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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1850


Chapter 1850

Chapter 1850: Hei Lao

The Kalasutra Minister was one of the leaders of Hell . He was watching the high-level Hell emperors' battles . Even though the Great Emperors of Hell organized the battles, he used them to recruit army members . There was no battle stage for great emperors . At that level, Great Emperor Song could grant them a position if they desired one .

If they were strong, they could obtain a high position . If they were ordinary great emperors, then they had to go through the same painstaking procedure .

Therefore, high-level emperors were the highest-level contestants .

The young man and the young woman next to Minister Kalasutra watched the other battle stages . Minister Kalasutra's daughter was a low-level emperor, and Great Emperor Song's descendant was a medium-level emperor . His name was Wang Zhuo . He was one of Great Emperor Song's direct descendants, and had already fought on the battle stage . He had won a hundred battles without losing and without having a rest, a testament to his strength . When he was still a low-level Hell emperor, medium-level Hell emperors already feared him, not because of his social status, but because of his strength .

Great Emperor Song loved war, and he loved people who were strong . If his children weren't strong, he didn't care about them . Great Emperor Song was very old, and had many descendants . There was a fierce competition between them, and they relied solely on strength to climb up the hierarchy .

’’Wang Zhuo, how many people do you think will win a hundred battles without losing? Is the person you mentioned already on stage?’’ asked Minister Kalasutra . He wasn't dark at all, he was very pale, as if he had never been exposed to the sun . However, it was said that the Kalasutra Hell was a powerful place filled with fire . The fact that Minister Kalasutra was so pale was very strange .

He wasn't the only one . His daughter Qin Yao was also very white, even paler, but she wasn't ugly . She was considered extremely beautiful, especially her eyes . People didn't dare look at her eyes .

’’Minister, look at him,’’ said Wang Zhuo pointing at someone . That person was very tall, he looked stupid, but on the battle stage, he looked powerful .

’’How strong! Is he agile, though? He's a bit tall,’’ observed Minister Kalasutra with a laught, but he knew it wasn't true . He wasn't fast, but it seemed difficult to escape from him because he immediately overwhelmed his opponents .

Wang Zhuo smiled, ’’His name is Hei Lao . When he attacks, people are like in a cage . No matter how fast you are, it's useless against him because he will imprison you in a cage as hard as a dungeon . He's only a low-level Hell emperor, but today he will probably win a hundred battles without losing . If you like him, he can join Kalasutra Hell,’’ said Wang Zhuo confidently . Hei Lao controlled death, weight, and empty space cosmic energies . He looked stupid but he wasn't . In fact, he was very smart . His empty space and weight cosmic energies fusion was perfect, he could make cages out of them . Therefore, he was very famous . Becoming famous in the Great Imperial Song City wasn't easy, but Hei Lao was famous .

’’Of course, if Princess Qin Yao challenges him, then Hei Lao won't be able to get a hundred victories!’’ said Wang Zhuo, laughing and glancing at Qin Yao . He said that because he wanted Minister Kalasutra and Qin Yao to like him . He He was very strong, but he was also very polite . People liked compliments, so he didn't hesitate to dish them out .

Lin Feng also noticed Hei Lao and stared at him . That guy's cosmic energies fusions were indeed perfect . Lin Feng started thinking, imagining what it would be like to fight against him . He considered using earth and empty space energies to attack Hei Lao .

On the battle stage, Wang Zhuo pointed at a medium-level Hell emperor who had just jumped onto the battle stage . He was wearing black clothes and wielding a sword, and didn't look like Hei Lao at all . He was sturdy, with a grey face and eyes . He also looked expressionless, as he was blind .

’’That cultivator is a sword cultivator, his name is Jian Mang, he's blind, very dangerous and precise, though . In the Great Imperial Song City, many strong Hell emperors are afraid of him,’’ Wang Zhuo laughed . ’’He can definitely win a hundred times on the battle stage of the medium-level Hell emperors,’’ said Wang Zhuo confidently, as if he were talking about himself .

