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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 186



That beautiful woman was the current princess, Wu Duan Ya's younger sister, Her Highness: Duan Xin Ye.

She was not only beautiful, but also had a very high status. The most important thing was that she didn't have a lover, which made all the noble young men very excited. If only they could engage in a relationship with her, they would become even more famous in their respective clans. It would also be a wonderful event for them.

After all, they all belonged to noble clans. They had many brothers who were all struggling for power. There were constant fights over power.

Duan Xin Ye walked forward and arrived at her seat and sat down.

Duan Wu Ya also sat down next to her, smiled and said: ’’Xin Ye, here are many people whom you probably have never met. I will introduce them to you.’’

While talking, Duan Wu Ya pointed at Lin Feng and said: ’’That's Lin Feng, a student of the Celestial Academy. His natural talent is incredibly monstrous. Young as he is, his strength surpasses that of Nie Yan.’’

Duan Xin Ye raised her head and looked at Lin Feng in a cold and detached way, but when she saw his tattered clothes, she couldn't help but be stupefied.

In the pavilion, everybody had a very high social status, everybody was extraordinarily dressed, good looking and honourable. Surprisingly, Lin Feng's clothes were in tatters. It was hard not to draw people's attention.

But immediately after, Duan Xin Ye turned around and stopped looking at Lin Feng.

’’Xin Ye, look, many handsome young men from the Imperial City are here. Have a glass of Lovesick alcohol and see if there is anyone that you like.’’ said Duan Wu Ya while smiling.

Duan Xin Ye raised her head, looked at him and said: ’’Brother, what are you talking about?’’

’’Haha, Xin Ye, I meticulously prepared this banquet for you.’’

Duan Wu Ya had a clear and distinct smile on his face. Duan Xin Ye looked down at the floor and remained silent. She hadn't been able to find someone whom she liked in all this time.

At that moment, Yue Tian Chen stood up, grabbed a glass of alcohol and gave it to her. He then said: ’’Xin Ye, long time no see. How are you?’’

’’Tian Chen, brother, thank you for worrying about me. I'm fine.’’ Duan Xin Ye and Yue Tian Chen were surprisingly close to each other, but the expression on her face remained cold and indifferent. She slightly raised her glass and took a sip.

’’If you're alright, I can finally relax.’’ replied Yue Tian Chen in a soft and gentle tone while nodding. He then said: ’’A short while ago, my grandfather asked me about us. He hopes that we can get engaged and marry.’’

When Yue Tian Chen finished talking, many people looked at him with envious expressions on their faces. Yue Tian Chen's status was much higher than theirs.

Even though the Yue Clan was discreet, nobody dared look down on them. They all clearly understood that if the three biggest clans of the Imperial City had to be divided, the Duan Clan and the Yue Clan were on the same level. Their influence was about the same, much stronger than that of the Yu Clan.

When Duan Wu Ya heard the word ’’marry’’ from Yue Tian Chen's mouth, he intensely looked at him. A mysterious cold light flashed through his eyes.

’’Brother Yue, you will not marry Xin Ye.’’ said Duan Wu Ya while smiling.

’’Your Highness, please pardon me for offending you, but my grandfather has no son. His sister only has a daughter. As far as the secret things happening in my clan are concerned, Your Highness should be even more aware of them than other people. Even though my grandfather and I are not directly related, everybody in the Yue Clan clearly thinks that I, Yue Tian Chen, should be the one getting married to Xin Ye. That would make me the direct descendent and next in line.’’

Yue Tian Chen was looking at Duan Wu Ya, but the surprising thing is that he looked nervous while talking. He didn't like talking about his clan matters in front of everybody else.

’’Maybe there is another opportunity for a direct descendent, elsewhere.’’ said Duan Wu Ya sounding mysterious while looking at Yue Tian Chen.

’’Impossible. Such circumstances, such a thing cannot happen. Your Highness should understand the situation better than me.’’

Hearing how determined Yue Tian Chen sounded, Duan Wu Ya silently smiled and then said: ’’Anyway, Xin Ye's marriage will happen only happen after she has found somebody that she likes. She is free to choose whom she marries.’’

’’Come, brother Yue, drink more.’’

Duan Wu Ya changed the topic of the conversation, raised his glass and smiled.

Yue Tian Chen was aware that he had no other alternative. He couldn't be too impatient when it came to such things. He thus continued to drink with Duan Wu Ya.

