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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1868


Chapter 1868

Chapter 1868: The Path of Life and Death

Lin Feng sat down at the top of the mountain . Two sorts of cosmic energies surrounded his body . When Zun cultivators broke through to the Huang Qi layer, the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky cleansed their bodies . It was a means of communication created between cultivators and the earth and the sky . They could finally understand cosmic energies properly when they became emperors, and they could also condense them .

Cultivators used the cosmic energies inside their body to attract the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, to condense them, and to attack . That way, their attacks were explosive . The cosmic energies in their bodies had limits, however . The more they could use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, the more explosive their attacks were .

Before, when Lin Feng fought in the outside world, he couldn't attract the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, he could only rely on his own cosmic energies . Now, he could finally use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky . He had been cleansed by the dual life and death cosmic energy . The gods now acknowledged him, and he was allowed to borrow their cosmic energies .

’’Minister Uptala considers the Blue Uptala Lotus as a path, as a way of life . That's why he can use all sorts of cosmic energies . His body is made of almost all cosmic energies . He just has to study one sort of cosmic energy, that's enough . I was an Imperial Kalpa, the gods had abandoned me . Now, they have no choice but to acknowledge me . This time, I started walking on the path of life and death,’’ whispered Lin Feng to himself . Lin Feng had heard that, he had never really understood how or why though . Then, Minister Uptala had told him about the Blue Uptala Lotus, and Lin Feng had suddenly understood . Life and death energies were mysterious and incredible .

Lin Feng was surrounded by mountains . Some people appeared in the distance and studied him .

That guy's comprehensive abilities are really incredible . He was surprisingly cleansed by two sorts of cosmic energies . And they are much more powerful than when ordinary people get cleansed by cosmic energies, thought the people staring at Lin Feng . They would have never thought someone would be getting cleansed by cosmic energies in such a desolate place .

After a long time, the wind of empty space cosmic energies dispersed . Lin Feng raised his head and smiled .

’’Congratulations for breaking through to the Huang Qi layer with dual cosmic energies, Your Excellency!’’ said someone at that moment . A few people landed in front of Lin Feng and smiled at him . At that moment, Lin Feng seemed to have the cultivation level of a low-level emperor .

Lin Feng's eyes glittered, rather confused . How come he only had the level of a low-level emperor after having been cleansed by the cosmic energies?

I studied the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures, my skills are demon-type skills . However, I haven't been cleansed by demon cosmic energies yet . My demon cultivation hasn't been acknowledged by the gods yet, so that's maybe the reason why I seem to be a low-level emperor in the outside world, reasoned Lin Feng .

After all, cultivators had to practice cultivation according to the type of skills they studied . They had to make their skills and cultivation advance homogeneously and consistently . The three lives scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were mysterious and special scriptures . They helped a cultivator but they didn't make him level up directly .

If people wanted to make their skills level up, they had to make their cosmic energies level up . For example, his Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures were mainly bound to his demon cosmic energies . The same applied to everything else . Heaven Scriptures were bound to Heaven cosmic energies . Sky Absorbing Scriptures were associated with Sky Absorbing cosmic energies .

As a medium-level emperor, Lin Feng's best cosmic energies were his demon cosmic energies . He had the strength of a medium-level emperor when using them, but they hadn't been acknowledged acknowledged by the gods yet . However, Lin Feng's life and death cosmic energies had been acknowledged by the gods, so he had broken through .

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd . These people were medium-level emperors . Lin Feng guessed that they belonged to other powerful groups .

’’I've just broken through to the Huang Qi layer . You have all broken through to the Huang Qi layer a long time ago . I have nothing to be proud of, said Lin Feng, smiling calmly .

’’Your Excellency, you are in a small part of Hell, it's a small world which has been built by strong cultivators,’’ someone told him at that moment .

’’I am aware,’’ replied Lin Feng with a nod .

’’Since you know, I can tell you something . I am from one of the Ten Yama Courts, Chu Jiang City . King Chu Jiang is one of the ten kings of the Ten Yama Courts . We are members of Chu Jiang City's army . If you wish, you can join us temporarily . With your talent, you could rise up in the hierarchy!’’ offered that person peacefully .

However, Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, ’’I'm used to living alone in the wild . ’’

’’Hehe, Your Excellency, maybe that you don't know that we're competing to gain control over this small world . Maybe this territory will end up under the control of Chu Jiang City soon . From that moment, we will rule over this territory . It's a great opportunity you have before you . You are very lucky, you shouldn't let it slip past you,’’ the man smiled meaningfully .

However, Lin Feng just smiled calmly, ’’Thank you, Your Excellency, for your kindness . ’’

Then, Lin Feng stopped talking to them . They were surprised . He had refused such a great opportunity!?

If they gained control over this territory, it would be theirs, and everything in it would be theirs, human and natural resources, especially talented people . They wouldn't be able to escape anymore .

Hell has some rules, but people are much more straightforward than in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, thought Lin Feng Lin Feng . The Ministers in Hell wanted to keep everything under their control .

’’Your Excellency, you should cherish this opportunity . Otherwise, you will regret it!’’ said the man coldly . He already started threatening Lin Feng .

’’I've never regretted anything,’’ replied Lin Feng easily .

His questioner was furious . ’’You don't know how to differentiate good from bad . Even if you understand two sorts of cosmic energies, death and life, and even if you're talented, so what? You're just a weakling who has just broken through to the Huang Qi layer . Maybe we could have done great things together someday, but surprisingly you don't want to . You want to die!’’

He released death cosmic energies to surround Lin Feng . He wanted to kill Lin Feng as quickly as possible .

’’Even if you understand death and life cosmic energies, you will still be killed by death cosmic energies!’’ spat his would-be killer . Lin Feng was talented, but he was still weak . He had proposed to help Lin Feng and surprisingly, he had refused . He had to die!

If Lin Feng had been an ordinary cultivator who had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he could have been killed by death cosmic energies . However, what he didn't know was that Lin Feng understood life and death cosmic energies much better than he did . Besides, from that moment on, Lin Feng's death and life cosmic energies were going to improve very quickly .

Lin Feng had already started walking on the path of life and death . When the death cosmic energies of the other crashed into Lin Feng's body, nothing happened . Lin Feng looked like an immortal man .

’’Eh?’’ The man realized something was wrong . Lin Feng was just standing in his death cosmic energies and nothing had happened .

’’Interesting,’’ commented the man, smiling coldly . He then jumped towards Lin Feng and raised his hand . A Hell hand filled with death energies raced towards him . Maybe this fool would die to this attack?

Lin Feng flickered, and disappeared . The Hell hand crashed onto the mountaintop, which exploded mountaintop, which exploded .

’’Wind cosmic energies?’’ Lin Feng's opponent was stupefied . He grunted and released another gigantic Hell hand which charged Lin Feng again .

These people are medium-level Hell emperors, their skills and speed are incredible . They are strong medium-level Hell emperors, thought Lin Feng . His punch appeared and filled the air, demolishing the Hell hand .

The emperors around stared at Lin Feng, stupefied . How come Lin Feng was so strong? He had used demon strength which had the power of a medium-level emperor . He had also used wind cosmic energies, wasn't it the first time that cosmic energies had cleansed his body?

They couldn't understand what was going on . They were all too astonished .

Dazzling silver wings appeared in Lin Feng's back, he started beating them . He also released wind cosmic energies through his wings as he suddenly disappeared again .

The medium-level Hell emperor stared at Lin Feng and was infuriated when he saw Lin Feng charge at him . A vortex of death strength appeared . It was as if millions of death hands had appeared .

’’Die!’’ The medium-level Hell emperor hurled the vortex in Lin Feng's direction .

’’Life!’’ countered Lin Feng furiously . In a flash, life strength crashed onto the death hands, life and death energies intertwined and dispersed . Lin Feng punched out again .

The medium-level Hell emperor's expression changed drastically . Death and life cosmic energies surrounded him . His death Qi was slowly turning into life Qi . He had the sensation he was going to collapse . Lin Feng could corrode his life with life cosmic energy!

Lin Feng couldn't really win using death strength, that's why using life strength was the best thing he could do .

A dragon roared as it appeared behind Lin Feng . It had nine heads and a ferocious appearance .

’’Imprison!’’ said Lin Feng . His opponent turned into a vortex of death energy . Lin Feng didn't give him any opportunity to react, and immediately attacked .

The nine dragon heads roared furiously, grabbing the man's head with their teeth before they started absorbing his strength .


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