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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1811


Chapter 1811

Chapter 1811: On Yao Ye Island

At the Yao Ye Islands, bestial Qi was floating above the millions of islands. At that moment, on one of them, an explosive Qi rolled out, dust floated in the air, stones exploded, and the ground crackled.

Two gigantic apes were fighting. They both looked like gigantic towers. Great wooden sticks filled the sky, bearing terrible and explosive power.

At that moment, a pitch-black demon hand came slamming down, explosive thunder erupting as it did. The fist shadow crushed the rising energies, which returned to the void.

’’Haha, Yuan Fei, you lost again!’’ said the Great Earth Demon Ape, laughing loudly. Yuan Fei looked exhausted.

’’Damn it. Come again!’’ said Yuan Fei, holding his wooden stick. He refused to lose!

’’Forget about it. Yuan Fei, you already progressed a lot!’’ said the gigantic ape. The Great Ape Emperor was there, too, all three apes in company with one another.

’’Hehe, I still have to destroy the Celestial Qi Castle, I'm still not strong enough!’’ said Yuan Fei. Back then, the Celestial Qi Castle had taken control of him, he had to get his revenge.

’’Yes, your father is still in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit in the small world. I wonder how he's doing,’’ mused the Great Ape Emperor. His gigantic eyes were twinkling. The entrance to the small world had probably been sealed already. They couldn't go back!

’’We've all made great progress, Ban Ruo, Li Hen, Xing Zhan are all emperors. Someday, we'll go back and destroy the Celestial Qi Castle,’’ said Yuan Fei loudly. His eyes were shining.

’’Yuan Fei!’’ someone called out at that moment. A few people had arrived. Yuan Fei raised his head and saw Ban Ruo and the others. He smiled and said, ’’I was just talking about you guys, and now you're here. Are you getting ready to go and travel a bit?’’

’’Indeed. We've been back for a while already. We should go travel and practice now,’’ said Xing Zhan. He didn't like staying in the same place all the time.

’’Alright! What about you, grandpa?’’ asked Yuan Fei to the Great Ape Emperor.

’’You can go. I'm not coming,’’ said the Great Ape Emperor, shaking his head. He was old. He couldn't keep up with the young people anymore.

’’Alright, we're going!’’ smiled Yuan Fei. He didn't want to waste time. He immediately rose up into the air. However, he saw people in the distance, coming towards them quickly.

What's that? They're so fast!, thought Yuan Fei and the others, gazing into the distance. They frowned and stopped moving. The light beam was getting closer, and resolved itself into an ancient boat carrying many young people.

Suddenly, Yuan Fei's eyes went wide, staring at the boat.

’’Lin Feng!’’

’’And Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, and Jun Mo Xi!’’

Ban Ruo and the others recognized the people who were coming, they could see them now. Their hearts accelerated as the boat finally stopped in front of them.

’’Brothers, Lin Feng!’’ Ban Ruo and the others greeted their friends. They were back!

’’Ban Ruo, Li Hen, Xing Zhan.’’ Hou Qing Lin walked over to them and they all bumped fists hard. Tian Chi followed, smiling. So many years had passed, and finally, they were together again.

’’Brother!’’ They looked at Hou Qing Lin, who looked even more amazing than before.

Lin Feng grinned widely. ’’Six of us are reunited, and with Ruo Xie, we're seven! Four people are still missing, as well as our teachers.’’

’’Tiantai's disciples will definitely gather again!’’ proclaimed Tian Chi loudly.

’’Lin Feng, you're good, you found Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi!’’ Chi!’’ Ban Ruo exclaimed to Lin Feng. Back then, he had also saved them from the Celestial Qi Castle.

’’We bumped into each other in the Holy City. Now we came back to see you. We want to do what our teachers wanted us to do. We also recreated Tiantai in the Holy City,’’ Lin Feng beamed.

’’Lin Feng is right. We recreated Tiantai in the Holy City. This time, we came back because we want to go to Ba Huang. Things should change in the nine great celestial castles,’’ Hou Qing Lin said grimly. The nine great celestial castles controlled their small world, and considered the strong cultivators of the small world as prey, they had to change that.

Ban Ruo frowned, ’’Brother, even though we all became stronger, I don't think we're ready for the nine great celestial castles. They all have high-level emperors. Even medium-level emperors are difficult to defeat. If we go back...’’