Duan Xin Ye possesses an incredible inherited strength from her blood spirit. If a man married her and had children, their children would also inherit from that blood spirit.

If a man was married to her, he would also gain many other benefits. However, that kind of woman wouldn't let the young men run after her like a flock of duck, all eager to marry her.

Unfortunately, the others were always willing while she always remained indifferent. She had always reacted coldly and indifferently to such things. She didn't feel like finding love. She had also never been interested in anyone.

Duan Xin Ye was the princess. She had seen many outstanding disciples, maybe too many. Her two brothers were Duan Wu Dao and Duan Wu Ya. The crown prince, Duan Wu Dao, was unique, amazing and extremely strong. The second prince was equally gifted, had high natural talent, he also understood people's expectations and was incredibly friendly. People as gifted as them were rare. An ordinary person would never be able to make her heart skip a beat.

Lin Feng was still sat there sipping his drink and minding his own business. He still didn't understand why Duan Wu Ya had invited him to that banquet, but during the feast, Duan Wu Ya had given Lin Feng a few meaningful and profound looks. Lin Feng didn't understand what he wanted.

’’This is a beautiful place and there is a beautiful girl as well, but it seems like something is still missing.’’ Suddenly said the person sitting next to Meng Chong.

’’Brother Feng, what are you implying?’’ asked Meng Chong while smiling.

’’We are all young, handsome men, but on the path of cultivation, we are not all equal. We should add a little to the fun and to enlighten Her Highness, the princess.’’

When he finished talking, many people suddenly looked interested. Cultivation was always a good motivation. Showing one's strength to the princess wasn't a bad idea at all.

’’What do you mean by adding to the fun?’’ asked someone else. Then, the young man, whose family name was Feng, continued and replied: ’’Of course I mean battles! We could choose our opponents and exchange pointers.’’

’’What a good idea. Brother Feng is really extraordinary. I feel ashamed, but I am way too inferior. Who could brother Feng select as an opponent?’’ said Meng Chong while smiling. Immediately after, Lin Feng lowered his head and continued drinking his glass of alcohol. He could feel that someone was looking at him and that person was the young man whose family name was Feng.

At that moment, many people started looking at Lin Feng as if the main event was about to start.

’’I heard the prince, His Highness, say that Lin Feng could defeat Hei Mo. I, Feng Xiao, would like to exchange pointers with him. Would Brother Lin accept?’’

When Lin Feng heard Feng Xiao, he raised his hand and looked at him. He then saw that Meng Chong was smiling. Lin Feng was coldly smiling in his heart.

’’I admit defeat.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently and then lowered his head again and continued drinking. Then he just ignored Feng Xiao. He had no interest in displaying his strength to attract a woman.

The crowd was stupefied. They wouldn't have thought that Lin Feng would admit defeat so easily. It seemed like his reputation was undeserved and that the second prince was overestimating him. Otherwise, he would have the courage to accept Feng Xiao's challenge. Besides, he had admitted defeat and humiliated himself.

Duan Xin Ye looked at Lin Feng. She looked very surprised. Face was extremely important for cultivators, giving up was not something someone would do so easily.

’’Hehe, Lin Feng, today, the prince and the princess are here. Refusing Brother Feng's challenge is not such a good thing to do.’’ said Meng Chong while smiling and glaring at Lin Feng.

’’What you mean is that no matter who challenges you, you must accept. Is this correct?’’ asked Lin Feng while looking at Meng Chong.

’’If it is to entertain the princess, it is an honour for us to do so, indeed.’’ replied Meng Chong.

’’I see.’’ Lin Feng slightly nodded, looked at Meng Chong and said: ’’I challenge you Meng Chong to help me entertain the princess, how does that sound?’’

’’You...’’ Meng Chong was stupefied. A cold expression filled his face. Even though Lin Feng's cultivation level wasn't higher than Hei Mo, he was still much stronger than Meng Chong. Meng Chong was blankly staring at Lin Feng. He was scared that if he accepted, things would not go well for him.

’’What's wrong? Didn't you say, a moment ago, that entertaining the princess was an honour for us? Why are you not saying anything now?’’ asked Lin Feng when he saw that Meng Chong was just blankly staring at him, which made the latter feel gloomy.

Lin Feng didn't take notice of Meng Chong's facial expression. His expression turned cold and he said in an ice-cold tone: ’’If you can't, then just stop opening your filthy mouth!’’


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