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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1878


Chapter 1878

Chapter 1878: Long and Difficult Battle

At that moment, the swordsman was still surrounded by death Qi . He had still suffered a little from the skinny old man's death Qi vortex . The swordsman's body was being corroded by death Qi . Even though he looked unaffected, he was still trying to expel the death Qi from his body with cosmic energies .

’’If you give me all your precious items willingly, I won't kill you!’’ declared the swordsman, looking at Lin Feng calmly . He had ambushed the skinny old man for a simple reason: he could kill Lin Feng easily, but not the old man!

Lin Feng shook his head . The swordsman's eyes glittered and he said, ’’You think I can't kill you?’’

’’Your sword attacks are so fast, of course you can defeat me easily . ’’ said Lin Feng indifferently . He had no doubt that that guy could kill him easily . He had seen his sword attacks . His speed cosmic energies were terrifying . When speed abstruse energies turned into cosmic energies, they were fearsome . This guy's speed cosmic energies were terrifying .

’’Since you understand, that's good!’’ said the swordsman calmly, ’’You shouldn't have come here . Even if I don't steal your treasures, other people will . You should find a place to hide . ’’

’’Thank you very much for your help,’’ said Lin Feng, throwing a ring at the swordsman before leaving quickly . The swordsman put his godly awareness inside the ring and turned furious .

He transformed into a sword and chased after Lin Feng . Lin Feng couldn't escape, the swordsman was too fast and he was much faster than the skinny old man .

Lin Feng opened his third eye . Destructive strength descended from the sky . Suddenly, Lin Feng turned around and opened his bestial consciousness, releasing black water and desolate Qi . Lin Feng then disappeared into that black lake .

His enemy released sword energies, which streaked across the sky . He opened the black lake, and continued charging towards Lin Feng .

’’Lacerate!’’ Dazzling sword lights turned into two light beams, and Lin Feng's body was suddenly cut in two . Both sides fell down from the sky . The swordsman watched Lin Feng icily . That was a strange Qi...

’’Earth!’’ Earth strength descended from the sky and crashed down onto him . Lin Feng reappeared . The swordsman was startled, the Lin Feng he had cut apart was a clone, a fake...

Lin Feng suddenly took out a destructive black lotus .

The swordsman reacted instantly . Another sword appeared and streaked across the sky .

Destructive strength filled and made the lotus explode . Fireballs blew in all directions . A powerful strength moved towards the swordsman and crashed onto his transformed sword-arm, and it started burning . The fire was very corrosive, and the swordsman's expression changed drastically . Finally, he couldn't remain calm anymore . Suddenly, he cut his right arm off with his left arm .

’’Die!’’ said the swordsman . Sword energies whistled out and raced towards Lin Feng . Lin Feng could die at anytime!

Lin Feng was prepared, he had already released Deva-Mara Kalpa strength . When it collided with the sword strength, the sky exploded . Lin Feng moved back and watched the swordsman icily . He was a high-level Hell emperor, and was extremely strong . He He could carry out explosive attacks with the power of his mind . A moment before, Lin Feng had hidden in the small world of his spirit and had released a clone outside . That was how he had tricked the swordsman .

Without using the power of his spirit, Lin Feng wouldn't be able to defeat that man . But Lin Feng couldn't use the power of his spirit in such conditions, it was too dangerous . He was surrounded by danger . He couldn't be sure that nobody was watching them here .

Therefore, Lin Feng flew away . Lin Feng had destroyed one of his arms . Even though the man could recover, it was still humiliating .

’’Die!’’ The swordsman turned into a sword again and continued chasing after Lin Feng . Dazzling sword lights filled the air . Lin Feng was surrounded by sword energies!

Lin Feng shivered . This guy was terrifying, and the sword lights were extremely sharp!

Lin Feng suddenly stopped and rose up into the air . Life and death energies started twinkling . Lin Feng also released Deva-Mara Kalpa strength .

’’Destroy!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously . He didn't only use his Nine Kalpa Swords, millions of swords were whistling . Lin Feng suddenly turned around, his eyes became extremely sharp .

When the swordsman saw that Lin Feng had stopped, he opened his third eye and dazzling lights emerged from it . He wanted to destroy Lin Feng's sword attacks, but it wasn't that easy . He couldn't afford to underestimate Lin Feng anyway . If Lin Feng had been at the same cultivation level as him, he would have killed the swordsman easily with such an attack .

When .

When Lin Feng stopped, he released endless amounts of death and life energies . The swordsman was shocked to see this, and stopped cold to stare at Lin Feng .

A will-destroying sword attack and Demon Kalpa strength descended from the sky . This was the strength of a medium-level Hell emperor, and two life and death deployment spells appeared as well .

’’Medium-level Hell emperor!’’ The swordsman was startled . He had to kill Lin Feng now...

’’Life and death deployment spell! Even without going inside, I can still kill you!’’ swore the swordsman . He raised his left arm, he condensing sword intent . It seemed that this intent didn't even contain cosmic strength, like it was a pure sword . However, that was one of his powers: when he made cosmic energies fuse together with his sword attack, his opponents couldn't sense them .

’’Die!’’ shouted the man furiously, and then endless amounts of sword energies shot towards Lin Feng . Lin Feng was in the middle of his life and death deployment spell, and there were sword energies everywhere .

At the same time, Lin Feng moved and the atmosphere trembled .

’’If you could kill me with your sword energies, why would I make a deployment spell?’’ Lin Feng asked icily . He continued rising up in the air, and his life and death deployment spell flashed . Lin Feng did hand seals in the air, destructive strength invaded the space around him . The swords collided with the destructive strength spectacularly . There were destructive energies everywhere!

Lin Feng's deployment spells were excellent, he had a great deal of experience at using them now . He had also studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, so he understood evolution strength really evolution strength really well . He could imitate various deployment spells easily!

At this moment, Lin Feng was standing in the deployment spell and was surrounded by destructive strength . He looked quite calm as he faced the swordsman and asked, ’’Can you kill me now?’’

The swordsman pulled a long face . In the distance, people were looking at them coldly . Their battle had attracted many people's attention . It was getting dangerous, they could both turn into prey for others .

’’Can you kill me with a life and death deployment spell?’’ replied the swordsman after remaining silent for a few seconds . Then, he entered the deployment spell!

When he entered the deployment spell, he turned into a sharp sword . He wanted to destroy the deployment spell!

’’I control life and death in my deployment spell, your attacks are useless in here,’’ said Lin Feng, taking a step . Dazzling lights filled the air as he released life and death strength . Everything became darkness, the arrival of Judgement Day . The swordsman was surrounded by infinite darkness, and being assaulted constantly . His sword energies started fading!

The swordsman suddenly released even more dazzling sword lights to resist the death strength . He then rose up again, if he stayed in there for too long, he could die-!

’’Die!’’ Lin Feng shouted furiously . More death strength descended from the sky . The swordsman's face turned grey, the death Qi corroded his body . He couldn't resist anymore!

’’Stay here!’’ shouted Lin Feng . He waved his hands, an earth cage appeared and stopped the swordsman . More death Qi penetrated into his body, and he slowly closed his eyes . That death Qi didn't look deadly, but could still kill!


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