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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1841


Chapter 1841

Chapter 1841: Jiu You

In the small world, everybody used to think that their world was the Continent of the Nine Clouds . Now, everybody understood that it was only a subpart of it .

At the center of the small world was Ba Huang and Jiu You . Ba Huang was a place with a sea made of desolate Qi . When thinking about Jiu You, most people thought of the twelve empires, but they rarely thought of the origins of that place...

In the central part of Jiu You, in a remote and inhabited place, everything was black . There were gigantic rivers, and the waters of those rivers were black, too .

It was a forbidden area, the forbidden area of Jiu You .

According to legends, people who went there usually died, so nobody dared go there, creating one of the forbidden areas of the small world . This place couldn't be compared to the forbidden area of Gan Yu, the Death Valley . Even in the ancient times, emperors didn't dare go to the forbidden area of Jiu You .

However, this time, some people had broken the rules . There was a group of people flying above the black waters of Jiu You . They looked extraordinary, and all of them were staring at the water . A gigantic whirlpool hundreds of meters wide yawned beneath them, as big as a city, and looked incredible . It was impossible to know how deep it went .

Jiu You referred to the Nine Netherworlds, as opposed to the nine clouds . According to legends, this whirlpool led to Hell and contained evil palaces .

At least, in the small world, nobody dared go there . When people went there, they could die, and in any case, they ended up in the Nine Netherworlds, which was like taking a trip to Hell .

However, on that day, these people were an exception .

Someone turned black like the water of the Nine Netherworlds, looking like a living corpse from Hell .

That person jumped into the water . A powerful strength tried to corrode his body, but it didn't affect him . Surprisingly, he could stay in the Nine Netherworlds, in the forbidden area of Jiu You!

’’Will the Nine Netherworlds explode?’’ asked someone at that moment .

The person in the black waters raised their head and looked up . He said, ’’The strength is fermenting . The eruption is imminent . ’’

The other person nodded, their eyes twinkled . ’’The Demon-Sealing Sage sealed a great world in his small world, and hid it here . We've been looking for five thousand years and finally, we've found it . We'll obtain great things!’’

’’Indeed!’’ replied the person in the water . They looked a bit scared and asked, ’’Do you think he left an imprint in this small world?’’

’’The Nine Netherworlds are useless to him . Even if he left an imprint and knows we're here, I don't think he cares much,’’ answered the person in the air . ’’By the way, did you do what I asked you?’’

’’I asked some young people to take care of it . They went to Xue Yue to check . Since Xue Yue is the Demon-Sealing Emperor's homeland, he sealed a world here for that reason . I've heard that the Netherworld Demon Emperor and Empress Xi had appeared in Xue Yue . I wonder if historical remains have appeared, too,’’ said the person in the black waters . The other person nodded and continued looking around .

People from the from the small world knew nothing about what was happening there . After coming into this world, these people had remained very discreet and had directly gone here . Apart from the Demon-Sealer's things, they weren't interested in anything else in this world except Xue Yue, because it was his homeland .

Lin Feng didn't know about them either, obviously . When those people had come into the small world, the strong cultivator of the Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders hadn't dared say anything . He had held his tongue, and he didn't tell Lin Feng and the others about them, either . The Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders couldn't afford offending these people, who could kill their cultivators just by glancing at them . Even Qing Di Mountain didn't dare offend such people!

At that moment, Lin Feng was walking through Xue Yue, enjoying the landscapes . It felt good to be there, and he was smiling happily .

In the distance, he saw Yangzhou City .

Yangzhou City has become so big . It's much bigger than before, smiled Lin Feng . Finally, he was back! He had left his family and friends for such a long time . long time . If they wanted to, he could take all the people from Yangzhou City back with him and nothing would happen to them .

’’Dad, mom, I'm back!’’ proclaimed Lin Feng, smiling widely . And Xiao Ya, Xin Ye, and the others, how were they doing?

Little Wu Shang, you must have grown up . What do you look like now?, thought Lin Feng happily . How was everyone after ten years?

Lin Feng's godly awareness suddenly started shaking . He stopped smiling and frowned angrily .

The thread of godly awareness is broken!, thought Lin Feng suddenly . Back when he had left, he had given everyone a thread of godly awareness . Nothing had happened to those threads of energies in the last ten years . The only possibility was that something serious had happened!

His smile disappeared and he started moving like lightning . His boat appeared and he turned into a light beam . In the blink of an eye, people in Yangzhou City sensed a powerful strength in the sky . Many vendor's booths were even blown away . They raised their heads and only saw a beam of light passing by .


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