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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1857


Chapter 1857

Chapter 1857: One Against Six

On the other battle stage, Jian Mang was the first one to start the battles . On the low-level Hell emperors' battle stage, Lin Feng was the first one . He had to win against nine people . Being the first one had an advantage, they could avoid people who they thought were too strong and start with weaker ones if they knew them .

’’Nine battles won't be difficult for that young man,’’ said Minister Kalasutra calmly .

Qin Yao nodded and agreed, ’’Of course . He's so strong . He'll definitely obtain privileges . ’’

Lin Feng had defeated her . If she said Lin Feng couldn't win nine times, it would mean that she wouldn't be able to .

’’But those twelve people are also incredible people, they've also won a hundred battles . They're geniuses . I can't wait to see how he'll defeat them!’’ said Minister Kalasutra with an expectant smile .

Lin Feng glanced at the people he had to challenge . He knew nobody .

All those people are low-level emperors and they've all won a hundred battles . Those twelve people are all strong cultivators . Maybe they're as strong as the students of Champion University who are in the top twenty . I'm not going to fight against all of them at the same time, anyway, thought Lin Feng . He pointed at one of them and said, ’’Your Excellency, please come and fight . ’’

’’Jin Pan Guan!’’ The crowd looked at the person Lin Feng had chosen . He was wearing fine clothes, and was fat with a round face . Even though he couldn't be compared with Hei Lao, he really looked too fat to move . He was a gold cultivator, and his gold cosmic energies were powerful . He cut people apart with gold energies .

He was unhappy that Lin Feng had challenged him . After all, he had seen how strong Lin Feng was, everybody had . Being the first one to lose would be annoying . And he could lose only three times! Against Lin Feng, he had little chance to win, so he wouldn't have many tries .

The two faced each other as the others moved to the edge of the stage .

Golden lights cut the air and Jin Pan Guan suddenly disappeared . Even though he was fat, it didn't have any impact on his speed . Lin Feng had the sensation that a rain of gold had started, and each drop of gold was as sharp as a blade . Whistling sounds filled his ears .

The lights moved towards Lin Feng . At the same time, a golden pencil appeared in Jin Pan Guan's hand .

His pencil streaked across the sky, containing a powerful deadly strength . Lin Feng had the impression he was going to be impaled .

’’That guy's golden pencil is like a sword . It's sharp and contains gold and empty space cosmic energies . ’’

Lin Feng waved his hand and nine ancient cauldrons appeared .

’’Nine Cauldron Celestial attack!’’ said Lin Feng, waving his hand as the cauldrons emitted whistling sounds . At the same time, wind cosmic energies surrounded him and he suddenly appeared higher up in the sky, following the cauldrons .

’’Imprison!’’ said Lin Feng, and a cage appeared . However, the golden energies pierced through the cage and broke it .

’’Rule!’’ said Lin Feng . His eyes moved as fast as lightning . Deva-Mara Kalpa's Rule strength moved towards Guan and bore down on him .

Jin Pan Guan pulled a long face . Lin Feng knew so many different attacks! The strength of the Nine Cauldrons was was incredible! He couldn't win against Lin Feng .

’’I have lost!’’ shouted Jin Pan Guan . He knew that would happen from the beginning . It was better to give up now than end up injured, or he wouldn't be able to continue fighting later .

However, by the time Lin Feng heard him, the Nine Cauldrons were about to crash on his opponent, and actually did . Metallic sounds rang out, the air shook violently for a few seconds .

Lin Feng had won the first battle!

He won the battle extremely easily, he will easily win nine battles, thought the audience in the bleachers . Jin Pan Guan had won a hundred battles, but against Lin Feng, he had lost in the blink of an eye . Lin Feng would easily win nine battles, it seemed!

As the crowd had expected . Lin Feng won two more battles easily . The fighters didn't use their full strength to fight against him though, as they preferred not to overdo it and keep their energy for the following battles .

After winning three battles, Lin Feng felt extremely motivated . His blood was boiling . He looked at everyone and said, ’’You're all being too cautious . The battles are pointless . Six people can come together so that we don't waste time!’’

The crowd was astonished . Even though Lin Feng was really strong, he was also being a bit too overconfident, it seemed? He was saying he was bored?

People on the battle stage were astonished . They had won a hundred battles too, and Lin Feng was saying it was pointless to fight against them . Even the Ministers were astonished .

I wouldn't have thought this guy would be so arrogant..., thought Wang Zhuo . He looked at Lin Feng and said, ’’There are some powerful cultivators amongst them, for example the Prince of Prince of the Six Abysses . You can't defeat six people at the same time . Even a medium-level emperor wouldn't dare fight against six of them!’’

’’He's an ambitious and passionate young man . Let him do what he wants . Besides, he really won the first three battles easily . They are geniuses who won a hundred battles, and Lin Feng is disappointed . I understand him . Let it be,’’ Minister Uptala said calmly . He didn't sound insistent, and he wasn't trying to humiliate people, either . He was just passionate .

’’We'll see if he can be arrogant or not!’’ said Qing Qing, smiling gently . Wang Zhuo was surprised, but he quickly smiled and said, ’’You're right! I should wait and see before criticizing!’’

When people on the battle stage heard Lin Feng and then the Ministers, they were unhappy . They had all won a hundred battles, why were they there today? They wanted to earn privileges, and now they had to face a madman . People didn't even pay attention to them anymore, everybody was only talking about Lin Feng .

’’These battles should be fair, one-on-ones, but since you want to fight against us at the same time, why not! I don't mind, I would love to see how strong you really are since you want to try!’’ said someone at that moment, moving swiftly .

’’That's how a man should be . Real men don't care about what people say, even if they know they're going to lose, they try anyway, it makes them stronger! All you guys are outstanding fighters, whether you lose or win!’’ said Lin Feng . Many other people agreed . Lin Feng was arrogant, but many people admired him for that . He was arrogant, but passionate!

Silhouettes flickered and six people surrounded Lin Feng with powerful Qi .

’’Let's fight!’’ said

’’Let's fight!’’ said Lin Feng as he released his Kalpa strength, which rose to the skies . A powerful demon Qi surrounded him . Deva-Mara Kalpa rolled in waves like thunder . He looked like a death god!

Many dazzling lights emerged . Prince Mayi attacked first, releasing a black strength which blotted out the sky . Lin Feng had the sensation he had fallen into Hell as the air around him was sealed .

’’Inescapable net technique!’’ Everybody's eyes were glittering . The six attacked one after another . A powerful blade moved towards Lin Feng, while at the same time, small black embers struck out . Lin Feng disappeared inside all those energies .

He waved his hands and attacked both fighters . A Kalpa web appeared around him, the atmosphere kept exploding . Energies collided and the air whistled with motion .

Lin Feng flashed into the air . He waved his hands and more energies swept out, including Kalpa strength . A dazzling sharp sword streaked across the sky and moved towards that inescapable net technique . Lin Feng continued rising up in the air .

’’Where are you going!’’ shouted Prince Mayi icily . He used both fists and released cosmic energies to attack Lin Feng . His energies formed a cage around Lin Feng .

I have to defeat him first! Lin Feng looked like an ancient overlord . The air crackled as powerful earth and demon energies appeared above his head .

Lin Feng released a gigantic hand towards the demon and earth hammer . He used physical strength and Deva-Mara Kalpa strength to counterattack .

The ground shook violently as the hammer crashed onto Lin Feng's hands with a explosive impact, his fists started bleeding . However, Lin Feng continued pressing against the energies with bare hands like an ancient god doing battle .


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