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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 185


When the crowd saw how the second prince acted, some of them were jealous of Lin Feng. Why had the prince personally introduced Lin Feng to the others?

After having introduced all the influential people to Lin Feng, Duan Wu Ya grabbed a glass and raised it while saying: ’’Brother Lin, let's have a toast with all these eminent young men.’’

Wen Ao Xue, who was sitting next to Lin Feng poured some alcohol into his glass and said: ’’Lin Feng, taste the Lovesick alcohol and see what it is like to be drunk on love.’’

Lin Feng was unsure. Duan Wu Ya was being way too kind to him. He had helped Lin Feng a number of times and then invited him to participate in the banquet, which was filled with nobles. Lin Feng had no idea why he was being treated this way.

But Duan Wu Ya was being very polite to him after all and Lin Feng didn't refuse his invitation. He slightly nodded and raised his glass only to smell a sweet fragrance coming from his glass.

Many people raised their glass. Even though a majority of them didn't like Lin Feng, considering that the second prince had initiated the toast, they still had to give him face.

However, not everybody followed basic courtesy. At that moment, Yue Tian Chen, sat motionless with his glass on the table in front of him.

He wasn't the only one. There was also Yu Tian Xing, who wasn't moving either. He was just looking at the crowd raising their glasses.

In the past, Lin Feng had humiliated him in front of a great number of people. How could he, Yu Tian Xing, toast with Lin Feng?

But Duan Tian Lang's son, Duan Han, surprisingly raised his glass while slightly bowing in front of Lin Feng. While smiling, he said: ’’Your Highness, you introduced us to Lin Feng but we still don't know what kind of person he is and which nobility he belongs to.’’

When Duan Han finished speaking, he looked at Lin Feng. Duan Han had personally come with his father, Duan Tian Lang, to destroy the Yun Hai Sect. He had even fought against Lin Feng. How could he not know Lin Feng's background?

Duan Han was only saying this to ruin Lin Feng's credibility. He already knew that Lin Feng's background wasn't from nobility. Their difference in social status was colossal.

Duan Wu Ya was surprised and looked at Duan Han. Then, a voice broke the silence.

’’Brother, Duan Han, there is no reason to be stuck up on details. Drink! Lin Feng, brother, I suppose you have never tasted Lovesick alcohol before. After all it can only be drunk in the Lovesick Forest and commoners are not normally permitted.’’

The one who interrupted was actually Meng Chong. His voice sounded feminine and mysterious. He also sounded deeply sarcastic. Everybody understood what he was implying.

Everybody looked surprised. It seemed like Lin Feng had offended a great deal of influential people.

’’Who are you calling brother?’’ said Lin Feng coldly while looking at Meng Chong which surprised everyone.

’’I have, indeed, never come to the Lovesick Forest before and I have never tasted Lovesick alcohol either. However, I do not ever remember ever lowering myself to the point of becoming brothers with a degenerate like you.’’

Lin Feng's straightforwardness pierced through the atmosphere which filled the room. Meng Chong was stupefied. He had deliberately made fun of Lin Feng's low social status, but Lin Feng had said that he could lower himself to be called Meng Chong's brother and had even called him a degenerate. Lin Feng meant that even if his social status was low, Meng Chong was still beneath him.

Everybody seemed interested in what was happening. It seemed like there was going to be a great show to watch. Lin Feng had gone there and suddenly dared to act aggressively. He was quite courageous.

They didn't know what happened at the auction market where Lin Feng continuously ridiculed and humiliated him for his vulgar behaviour.

’’Your Highness, you clearly saw that I held nothing but the best intentions. It's not that I didn't want to toast to Lin Feng but he is now making me lose face.’’

Meng Chong was staring coldly at Lin Feng. He then violently slammed his glass on the table making all the others glasses shake.

’’To lose face, you need to have face, do you even have face to lose?’’ said Lin Feng mockingly to Meng Chong.

After that he acted as if Meng Chong did not exist and turned his back on him. Meng Chong's face turned ghastly pale. He was staring at Lin Feng while wishing that he would get the chance to make him regret his words.

’’Everybody, do as you wish, you can drink or not drink, but I will drink to Lin Feng.’’ said Duan Wu Ya raising his glass and bringing it to his mouth. He downed his glass in one and then looked very comfortable. There was a warm smile on his face. He didn't look like an arrogant prince at all. He gave other people the impression of friendliness, it felt like he was easy to get along with.

Lin Feng also raised his glass and downed it in one gulp. Lin Feng was also easy to befriend if treated with kindness.