Ban Ruo stopped talking when he thought about that. Unless the members of Yao Ye Island helped them, they couldn't return to the nine great celestial castles.

’’Don't worry. We have many good things,’’ smiled Hou Qing Lin dangerously. Ban Ruo and the others nodded. Since Hou Qing Lin said that, it meant they knew what they were doing. They all couldn't wait for the day when they'd destroy the Celestial Qi Castle.

’’Let's go. Let's go and see Master Shen Yu, and then let's head to the nine great celestial castles,’’ proposed Lin Feng. They were at Yao Ye Island, they had to go and greet the elders, doing otherwise would be impolite.

’’Yes, Hu Yue missed you!’’ said Xing Zhan. Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. How was Hu Yue doing?

’’Demon Ape, come with us,’’ Lin Feng said to the Great Earth Demon Ape. The Ape. The ape descended from the sky and landed in front of Lin Feng. His Qi was terrifying and oppressive.

’’What? You came back, and you don't want to fight against me?’’ asked the demon ape, smiling at Lin Feng. Back then, Lin Feng used to go and fight against him all the time to practice.

’’You kept humiliating me back then, but you can't anymore!’’ grinned Lin Feng cheerfully.

The demon ape said, ’’You show off! Come here and fight!’’

Then, the Great Earth Demon Ape stepped back and sent Lin Feng a challenging look.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently before charging ahead with his wind speed. He was much faster than before!

The Great Earth Demon Ape also jumped forwards and shouted furiously, the earth and the sky shook. The ape raised his hand, which blotted out the sun and came slamming down.

Lin Feng raised his fist, too. He didn't dodge the attack. Their fists collided violently. A terrifying strength rocked everyone. The Great Earth Demon Ape had the sensation that his forearm was broken. He was driven backwards, staring at Lin Feng as he was forced away.

’’What do you think?’’ asked Lin Feng. He was standing there motionless, grinning at the big ape. His friends were astonished. Lin Feng and the Great Earth Demon Ape had a similar physical strength? He even won against the ape?

’’Little boy, you progress way too fast,’’ sighed the Great Earth Demon Ape, scratching his furry head. He looked annoyed, ’’I need to practice more.’’

He came down to join them, nevertheless.

Lin Feng watched him and laughed. Then, the group of friends headed off to meet the elders of Yao Ye Island.

After a short time, they landed on an island thick with bestial Qi. A silhouette in red appeared, jumping over to Lin Feng and hugging Feng and hugging him.

’’Lin Feng, little brother, you came back to see your sister,’’ said Hu Yue cutely. Lin Feng was speechless. She hadn't changed at all.

’’Sister Hu Yue, so many of my friends are here, I can't spend too much time with you, I'm sorry!’’ replied Lin Feng.

Hu Yue looked at them approvingly and smiled, ’’Good little boy. Your friends are really strong, and there are two beautiful girls too. No wonder you forgot about me.’’

’’How could I?’’ said Lin Feng, smiling wryly. He glanced at Shen Yu, begging for some help here.

Emperor Shen Yu glanced at Hu Yue and sighed, ’’You can leave him alone now.’’

’’Mind your own business!’’ sniffed Hu Yue, but she still let Lin Feng go.

’’Is everyone alright?’’ Lin Feng asked Shen Yu.

Shen Yu nodded, sharp lights glittered in his eyes as he asked, ’’Lin Feng, you and so many of your friends came here, is there a specific reason?’’

’’Yes, we want to go back to Qing Di Mountain. We need to sort out some issues...’’ Lin Feng nodded.

’’Do you need Yao Ye Island's help? After all, Qing Di Mountain is a great imperial group.’’ Emperor Shen Yu was worried for them.

’’Uncle Shen Yu, the great emperor of Qing Di Mountain wouldn't dare show up. And we can deal with the others,’’ replied Lin Feng, smiling confidently. ’’Shen Yu, Hu Yue and the others looked impressed.

Hu Yue smiled, ’’I want to come with you and have some fun.’’

’’Eh...’’ Lin Feng looked at her, what did she want to do?

’’Don't worry. I won't disturb you!’’ said Hu Yue.

Lin Feng could only smile wryly and nod, ’’Alright!...’’

’’Hehe, let's go. I'll take you to your little girlfriend, she missed you!’’ said Hu Yue, hugging Lin Feng again before they left. Everybody looked at her strangely...


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