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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1867


Chapter 1867

Chapter 1867: Acknowledged By The Gods

Lin Feng took everyone into his own world and then he also went inside using his world strength .

Explosions rang out . The strong cultivators kept attacking everywhere . Lin Feng's spirit was shaking violently . However, he had the same strength as them, he was a medium-level emperor . And the world of his spirit was strange and mysterious, it was very difficult to break . Even though those people had weapons and incredible spells, they still couldn't do much .

Lin Feng entered the world and he glanced around at the crowd with his eyes filled with death energies .

’’Where are we?’’ one of them demanded of Lin Feng . He couldn't use cosmic energies properly here,he could only use the cosmic energies of his own body!

’’Your burial plots!’’ said Lin Feng icily . Then, a Great Imperial Weapon appeared: a sun disc which was dazzling and contained immortal energies . Those people could barely open their eyes because the sun disc was so dazzling .

’’You are a descendant of Great Emperor Song?’’

’’You are not allowed to use Great Imperial Weapons when competing for Hell territories, you are violating the rules!’’ said one of them icily . Lin Feng surprisingly used a Great Imperial Weapon . He was probably a descendant of Great Emperor Song .

’’Slash...’’ a dazzling light filled with immortal energies streaked across the sky and pierced through the one who had just talked . His body exploded and his soul dispersed . The crowd was stunned and furious .

They could see that Lin Feng was a medium-level Hell emperor and he was using a Great Imperial Weapon . For them, it was a synonym for destruction .

’’You used a precious item to take us in here, and now we can't use our cosmic energies . I'm going to inform the others that people from Great Imperial Song City have already violated the rules . ’’

’’Inform? You cannot communicate with the outside world in here!’’ laughed Lin Feng icily . He had already tried with Xiao Ya . Apart from him, people couldn't communicate with the outside world, including when using their godly awareness .

’’Die!’’ Another sun appeared and crushed the one who had just talked . Other people's faces turned deathly pale .

They had just killed the people from the villages . They had felt powerful when doing that . Now they didn't dare act recklessly anymore .

Lin Feng released fire strength, which started flowing through the sun disc . Lin Feng was standing on the dazzling sun . Back then, when Yang Yan was a cultivator of the very top of the Zun Qi layer, he could use the sun disc to kill medium-level emperors . Lin Feng was a now medium-level emperor, much, much stronger .

Everybody squinted, unable to see much . Suns started raining down, emperors kept falling down from the sky, one after another . Lin Feng was destroying them all . Some people's rings even exploded immediately and their treasures fell down from the sky with them .


Finally, Lin Feng was alone .

He put his sun disc away . He didn't feel sad at all . He went back to the outside world and saw millions of corpses . He could hear some people crying too .

Villagers were innocent people . Villages were lively, filled with life . Now, nothing was left .

The strong cultivators had killed so many of them .

Lin Feng could remember the old man and his daughter dying . It was a tragedy...

At that moment, in the distance, black clouds were expanding in dark waves in the sky . Lin Feng raised his head and looked at them .

’’Who is attacking?’’ murmured Lin Feng . The different groups wanted to join hands to fight against Great Emperor Song's people . However, Lin Feng didn't care .

He turned around and flew back to the old man's house . He used the remains of the house to make a grave, and placed the man's corpse inside, then used earth strength to bury him . Lin Feng wanted the man to rest in peace .

After that, Lin Feng left the village . All the rest had nothing to do with him .

The rest of those days, Lin Feng stayed in desolate places, in the countryside, in mountains . He also walked in their cities . He met many ordinary people who had ordinary lives . They told Lin Feng about happy and sad moments of their lives, their friends, their enemies . However, Lin Feng found ordinary people ordinary people touching .

A month later, Lin Feng was still thinking about life . He went to the top of a mountain and glanced around . He smiled widely .

He stretched his hand out and a bottle of alcohol appeared, and took a swig from it . It was very strong . It reminded him of good times with his friends .

I worry about imaginary troubles, I'm a genius? I feel like a mediocre person, thought Lin Feng, smiling bitterly and throwing the bottle away . He wasn't an almighty god . He couldn't solve all the problems of the world . Even of his world, no matter how strong he was, he couldn't control everything . He had to let go of things sometimes . He also had to do things he enjoyed doing, he had to spend time with people he loved .

He had killed all those people because he liked the man and his daughter . He was furious when those people had killed the villagers .

Lin Feng took out his Blue Uptala Lotus . Life and death strength were flowing together in the lotus .

Suddenly, the green life energy made the flower turn green . It was filled with life Qi, then it was suddenly black and filled with death, the change was subtle .

The energies kept changing quickly .

The Blue Uptala Lotus slowly moved away from him . Lin Feng released even more life and death energies . The life and death energies became even denser .

Life and death Qi and death Qi . There's no limit in this world, thought Lin Feng calmly . He condensed some death strength which turned into a strong death wind . A vortex appeared in his hand .

’’Life!’’ said Lin Feng . In a flash, the death strength turned into a green life energy which cleansed his body .

The air suddenly changed as cosmic strength condensed . It looked like both life and death energy . Two sorts of cosmic energies, only one .

Some people far away noticed the energies . A cosmic energy cleansing?, they wondered . Was someone breaking through to the Huang Qi layer? But those cosmic energies seemed too strong for that...

Lin Feng was surprised . He had been cleansed by Kalpa strength, and he understood life and death energies at a very high level . Something strange was happening...

’’There's something wrong . That's not a cosmic energies cleansing, they are too powerful . Back then, when I broke through to the Huang Qi layer, the cosmic energies weren't that powerful,’’ spoke up someone in the distance . Besides, there were both life and death cosmic energies inside!

’’The source of all things! Initially, I was abandoned by the gods, and now they are acknowledging me . They found a compromise!’’ Lin Feng smiled indifferently . After that, both cosmic energies surrounded him and cleansed his body . He had the strange sensation that he was controlling all cosmic energies .

’’Life, death!’’ In the distance, two gigantic words appeared . A gigantic black word: DEATH, and a gigantic green word: LIFE!


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