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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1840


Chapter 1840

Chapter 1840: Deadly Injuries

Some of Lin Wu Shang's bones broke . He looked furious . He suddenly looked like a demon and started absorbing endless strength .

He condensed abstruse energies and broke his opponent's golden punch .

Another punch arrived . He didn't flinch, he continued meeting his opponent's attacks .

’’You want to die!’’ said the young man icily . His golden abstruse energies turned into a sharp sword which moved towards Lin Wu Shang's punch . However, gauntlets appeared on Lin Wu Shang's hands . His earth armor broke and the golden lights pierced through his skin . He started bleeding .

There was a metallic ringing as the earth punch broke the golden punch apart and then moved towards his opponent's head .

’’How cruel!’’ thought the crowd when they saw that . The Small King of the Underworld was cruel and fearless .

The young man's expression changed drastically . He released even more golden energies . His eyes turned golden, and golden strength emerged from them .

’’Piss off, piss off!...’’ he shouted furiously . Lin Wu Shang had the sensation that his head was going to explode because of that loud voice - his opponent was also using soundwave strength! He knew that his attacks were powerful, but he should have known that people who dared act like this in the Lovesickness Forest Restaurant were really strong . There were only five young people who dared act like this in there, but he didn't mind because he knew that he was stronger than them .

In the whole Empire of Xue Yue, people who were that young and had already broken through to the Zun Qi layer were rare . Of course, Lin Wu Shang was one of the exceptions .

’’Argh!’’ A powerful strength emerged . Nine dragons appeared behind Lin Wu Shang . It was as if he had received all of Yue Meng He's powers . The nine dragons were powerful, bestial Qi filled the air, and shot at his opponent .

His opponent raised his head and golden light beams shredded the air before moving towards Wu Shang's head .

How strong, he must be from abroad, and not from Xue Yue, thought Xiao Ya when she saw the young man who was fighting against Wu Shang .

The nine-headed dragon roared as it charged towards the outsider . Wu Shang also immediately grabbed his opponent with two hands . Golden lights kept attacking him, blood splashed, but his spirit swallowed it .

’’You're insane!’’ said the young man, staring at Wu Shang . This kid was insane . People around were stupefied . No wonder that he was called the Small King of the Underworld!

The dragon's heads started nibbling on the outsider's body . Pieces of flesh were torn off . At that moment, a powerful force emerged, and a thunderclap rang out . Suddenly, Lin Wu Shang and his dragon were hurled away .

’’Weapon!’’ Lin Wu Shang was stunned . A dazzling golden blade had appeared in his opponent's hand, it contained cosmic energies .

’’That's...’’ many people in the restaurant were were astonished . How incredible!

The young man looked furious . His brother's face twitched . People from the small world dared attack his brother like that, they wanted to die!

’’Brother, kill him!’’ said the older brother icily . He didn't need to tell him, his younger brother already wanted to kill Wu Shang . He raised his golden blade and charged .

’’Wu Shang, run!’’ shouted Xiao Ya . She also started moving . However, the gigantic blade was too fast . Blood splashed . Xiao Ya sensed that her heart was pounding, her eyes were bloodshot . Wu Shang was Lin Feng's only brother!

’’No...’’ shouted Xiao Ya furiously . She just saw an arm fly away . Blood splashed, and Wu Shang shouted, ’’Sister, run!’’

Lin Wu Shang started running at the same time, fleeing the Lovesickness Forest Restaurant at full speed . Xiao Ya quickly caught up with him, she was faster than him .

Another blade reached them . Blood gushed out as two women were killed . Fissures appeared in the whole restaurant as it started to collapse . The young man looked insane and bloodthirsty . He stared at the two people who were escaping .

’’You think you can escape! Where do you think you're going? You dared touch me, you're going to die!’’ screamed the young man, released even more Qi . People's hearts were pounding . What a scary battle! Where was this person from? Why had he come to Xue Yue? He even had weapons! Nobody could compete with him!

Who's with him!

Who's that guy? He even dares try to kill Wu Shang!, thought the shaken crowd .

The young man's older brother moved next to him and asked, ’’You're not injured, are you?’’

’’I was just wounded,’’ replied the young man icily . He was bleeding, and looked ferocious . ’’Brother, I will definitely kill them!’’

’’Kill them, we came here because of the Netherworld Demon Emperor and Empress Xi's historical vestiges . And coincidentally, we came across someone who works for the local government . We can kill him,’’ said the older brother indifferently . It sounded easy when he said that .

They both had imperial weapons and were in a small empire . They felt like kings here!

Wu Shang and Xiao Ya went back to the imperial palace of Yangzhou City . They were bleeding . Everybody looked at Wu Shang's injuries . Their faces turned deathly pale .

’’Who did that?’’

’’Xiao Ya, what's going on?’’

Everyone was asking questions . Everybody loved Wu Shang in the imperial palace, and now someone had cut off one of his arms . They were furious!

’’Everybody go into the deployment spell . We'll talk about it later,’’ said Xiao Ya . Everybody was stupefied . What had happened? Xiao Ya looked scared .

’’Wu Shang, why don't you use your blood to recover?’’

’’I can't recover . Someone used a weapon with cosmic energies to cut it off . The injury is too severe,’’ Wu Shang said icily .

’’A weapon with cosmic energies?’’ Everybody was stunned and pulled long faces . Who had imperial Who had imperial weapons?

’’A very high-level imperial weapon . The opponent was powerful,’’ said Xiao Ya . She took Wu Shang into the small world . Those people had to be from the great world, they couldn't be from an ordinary group . People who had such weapons were from powerful families .

Xiao Ya wished Lin Feng had been there . Even though many strong cultivators protected the palace, they were just cultivators of the top of the Zun Qi layer . They couldn't fight against people who had imperial weapons . If their enemies followed them here, the situation could quickly deteriorate .

’’Xiao Ya, what's going on?’’ asked Lin Hai . He arrived and saw that one of Wu Shang's arms had been cut off . He was astonished, and very sad . Who had cut off his son's arm?

’’Uncle Lin, we came across some powerful people . Go and inform everyone please . We must get ready to escape,’’ Xiao Ya said to Lin Hai . Lin Hai was stupefied . Some people dared offend their family in the Empire of Xue Yue?

But since Xiao Ya talked that way, it was serious . They had to react quickly . Besides, Lin Wu Shang was badly injured, he might die from his injuries!

’’Wu Shang, will you be alright?’’ Lin Hai asked Wu Shang .

’’Uncle Lin, it's nothing incurable,’’ spat Xiao Ya .

Lin Hai just replied, ’’Alright, let's retreat for now . I'm going to inform the two strong cultivators of Jiange . ’’


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