While swallowing the sweet alcohol, a refreshing and smooth sensation invaded Lin Feng's body. Lin Feng slightly closed his eyes and enjoyed the taste of the alcohol. A feeling of love invaded his body which made him calm his heart and relax. It seemed like that alcohol enabled him to calm his heart.

’’What a mysterious alcohol.’’ said Lin Feng surprised. The one who made the alcohol had to be an extraordinary person.

Lovesick alcohol made people have the feeling of love from drinking. There was nothing false about it.

At that moment, all those who wanted to drink to Lin Feng also downed their glasses in one gulp. They all slightly closed their eyes and sensed the loving feeling invade their body.

Wen Ao Xue turned towards Lin Feng and looked at Lin Feng with his beautiful feminine eyes. He smiled and said: ’’Lin Feng, the Lovesick alcohol enables people who drink it to see the one they love. Who did you think about when you drank the alcohol?’’

Lin Feng laughed and replied: ’’What about you?’’

’’Me?’’ Wen Ao Xue's was surprised. Immediately after, a wry smile appeared on his face. He suddenly looked incredibly lonely.

’’I have long run out of tears to cry for her. The one I love will never see me.’’

Lin Feng was shocked as he smiled. It seemed like Wen Ao Xue, was a romantic at heart. It was very rare to see.

In the cultivation world, cultivation was the most important thing for cultivators;it was more important than anything else, including love.

Of course, in the world of cultivation, there were also many people who considered love as something worth more than increasing their cultivation.

’’Alright. We have finished our glasses, but the most important person hasn't arrived yet. It seems like I have to do something.’’

Duan Wu Ya was looking at the crowd while smiling. Many people were impatient. They, of course, knew whom Duan Wu Ya was talking about.

Lin Feng was the only person who didn't know whom he was talking about.

A realization flashed in Lin Feng's eyes and he then looked at Duan Wu Ya, next to whom there was a free seat. It had obviously been reserved for the other person that was meant to join them.

The most important person surprisingly had such a high social status that they were able to sit next to Duan Wu Ya. He was probably just as influential as the prince.

The people of the Yue Clan and the Yu Clan were only occupying seats reserved for guests and did not get to sit with the prince.

At that moment, Duan Wu Ya stood up and nodded to the crowd. Immediately after, he started walking and suddenly vanished from the pavilion. A short time after, the crowd saw that Duan Wu Ya was already back at the covered pathway made of red wood.

After Duan Wu Ya left, everybody was still sitting in their original places. But Lin Feng noticed that everybody looked excited and impatient, especially Yue Tian Chen. Excitement was filling his eyes and a charming smile had appeared on his face as if he was posing.

Of course, there were also people who were staring coldly at Lin Feng;they were Meng Chong, Duan Han and Yu Tian Xing but Lin Feng just ignored them.

’’Who is the person whom the second prince personally went to pick up?’’ asked Lin Feng to Wen Ao Xue. He was very curious.

Wen Ao Xue laughed and replied: ’’Wait and you'll see.’’

Lin Feng slightly shook his head. Wen Ao Xue surprisingly was keeping him in suspense.

People in the pavilion started whispering. From what they were saying, Lin Feng understood that the person that the second prince had to gone to pick up was supposedly a woman. Besides, it was supposed to be a beautiful woman. It seemed like all these noble people were quite excited to meet her.

While they were all calmly sitting there, the atmosphere suddenly became calm again. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the covered pathway. Immediately, he saw two silhouettes arriving.

There was the second prince, Duan Wu Ya, and a woman.

She was wearing a turquoise dress. Beautiful black hair was flowing down on her shoulders. She looked elegant and graceful. It seemed like the hearts of the guests were beating in sync with each of her steps.

’’What a beautiful woman.’’

When Lin Feng saw her perfect face, he couldn't help but gasp in amazement. Her skin was snowy white. Her features were delicate. There was not a single flaw to be seen on her body. She looked like a beautiful orchid whose exquisite fragrance would awake the senses.

’’Xin Ye, if you would.’’ said Duan Wu Ya while stopping and letting the beautiful woman pass in front of him.

The beautiful woman didn't say anything and continued walking. She was walking slowly and gracefully. At the same time, everybody in the pavilion stood up.


The whole crowd said these words in their most gentle tone. They all had charming and warm smiles on their face as if they were trying to gain the beautiful woman's affection. However, the beautiful woman didn't say anything. She just slightly nodded without looking at them and continued walking forwards looking elegant and delicate.


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