Jian Mang was really strong . His sword skills were powerful .

’’People who are blind are even better sword cultivators because their sword is like their eyes,’’ said Minister Kalasutra when he heard Wang Zhuo .

’’Minister, look in front of us,’’ said Wang Zhuo, pointing at someone who was seated lower in the bleachers . There were pavilions filled with people . The people who were seated there had won a hundred times . Twenty pavilions were filled with people!

’’I know . Those people have all won a hundred battles,’’ smiled Minister Kalasutra .

Wang Zhuo nodded, ’’They are already members of army now . However, they're still here . Minister, you probably know the reason . They They want to become even more famous . They want to defeat other strong cultivators who have won a hundred times . That way, they will be even more famous and they will have privileges in the government . ’’

’’I've heard that if you defeated nine champions, you could obtain privileges . That's not easy,’’ said Minister Kalasutra, smiling easily . He didn't look like a leader from Hell .

’’They must also agree on a date, otherwise, seeing ten champions together on the same day is almost impossible,’’ Qin Yao smiled . She looked at Wang Zhuo and said, ’’Therefore, you made my dad and me come today . ’’

’’My boy, you have given much thought to the matter,’’ Minister Kalasutra smiled .

’’I've heard that Princess Qin Yao wanted to become a member of our government . Princess, you can shine today,’’ said Wang Zhuo smiling and nodding at Qin Yao .

Qin Yao smiled back, looking even more beautiful . Wang Zhuo was convinced that she could defeat nine other champions . She was very happy .

In the Great Imperial Song City, even an Minister's daughter had to respect the rules . She had to rely on strength to obtain privileges .

Down in the bleachers, many young men looked sharp and ready to fight . They already knew that the Minister's daughter was there to fight against them . It wouldn't be easy .

Hei Lao is going to get his hundred victories . It's his last battle . I wonder who will dare come and fight against him, thought many people . At that moment, someone jumped onto the battle stage . It was a handsome young man in white clothes . Everybody was astonished, not because he looked extremely strong, but because he looked like a Hell Zun cultivator .

’’Show me your real cultivation level!’’ challenged someone, level!’’ challenged someone, rising up in the air to face Lin Feng . Even though people were free on battle stages, there were still rules . Otherwise, the battles would have been totally chaotic . Lin Feng was a Hell Zun cultivator, but maybe he was hiding his cultivation level .

Lin Feng nodded and released cosmic strength . When that person sensed Lin Feng's energies, he nodded, ’’Low-level emperor, fine, you can fight!’’ He went back into the crowd .

’’This person is strange,’’ observed Minister Kalasutra, looking at Lin Feng . He didn't understand . Lin Feng was using a technique to hide his cultivation level, and even the Minister couldn't see his real cultivation level .

’’Even though he's using a powerful technique to hide his cultivation level, he can't defeat Hei Lao!’’ proclaimed Wang Zhuo . At the same time, Hei Lao jumped like a demon and thunder rang out .

Hei Lao raised his gigantic hand, which looked as big as a praying mat . He used the same technique to fight against Lin Feng as he had used against everyone else . No low-level emperor could resist him .

’’The battle is over!’’ said Wang Zhuo, smiling confidently . Hei Lao's hand came crushing down... until suddenly, he sensed a powerful strength coming at him . A cage appeared around him... he was imprisoned!

’’Hei Lao's own attack!’’ The crowd was stunned . Hei Lao was imprisoned! The young man destroyed Hei Lao's attack explosively and moved so fast he couldn't be seen, before punching out in Hei Lao's direction .

Explosive impacts shook the air, and Hei Lao was pounded relentlessly . Surprisingly, Hei Lao started reeling, the young man in front of him was so slim, but was as motionless as a mountain .

Wang Zhuo's confidence immediately disappeared from his face, unable to hide his astonishment .


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