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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1829


Chapter 1829

Chapter 1829: Leaving Sorrowfully

Great Emperor Qing traveled a lot. He was bored in Qing Di Mountain, he had nothing to do there and he couldn't progress if he stayed there. He just practiced in Qing Di Mountain when he returned there. Most of the time, he was out traveling. He knew about Champion University and the other universities in the Holy City.

These young people were from Vast Celestial Ancient City, the Animal World, the King of Hell Palace, Champion University... no wonder that they had Great Imperial Weapons. Even though they weren't very strong yet, at least compared to him, they had terrifying backgrounds. Besides, Great Emperor Qing Senior seemed to know them.

Now he had to apologize before these young people. That was difficult as a Great Emperor, but he had no choice. He lowered his head.

’’I made a mistake. Please forgive me,’’ said Great Emperor Qing to Lin Feng and the others.

Lin Feng just looked at him and repeated, ’’From now on, this place belongs to Tiantai, and Tiantai determines the rules from now on. Qing Di Mountain probably doesn't mind, right?’’

’’We understand,’’ said Great Emperor Qing calmly. Tiantai had all the advantages now. They couldn't infuriate them.

’’Thank you, Great Emperor Qing,’’ Lin Feng said indifferently.

At that moment, bestial Qi rose to the skies. The old Golden Crow released a burning hot Qi and said, ’’Since it's that way, I'm off!’’

The bestial Qi dispersed, and the bird disappeared.

Lin Feng slowly turned to Great Emperor Qing Senior and smiled. ’’Master Duan Mu, how come you're Celestial Emperor Qing?’’

Celestial Emperor Qing was actually Duan Mu Celestial Emperor!

’’Why couldn't I be?’’ asked Duan Mu Celestial Emperor, grinning. ’’When I broke through to the Huang Qi layer, I realized I had several talents. I understood weapons, and I was good at proper cultivation, too. Why couldn't I use two social statuses in such conditions?’’

Lin Feng was surprised, but laughed. Indeed, Duan Mu could use two social statuses. He had practiced cultivation really hard in Qing Di Mountain, and then he had gone to the Gold Fire Tower and become a Great Scholastic Master of Weapon Manufacturing Arts. Then, he had become a great emperor and had taken control of Qing Di Mountain. At the same time, he also had a particular social status in the Gold Fire Tower.

’’I understand!’’ said Lin Feng.

Duan Mu smiled wryly, ’’Luckily, I guessed that it was you guys. Otherwise, the situation could have been different. Little Qing is my heir. Don't be mad at him. Qing Di Mountain is still Qing Di Mountain, but don't worry, we won't get involved in your things.’’

The crowd was astonished and speechless. Duan Mu and Lin Feng knew each other! Besides, he was asking Lin Feng not to be mad at Great Emperor Qing, the opposite would have been more appropriate. He should have asked Great Emperor Qing not to be mad at those young people!

’’Master Duan Mu, we are not planning anything, and all this has nothing to do with Qing Di Mountain. The problem was Ni Chen that little dog, as well as a few despicable people. They tarnished Qing Di Di Mountain's reputation,’’ said Lin Feng.

Duan Mu Celestial Emperor laughed and said, ’’From now on, Ni Chen is not a member of Qing Di Mountain anymore. You can deal with him as you wish. And Qing Di Mountain's people won't get involved in your things. Remember to come and visit me when you have time.’’

’’I will!’’ nodded Lin Feng. Then, Duan Mu looked at Great Emperor Qing and said, ’’Little Qing, let's go.’’

Great Emperor Qing was speechless as he left with Duan Mu. When he had arrived, he was loud, and now he was leaving silently. Tiantai could deal with those people by themselves....

The crowd understood that the nine great celestial castles were going to change, and things were going to be better for Celestial Summer Castle and the others. Luckily, they hadn't helped Tiantai's enemies. The leader of Celestial Wen Castle was impotently furious. Great Emperor Qing Senior knew Lin Feng!

The members of Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings were crushed. They had been waiting for the great emperors the whole time, they had thought the great emperors would save them. In the end, Duan Mu hadn't helped them, and they could consider themselves lucky that Duan Mu hadn't attacked them. Regarding Ni Chen, he had been abandoned by everyone.

Ni Chen was almost dead, he looked desperate. He was so happy to see the great emperors arrive, he had thought Lin Feng would die quickly. In the end, he had been abandoned. That was a true descent into hell for him. He was doomed!

’’From now on, Tiantai on, Tiantai is the governing party of the region. Now, I give you the order to destroy Celestial Wen Castle, Celestial Qi Castle, and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings. Everyone can attack.’’ said Lin Feng calmly.

Suddenly, Qi rose to the skies. The members of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and Celestial Si Kong Castle didn't hesitate at all, they started attacking at full strength. They couldn't infuriate Lin Feng anymore. He had friends who were Celestial Emperors!

Lin Feng and his friends watched the massacre. Strong cultivators were destroying Celestial Wen Castle, and more and more strong cultivators appeared. Celestial Wen Castle's cultivators were furious.

Tiantai was rising. Now, Tiantai ruled over the region, and nobody could change that!

Seven days later, many things had changed in the region. The atmosphere was very lively in Celestial Wen Castle, Celestial Qi Castle, and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings. People were constructing new buildings.

Of course, those three cities weren't called Celestial Wen Castle, Celestial Qi Castle, and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings anymore. They had only one name: Tiantai!

At the same time, Tiantai continued recruiting people. Many young people from the nine great celestial castles wanted to join Tiantai. For them, joining Tiantai was an honor. Those who had joined before and hadn't betrayed Tiantai were extremely happy. Those who had betrayed Tiantai and were still alive couldn't join Tiantai anymore and regretted everything.

The situation wasn't as tragic as seven days before anymore, the battles were over. The landscape gradually changed. Apart from a few people, all the members of Celestial Qi Castle, Celestial Qi Castle, Celestial Wen Castle, and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings had died. The sect leader of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness was almost dead, severely injured. The sect leader of Celestial Si Kong Castle was also badly injured. Their groups had also lost many strong cultivators. But they still had their cities, that was already worthy of celebrating.

However, it was as if Lin Feng didn't know about those things. He was supervising the renovation and construction of new buildings in the former territory of Celestial Qi Castle. Mu Yun was there. Lin Feng was at the foot of the ancient tree and looked at the thatched hut, but Mu Yun didn't come out.

’’Little boy, come,’’ Hu Yue smiled. Lin Feng nodded, turned around, and departed. They flew at full speed to the entrance of the small world.

After Lin Feng left, Mu Yun came out and looked at the sky. The sun was red. She smiled widely, but sadly. Tears flowed down her cheeks. Lin Feng and her were from different worlds. Many things were probably going to happen in Lin Feng's world, but the world she wanted was a world of peace and tranquility.

In the Ba Huang small world, in the central part of Ba Huang, in the Ancient Sun Castle, someone was seated cross-legged, his eyes closed. However, he suddenly opened his eyes. Some people wanted to come to the small world?

His silhouette flickered, he put his hands on a symbol and quickly appeared outside as some people appeared in front of him. He knew some of them...!


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