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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1856


Chapter 1856

Chapter 1856: Incredible Battle

Lin Feng went to the pavilion beneath the two Ministers, it was the best one to watch battles . However, because the two Ministers were there, nobody else dared go there . However, Lin Feng did .

When entering the pavilion, Lin Feng heard someone groan coldly . He turned around and saw Qin Yao . She looked angry as Minister Kalasutra healed her injuries .

Lin Feng looked at Qin Yao and smiled . ’’I'm sorry, I was a bit too rough . ’’

’’You said things could have gotten worse if we had continued fighting . Did you mean you were merciful?’’ said Qin Yao, rolling her eyes and grinding her teeth . Lin Feng looked embarrassed, but kept smiling . The battle was over, he wanted to be nice to her, especially since her father was a powerful man . Even though Qin Yao was angry, she didn't harbor any evil intentions .

’’Qin Yao, how can you be so impolite? Even though you lost, you have to be polite and practice cultivation harder,’’ chided Minister Kalasutra .

’’I know!’’ Qin Yao nodded . Then, she looked at Lin Feng coldly and said, ’’We'll fight again if we have the opportunity . ’’

’’As you wish, Princess . I am willing to spend time with you,’’ said Lin Feng, smiling thinly . Then, he looked at Minister Uptala and his daughter and smiled at them both . Minister Uptala smiled back at him, but didn't say anything .

Lin Feng looked back at the battle stages . Zhang Heng was still fighting . He had already won sixty-two battles, a rare achievement . He had come to win a hundred battles, he hadn't thought Lin Feng, a new friend, would win that fast and in such a dazzling way .

Apart from Zhang Heng, another extremely strong man was fighting . He had also been fighting for longer than Lin Feng . He was on the medium-level Hell emperors' battle stage, and immediately drew Lin Feng's attention .

He was blind and practiced sword cultivation . Even though he was blind, his swordsmanship was amazing . He was not only fast, he was precise, too . It was difficult to see where the sword attacks came from when he attacked . He was blind, but when fighting against him, it was like his opponents were the blind ones . He was a true sword assassin and his name was Jian Mang!

Jian Mang had gotten onto the battle stage at the same time as Hei Lao . However, he hadn't won a hundred battles yet, only sixty-seven battles . He wasn't slow, he was a sword cultivator . He wasn't any slower than Lin Feng . He quickly won battles, so why was he still on the battle stage?

It was because Jian Mang's sword attacks were cruel . After stabbing people, he slowly made them suffer, and pierced their eyes with his sword energies to make them go blind . Such cruel people were rare . Most people on the battle stages were merciful . People could accept losing a battle, but they were unwilling to go blind if they lost . Therefore, cruel people weren't numerous . Jian Mang was extremely strong, but because he was cruel, each time after his battles, people took a long time to go onto his battle stage because they were afraid .

At that moment, another horrible shriek spread in the air . Jian Mang had immediately pierced one of that person's eyes .

He's fast, precise, and cruel, thought Lin Feng Feng . Even though he was cruel, he was also very strong . Fighting against him was definitely worth it .

Lin Feng watched Jian Mang battle . After a few battles, he understood that Jian Mang's sword was extremely quick at the beginning, then its trajectory kept changing unpredictably and resulted in an unexpected winning move .

His sword attacks were strange . Finding his weakness was very difficult, as his sword attacks were fast and unpredictable .

Besides, each time people got close to that sword Qi, they almost suffocated . And unfortunately, each time they lost, Jian Mang blinded them .

Lin Feng also practiced sword cultivation, he used a straight-forward path, using absolute power to defeat his enemies, but Jian Mang relied on his techniques and accuracy, yet the results were the same, absolute terror .

Jian Mang is going to get a hundred victories . Not many people can compete with him . So many people seem to be getting a hundred victories today, thought the audience . Wang Zhuo's eyes glittered sharply as he watched Jian Mang .

’’Wang Zhuo, can you win against him?’’ Minister Kalasutra asked Wang Zhuo . Wang Zhuo was a medium-level Hell emperor like Jian Mang . Besides, he had already dazzled on the battle stage in the past .

’’When facing an incredible cultivator, no matter how insane you are, you can't win,’’ replied Wang Zhuo indifferently .

Minister Kalasutra smiled and said, ’’Unfortunately, you have already won a hundred victories in the past, so you can't go back onto the battle stage . Otherwise, I would have loved to see you defeat him . ’’

Time passed slowly . Zhang Heng had eighty-three victories and then, unfortunately, he lost against a very strong cultivator . He had failed after coming so close to success . success .

But Zhang Heng wasn't angry . At the beginning, he didn't intend to finish the battles at once, he wanted to rest, but then he had seen Lin Feng win all his battles in a row and had continued . Now he had lost, but at least he had learned something . Zhang Heng looked at Lin Feng and smiled .

’’Lin Feng, you've already won a hundred battles! You will become a dazzling cultivator! I'm not staying here . I'll come back another day and try again! And then I'll also come to town to see you!’’ called out Zhang Heng .

’’Alright, I hope you'll win a hundred battles soon!’’ Lin Feng smiled back at Zhang Heng, watching him turn around and depart .

After that, no other low-level emperor managed to win a hundred times . Among the medium-level Hell emperors, Jian Mang succeeded . Just like Lin Feng, he had finished all his battles without resting once .

At that moment, an official landed on the battle stage and announced to the crow, ’’After this fight, please stop the battles . Many low-level Hell emperors and medium-level Hell emperors have won a hundred battles today . There will be battles between them!’’

Everybody's eyes glittered with expectation . The winners were all geniuses . The battles between them were going to be powerful . They could definitely wait to see them!

As expected, after the last battle, people stopped fighting . A strong cultivator in the air pointed to two battle stages;one was the battle stage on which Lin Feng had fought, and the other one was the one on which Jian Mang had fought . ’’Since two people won a hundred victories on these battle stages today, we can continue on them!’’

People in the pavilions stood up and glanced at one glanced at one another .

’’Hmph!’’ Qin Yao was unahppy . She looked at Lin Feng angrily . She should have been on that battle stage, but Lin Feng had defeated her!

Competitors landed on the two battle stages one after another . There were quite a few of them . For the medium-level Hell emperors, there were eleven people including Jian Mang . For the low-level Hell emperors, there were thirteen people including Lin Feng .

’’If you can defeat nine people, then you will obtain privileges!’’ At that moment, everybody looked around .

Among the low-level Hell emperors, Lin Feng can definitely win . The Prince of the Six Abysses is strong, but Qin Yao defeated him . And she is very strong, but Lin Feng defeated her . Even though those other people have won a hundred battles, it will still be difficult for them to defeat Lin Feng . He can definitely obtain privileges!’’ said someone . In the bleachers, many people were expressing their opinion .

Minister Uptala smiled calmly and said, ’’Lin Feng became famous today . I am convinced he will defeat nine people . ’’

The official on the battle stage went on, ’’You know the rules, Lin Feng can start the battles and challenge nine people . If he loses, he has to leave the battle stage, and the winner can continue challenging eight other people . ’’

On the low-level Hell emperors' battle stage, there were thirteen people, and Lin Feng was going to start . Each cultivator could also lose three times . After three losses, they were eliminated because there weren't enough fighters to lose more than three times and win nine times .

That way, the rules were fair . How would the battles look like? All those young people were amazing!


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