Lin Feng remembered what Bai Ling had told him . This person was even more powerful than that swordsman with his sword energies!


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